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  1. Now that was/is a beaut of a blood moon...

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    2. Spazmatic


      Don't do it, unless you want to roast those googly eyes of yours!

    3. Asparagus
    4. Derpime


      *stares into the endless void*

  2. The fanart/fictions the FNAF fan club has made/will make, now THAT is true horror.
  3. I expect a Club Penguin esque milk product... "Fite me 1v1 FNAF World feg"
  4. Tree of Savior y u no go into OBT sooner ;~;

  5. This thread is like Weirdo's thread without the... weirdness. And Bob. And his cultists friends.
  6. Tomorrow TF2 will become Team Fortress 2: Global Offensive. Joy.

    1. Derpime


      Team Strike Counter Offensive 2 :Episode 3

  7. WE NEED MORE 1.3 RELATED DRAMA And yes, if you decide to watch the YT video in the Reddit post, expect a lot of swearing, self entitlement, narcicism and salt. You have been warned. Pretty hyped for the update! It's gonne be awesome
  8. Force-feeding fandoms, are we?
  9. WOOOOW GUYS, GTA V is 25% off! What a barga- oh, wait.

  10. Valve asking the TF2 community to fund a trip for two NA comp teams to attend some LAN event in England. Sure, why would the multi-billion dollar company help those teams go on a trip themselves when they can ask the community they don't even give a sh*t about? :^)

    1. CyanBlue


      if we didnt ***** about paid mods they'd have money to fund it themselves!

    2. Spazmatic


      The truth has been spoken!!

  11. I'll save the hype for when the game actually gets released... Right now, it looks like FO3 dlc (not just graphic-wise), as in I would not pay $60 for it :V But alas, it's merely an announcement trailer after all.