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  1. A tool to convert prexisting animations into spriter projects? That's absolutely awesome! Where can i get that tool? It's like a thing i've waited for a really long time now to see how Klei did stuff and learn. Well, by that being said, then i agree with having new animations for the Beanclops. Man, awesome. Just awesome.
  2. About the Beanclops, i saw Lord_Battal say that it is better if he is animated from scratch. Are you sure about this guys? The fact he is based on the deerclops and uses nearly the same atlas would make it better if he simply used the normal deerclops atlas, i'm sure it's possible to get a reskin that can achieve what you guys are aiming for. Animating a complete boss is a long and difficult task.
  3. Hi, this is Irontaco. I was offered by debugman18 in back in March of this year to work as an artist for the Up&Away mod, unfortunately i got way too focused on my own huge DS mod with Malacath so i was not in the community for a long time. Just now i logged in to ask for help in the Modding forum and noticed his PM. I can do stuff as an artist and as an animator (Spriter and Flash) I was really interested in the progress of U&A, suggesting things and looking at how much of a good job you guys had done! I'm kinda lost now though on what's new and what's the plan. Here are some things i was able to put up with my super neato friend Malacath as examples of what i do (excuse the glitched char atlas): The christmas stuff is from this week, the tree is from last year's halloween contest, and the other things are from the beggining of this year. and some recent projectile thing Sorry if i filled the page haha. Something is really breaking this topic page for me (closes the tab) so i dont think it matters) So yes, that's all! I'd be glad to do work for U&A on my free time (and when i finish christmas thing).
  4. We make them, of course. In turns. I make one, the next person makes another, the next person, etc etc and it loops.
  5. How about a little bump? << I'm gonna tweak a few of the rules probably.
  6. Will is not dead though. He's just in the dark and nothing has happened to him yet. Also about the "limiting creativity" thing i do not want to force people to be less creative it's mostly so people can think up of some other way to collaborate to the story without it plainly being taking a cannon out of their pocket.
  7. Will prefers the nomadic lifestyles over staying in a base, while he does have a place that he could call his "central base" he doesn't spend everyday there. You know, maybe he could have been travelling and the night caught him before he could return. Who knows. I'm also trying to avoid "hammer space" as much as possible. You saw he had no backpack/anything on him while he was sitting near the campfire and pulled a burning stick out of the fire to use as a torch. It'd be also be incredibly hard to set a stick on fire while being in complete, pitch black darkness.
  8. I use a genius brand old drawing tablet along with Paint tool SAI Sorry about that dude :C
  9. Well while i wait for somebody i'll do another page. it's quite high res you might want to open it on another tab. (EDIT: actually nvm tinypic resized it <<')
  10. Look if it makes no sense then you shouldn't. Let's not derail the thread any longer.
  11. I was sort of thinking of it having to be related to the Don't Starve atmosphere so that's a tad too random. But not really you don't have to be good, just enough for it to be able to be understood. And of course you have to draw since that's what an art tennis is about.