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  1. No, but the new API update didn't break anything, so I didn't bother update until now, when I fixed the murdering issue.
  2. 1365 downloads

    Behold, the mighty Bee Mask! Use it to disguise yourself as a bee, fooling killer bees to protect you and together with the Bee Dart, manipulate them to defeat your enemies! But don't expect them do be fooled forever! ...and the character will also be very embarrased, being dressed up as a bee. With this mod, I aim to make a proper Beekeeper mod, adding new features to manipulate the Killer beehives and improving the system of normal bees. As of right now, I think it's fairly balanced while having fun mechanics! In the future I plan to add some optional OP stuff, granting the BeeKeeper more control over the minions! Features: - Bee Mask, become a bee - Re-plantable Killer beehives - The Bee Dart, shoots bees - Better Beekeeper hat - Angrier Killers About the Bee Mask: About Re-plantable Killer Beehives: About the Bee Dart: About the Beekeeper hat: About the Angrier Killers: How to install (gotta have this) Version history: Feedback thread here Credits: Thank you @Spazmatic for coming up with the killercomb idea and making the texture for it, as well as the Bee Dart! Thank you Raccoon for helping me edit the tex file for the anims! Thank you @Albinowyvern for making the Bee Mask! And, as always, many thanks to the dapper den for inspiration and support!
  3. Version 1.1


    This mod should now be bug-free! Use the firestaff to ignite gunpowder from range! The explosion time has been lowered enough to barely ignite nearby gunpowder before exploding. You should therefore be able to use more gunpowder in combat. Version History: Version 0.1 - initial release, when attacked with non-fire damage, the gunpowder could be "killed" Version 0.2 - When "killed", the gunpowder explodes, but made a nasty lingering hissing noise if several gunpowder exploded next to each other. Version 1.0 - No lingering hissing noise, and no enemy mobs attacks the gunpowder. No more bugs, hopefully! Version 1.1 - Removed the ability to "murder" gunpowder in your inventory. How to install (gotta have this) Feedback thread here And as always: Credit to the amazing dapper den!
  4. Version 1.3


    Hello! Player Pooper 1.2 adds an animation as well as a poop sound! This was my first mod ever, and it was mostly to learn the basics of lua and the mod API. But it turned out well, so I figured, why the hell not share it? As the title indicates, it's a mod allowing the player to poop. The primary purpose is of course for the funsies, but it can also be used as a way to get manure without finding pigs or beefalos. How to poop: simply eat something to get you to full hunger. Version History: How to install (yay! install this!) ...and also, credit goes to the Dapper Den, as always, for inspiration and help!
  5. 658 downloads

    Automagically equip another torch when your active torch expires, letting every torch be destroyed and never lose sanity to the darkness. Great mod for playing the Lights Out preset! It's a small mod that I made it for my own convenience. Ending up with my inventory full with 1% durability torches because I never wanted to lose sanity to the darkness was really annoying, and dropping them on the ground a waste of time. How to install (yay! install this please!) Credit as always to the amazing Dapper Den, for inspiration and support!
  6. On topic: I have joined this project now.Off topic: MUSIC BADGE PL00000x
  7. The difficult thing imo would be to start small. Because I know myself that I have really, really imaginative ideas, so if I tried to make a game, everything would just go out of hand.
  8. I am weakened, please have mercy! ;_;...I can give you some ponpons if you let me live? D:
  9. AAAAAH oh no not the hug bombs!How did you know my only weakness??*Shelters beneath a rock*
  10. wowI decided to peek my head in the art section...This thread is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong :S
  11. After alot of work, I'm not done...But at this rate, I will never complete it, considering how many times I re-record.Hopefully it's a valid contribution to the contest anyways. song about Don't Starve, and all the wonderful mechanics we love.Lyrics:
  12. Vampire Willow, and Masculine Wendy. xDThe most accurate was the Maxwell one!I really think more people should submit their "learning" pictures, because they're often more interesting than the good ones, as you can see the skill of the drawer progress.Also it makes those of us less skilled in art feel better!
  13. I had my most epic experience a while ago, when the game was still new for me.Water bees.!-I-finally-defeated-my-greatest-nemesis-yet!&highlight=nemesisNuff said.
  14. I think that all characters, excluding wolfgang and wes, have very similar playstyles and that their differences are too small. But Kevin has stated that they will make each character's mechanics more unique over time instead of adding more characters, so I will decide who I like the most considering game mechanics later.However, Willow's voice sound so merry and playful, which is why she's my current favorite.