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  1. Crap, it looks like I've been missing notifications left and right. I'm still here! Hel was indeed intentional but you guys figured that out pages ago, didn't you? Norse mythology, gotta love it. (If you need any more help proofreading stuff, btw, I'm your man. Just point me toward the incorrect grammar.)
  2. Ah, I'm sorry, that did seem pretty *******-ish in retrospect. Mostly I'm just sort of bummed because I was expecting something a lot cooler to come out of that puzzle. I don't much like multiplayer games as a rule, they bring out the worst in people. (Like me, right now.)
  3. It was a good run, but I think I'm done with this game now. Wake me up when something not disappointing happens.
  4. Welp, that was disappointing. I'm outie.
  5. Okay so a loooong-ass time ago I remember someone saying they'd like to implement a system for players to communicate between worlds. Not multiplayer, just pass messages back and forth. Not saying that's what this is but I just remembered that.
  6. That's the crappiest portal I've ever seen. Like yeah Wilson, we all know you're crazy, but you could at LEAST not put actual body parts on it.
  7. I've been sitting here trying to figure out the opposite of blood, and the only thing I can think is him shooting up that chemical junk. I mean the reverse of putting your blood in something is putting something in your blood, right? Right....?
  8. NEW PICTURE ....He's definitely rebuilding the machine now. Holy crap.
  9. "STUPID BIRD" is not the password either. Just throwin' that out there.
  10. Still not sure what's going on, but I got note 10. (dangit)
  11. Crap, I missed all the excitement. Someone give me a quick update on what the hell you're all talking about?
  12. (I never need an excuse to use the word "ursine")
  13. Mimics are the bane of my existence. But I could see it working in the established chest trap way, where you open a chest and it explodes/summons winter/etc
  14. So like a cult? Ok, I'm in! Seriously, writing this stuff is super fun. EDIT: Oh that's shiny as heck I won't let you guys down