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  1. Maybe the walrues are helping you ... against the hounds and others they will be like pigs, but much stronger and I think it has to be something with that morse code "THEIR END IS YOUR BEGINNING". They will perhaps drop something good when killed / when the winter is gone which will help the player do something ^^. That's my theory.
  2. too slow? from like 2 Lv2 DENS you can get like 10 silk if you kill the spiders fast then go for the nest but u can also kill the spiders wait a few seconds, minutes kill them again ... and in 5-10 minutes you can have all the silk you need
  3. Maybe the deerclops will be friendly during the normal time and will go angry in the winter season ( just like beefalos ) YUNNO ...Anyway thank you Mr.Taco <3.
  4. Added it to favs will read it later and will c about it. I salute you Mr.Troll :love_heart:PS: It worked, lagg is gone and I can finally go INSANE !
  5. Well there has to be an answer I've been playing the game for like 1 month and a half and the problem is since then so I'm probably not the only one and people surely know what to do also I belive I can solve it with the launch options but dunno...
  6. Thanks, but no the problem would still be there and I will still not be able to play
  7. Seems I have to double post to get helped @@@@@@ and also spamm FTW
  8. I recently reinstalled my windows and after downloading steam and reinstalling Don't Starve I noticed something odd. After I make the settings and choose the max Quality I move on to the refresh rate ( which is 24) I go for 60 press apply everything is fine then. The problem si that the game is a little laggy and if after I go to settings again the refresh rate is back to 24 Oo... It also happened before, before reisntalling the windows. The refresh rate would be always stuck to 50... So HALP?
  9. 11:00 PM here almost in 1 hour it will be 13th of FEB. Still no update Oo HALP?
  10. It's so close yayy xD (yup just another random post)
  11. Look carefully in the inventory bar when he's beeing chased by the beefalos. I think that that "ball of fur" or w/e is it, together with the Bone Eye or the Eye Bone and maybe 2 chests can create the furry Chester <3
  12. Do they spawn? (re-spawn, after you killed 'em)
  13. Yea, kinda. I started in october after I got my premium, bought 3-4 keys, wasted them on crates of course, then I don't even remmember I got some vintage items and a bunch of geniunes from trades. Afterwards I started trading for Christmas items and after I finally got a Merc'sMuffler + a Festive buff banner I traded both for this AWESOME GAME
  14. Derping around when suddenly ... Heart swamp Well sorry for wasting your time, but I felt like sharing this useless thing with you guys. Just got my Don't Starve copy after endless tf2 trades I love the game and love you all guys <3