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  1. If the solution to people carrying the backpack in the cursor is to not allow people to walk while something is in their cursor, well I think that is just a bad idea. There are many times when it is good to carry something in your cursor.I don't see the problem with it anyways. IRL I can wear a backpack while carrying another one. Yeah, it's kind of an exploit, but it can also be rather inconvenient to have to switch back packs and organize stuff around. I've only done it when I went on a major treasure hunt digging up graves.
  2. They have said that they will support other OS's in the future, but for now you can use the Chrome version. I bet the steam version would work under wine.
  3. Wow, this is quite cool to see a clouded glimpse into the future. I hate that we have to wait until next week.
  4. I had wondered about this. I planted some flowers in my base, went off on an adventure and when I came back there was a whole bunch more flowers. I knew that some had to have spawned some how but I didn't know it was the bees doing it. Nice to know.
  5. I kind of do both. It depends on how I'm feeling. What I like to do is make my base camp at the pig king. I set a goal to reveal the whole map at some point.Popsicle.
  6. After becoming established in a good area, farm plots seem rather useless to me as of the most recent update. I only have 2 turbo farm plots, and I kind of neglect them. I primarily get my pig army to destroy the beefalo herd and I gather up all the meat from that. I currently have about 30+ crockpots that I make my meals with and let them sit there until I need them without them rotting at all.Granted, I have also worked extremely hard to get my character where he is now.
  7. For what purpose are you doing this? You can play the game perfectly fine through Chrome. The only reason I can see someone wanting to do this is if they pirated the game, and as others have said, the only version of the game that us available to be pirated is the Steam version.
  8. That already happened. I went out to dig up a bunch of graves, went completely insane, started heading back to my camp at nightfall using a torch and got swarmed by the biggest load of werepigs that I have ever seen. That was the end of that game and I was at day 50+.On this world, I got together a HUGE pig army to take down a forest with me in one day. At the end of the day they all followed me back to my camp and sat around the fire, but then the full moon came out and I was like "OMG!! I got to get the heck out of here!", and I ran over to my 'panic location' that I have set up just for these types of situations. I stay prepared now.
  9. I also only have 1 tallbird nest in my world and it is way far away from where I set up camp.Other than that, my current world is really nicely set up. I'm on day 62, I have loads of resources, a HUGE amount of pig houses (I made this world before the hotfix), everything close by besides the tallbird and rabbits.
  10. Well, considering it requires 4 monster meat to purposely make a werepig, I find it as a reasonable tradeoff.
  11. I created the world after the insanity update.The way it happened is I had put my mandrakes in chester and then chester was killed when I wasn't around and I came back to find them floating.
  12. Thats strange, because I just had 3 of them floating yesterday.
  13. Yeah, thanks. Lots of help you were there [MENTION=1]JoeW[/MENTION]. Actually, lots of help everyone has been. I've asked this same question numerous times in numerous locations and my question seems to keep getting ignored or overlooked.
  14. Very very bold of you to say that. Luckily that is only your opinion and not a fact. I personally LOVE Super Metroid.