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  1. Now that was/is a beaut of a blood moon...

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    2. Spazmatic


      Don't do it, unless you want to roast those googly eyes of yours!

    3. Asparagus
    4. Derpime


      *stares into the endless void*

  2. Five Nights at Freddy's 4

    The fanart/fictions the FNAF fan club has made/will make, now THAT is true horror.
  3. Five Nights at Freddy's 4

    I expect a Club Penguin esque milk product... "Fite me 1v1 FNAF World feg"
  4. Tree of Savior y u no go into OBT sooner ;~;

  5. Honesty

    This thread is like Weirdo's thread without the... weirdness. And Bob. And his cultists friends.
  6. Tomorrow TF2 will become Team Fortress 2: Global Offensive. Joy.

    1. Derpime


      Team Strike Counter Offensive 2 :Episode 3

  7. Terraria 1.3

  8. Terraria 1.3 WE NEED MORE 1.3 RELATED DRAMA And yes, if you decide to watch the YT video in the Reddit post, expect a lot of swearing, self entitlement, narcicism and salt. You have been warned. Pretty hyped for the update! It's gonne be awesome
  9. Fancy Gif Thread

    Force-feeding fandoms, are we?
  10. WOOOOW GUYS, GTA V is 25% off! What a barga- oh, wait.

  11. Valve asking the TF2 community to fund a trip for two NA comp teams to attend some LAN event in England. Sure, why would the multi-billion dollar company help those teams go on a trip themselves when they can ask the community they don't even give a sh*t about? :^)

    1. CyanBlue


      if we didnt ***** about paid mods they'd have money to fund it themselves!

    2. Spazmatic


      The truth has been spoken!!

  12. Fallout 4

    I'll save the hype for when the game actually gets released... Right now, it looks like FO3 dlc (not just graphic-wise), as in I would not pay $60 for it :V But alas, it's merely an announcement trailer after all.