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  1. This forum has turned into nothing but ridiculous bickering over arbitrary things.
  2. I have literally only ever been to your page to post a review. I'm not entirely sure what your obsession with your public profile is, but seriously, get off my nuts. And have a nice day.

  3. If you're lucky enough/know how to do it. You can just have pig armies fight beefalo herds. Wear a beefalo hat and simply collect the meet, furs, and skin as they slaughter each other. That's what I do, and how I'm able to keep a few Honey Hams in my fridge at all times. And over time, you'll have more pig skins and fur than you can really do anything with. Because as it stands, there is next to no use for armor or pig skin helmets unless you're farming simple spiders or frogs, especially during winter. That being said, it really doesn't matter how much grass and twigs there are. Because they're replenishing. Berry bushes, maybe there is an argument there. But as of right now I don't think they're too terribly op. I guess I've just never really used them much. Also, I think there needs to be a fair amount of twigs and grass in the world, especially in the first world (because remember the game is supposed to get harder with less resources), in case of fire accidents. Try making it through a few teleportatoes before you say there's too much or it's too easy.
  4. Kevin has already said he doesn't want the player fighting monsters one-on-one and doing well. I just go to beefalo herds, or pigmen villages. It's really the only way I'd found to not die/nearly die, especially with late game hounds or tier 3 spider nests. Basically, hoard grass and honey for winter, befriend beefalo, and turtle. That's the only way to not get owned. Anyone running their mouths about kiting big groups of hounds or warrior spiders, or w/e, is lying. Show me a video, and maybe I'll believe you. Til then, turtling is the way to go.
  5. Anyone who says kiting hounds is easy has never lived to day 100 in the new update.
  6. This. No, it's not more fun. It's just more annoying. It's just like the buffs to hounds. Making them run faster and hit harder didn't make them more "fun," it just make them more annoying. And now, instead of utilizing traps and baiting mechanics in the game, I just run around in a pig village until the hounds are dead. And I don't understand why armor needed to be nerfed if mobs are hitting harder, and players are taking more damage anyway. It just seems like overkill. Now I run around in a coat and a top hat anyway, and let the pigs do all the fighting. I get destroyed by hounds and tallbirds, especially with the inability to flinch lock things. I think the pooch was screwed on this one, personally. I was a fan of winter, a fan of spoilage, a fan of spider queens, treeguards, and the krampus, but this whole inability to kill a rabbit with one swing is stupid.
  7. LOL The majority of the players? You realize the "majority of the players" don't step foot into this forum, right?
  8. Rip broke the game when he spammed panflutes. Then everyone started crying about how easy all the mobs were without ever playing, so the devs nerf literally EVERYTHING from attack/hp to food and armor/weapons. I haven't died yet, but I've come so incredibly close many times in just an hour or two of playing. This is -a little- on the overkill side of things, and I can't help but feel it is a knee-jerk reaction to what Rip did on the stream.
  9. Looks like I am abandoning my old meat trap strategy, and just running to the pig village.
  10. In my world, there are considerably less, and now when I approach them without a net, they disappear and don't come back, even if I leave the area completely. I'm wondering if this is a bug, or if it is intended, because I didn't see anything about it in patch notes.
  11. Ummm, what? As it stands, once you get around day 150, 10+ hounds start coming ever 3 days or so. And this is a survival game. In survival games there needs to be an element of preparation. Having seasons come randomly is unwieldy and awkward. I think a better solution would be to have more hound-like mobs in the game (like the hunting party) that may find you while you're fighting off something else, or right after when you're vulnerable. Maybe more creature that stalk you at night. Make night more dangerous, maybe. But buffing hounds (which supposedly is already happening) isn't going to take the game to a new level of difficulty, just more annoyance.
  12. On how fast the hunting party will be nerfed/hotfixed? We are like a day away from copious amounts of rage tears and anal anguish flooding this forum.
  13. Does anyone know if the implementation of winter will require a new world generation?
  14. I can't tell if you're being facetious, or if you don't know what mats is an abbreviation of.
  15. How about a bearodile? OR a Manbearpig, half man; half bearpig.
  16. Maybe instead of nerfing bee boxes directly, or adding another mob like the gobler, you nerf bee-flower interaction. Maybe the flower will have a cooldown if the bee has been sucking on it that day? It would decrease the overflow of honey, and it wouldn't matter necessarily about spacing, because it's resource dependent. I know the potential nail in the coffin of this idea is that players will just hoard flowers, but maybe if flowers are used too often by bees, they'll need some type of maintenance. Perhaps watering? Or "dead heading" with a sheers item or something. That would bottleneck players into finding an efficient set-up that is manageable and worth their time. I'd rather have something along those lines than a gimpy mob that is going to be more novelty than anything else.
  17. Same thing happened to me. I had spaced my wooden wall far enough away from where I fight hounds, but I had just shaved my beard, and it turns out those are flammable, and once the beard burned, the wall went up in flames as well. It was like a "are you effing kidding me?" I feel your pain.
  18. So, Klei, I have been complaining A LOT about the last few updates, mainly Spoiled Rotten and Progress, but I've gotta say, you really knocked this one out of the park with Insanity. My biggest complaint was just the general balance of the game. Creep sucked, the food system seemed broken, and a lot of the bugs I hated seemed to go unaddressed for forever. I'm not going to lie, I was getting a little worried/miffed about the state of the game as we approached the "release date." But man, you guys got a homerun on this one. From the balancing of the hunger and insanity to the fixing of bugs and exploits, it's just awesome. I understand there is still plenty of content to add, and some knob turning and adjusting that comes along with it, but I am so excited for the full release. *sobs* I am so sorry for ever doubting you guys. Best of luck with your total gem of a game. Sincerely, DingoPS Don't be shocked if I'm here a week from now complaining about the next update breaking something. But just remember that I only fuss at you because I love you.
  19. I'm just trying to understand why this continues to happen? I've never lost a save before this update, and my saves have vanished twice now. I'm using steam, and I would just like to know how to stop this from happening. This is a truly joy sucking problem, and I can't help but be super rustled over it.
  20. If you're baiting traps, you're doing it wrong. Carrots don't respawn. And birds give you 1 to 2 carrot seeds. So feed a bird 5 carrots, and you'll have 5 to 10 carrot seeds. Probably around 7 or 8, in reality. It IS pretty brilliant. It's a nice feature implemented by Klei.
  21. I'm really disappointed with how there have been essentially no bug fixes for a month. I've been waiting on traps to be fixed since they were implemented. Same with bee mines. Making a bee mine is basically asking for the "million bee" bug, making your save unplayable.
  22. I can confirm that birds and traps were not fixed. See you guys in a couple weeks.
  23. You need refined stone, wood planks, and some gold. They're not very expensive. I replaced all my food chests with ice boxes and smashed the chests for firewood. :3