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  1. Just use your trustySPEAR OF JUSTICEand spam-spacebar or spam-click
  2. After 55 Days of Gathering resources and building a Homemade Pig Village followed by my Bee Boxes, I am ready to start explo-"After all of that gathering, and time consuming DAYS, RAGE-QUIT"
  3. He hates all kinds of life forms, even his Creator.(possibly)
  4. Good idea, and creative.(Toaster Fu knows what I'm thinking)
  5. Animal Fair UpdateTamable Mobs:Milk BeefaloChild HoundTeen Hound...Well Don't Starve feels too alone you know, even though it's not meant to be Multiplayer, as long we have NPC/Intelligent AI Friends, we'll be fine playing by our VIRTUAL INDIVIDUALS.
  6. Krampus is a Trash Can,No wonder why Kevin said it was full of Krampus GooIt was actually acid cream with lots of Christmas Barf
  7. Erm, wait you didn't find any?That's strange, I always find batches of them in my Adventure Pig Village World.
  8. This is my favorite, favorite Post of all time,Now how do I 1+ Rep?
  9. tl;drCan you make this simple like"Mounts are more HELPFUL because ____, and _____."btw, it's funny that if the tamed mount laughs when you die and never helps you in battle.and just wanders around.Oh, I refer long texts as long pieces of wasted time, just simply shorten it so it can be a little NO hate bro just a opinon, don't want to hav to fite mano e mano becuz of dis.
  10. Wallace is already made.This was a long time ago ;_;
  11. There's no point of riding a slow animal, you can just walk instead of wasting crafting materials.Besides, if you are fighting in combat, THEY fight in combat with you, since they are tamed.