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Don't Starve - Reimagined

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It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast from Disney. Wilson is like a slimmer version of Gaston, but he cannot match the boss-ness of Gaston. Also, the rabbits look cuter, as a buff to make it harder to kill them (conscience). Looks very nice, tenouttaten.

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That Jackalope is too cute. I demand a plushy. NOW. :wilson_goodjob:

Plushy chester> plushy jackalope.

Although i would get both :)


Plushie smallbird!

The possibilities are endless

Although Klei would troll us and give us a plushie merm instead

Edited by Wolf Gang
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Oh yes! please do! It would be awesome to see a disneyfied Wendy.

Ah I attempted to do a "cartoony" Wes.I posted it in my art thread in the Art & Lore section, but should I post it here as well or just link to the thread?Don't wanna de-rail this too much
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