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What if the Deerclop looks all cute n' cuddly, making you have a false sense of sercurity, and when you move in to feed it some seeds or meat, give it a good ol' tussle on the head. . Bam, super huge, terror-inducing, Nightmare giving hostile Deerclop chases wilson after giving a face-melting roar. Which if you have a low sanity also looks really creepy and causes wilson ram his own spear into himself out of sheer terror, and fear.Now thats the deerclop i'm actually starting to regret hoping for. On second thought don't do that just make it adorable and friendly.

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I think they may be so clever, they put in a phony texture in case anyone did something like this to reveal it. Maybe by the time the update hits, we will never see this "deerclops" texture in-game. And this is Don't Starve! we're talking about here. It's perfectly possible. All i know is don't starve has yet to fail us, and it's not going to start now.

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