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  1. I've not played much Don't Starve recently or been on the forums as much, but I'm looking forward to seeing the game polished up. It's really amazing how far the game has come from the early beta and it was a real ride playing it and getting updates every two/three weeks. Also, who's betting the DLC is the story of Maxwell? That's what I'd guess anyway!
  2. if sony hadn't already one, now they def have
  3. It's extremely cool that Don't Starve is the only non-valve game in this so far.
  4. I also agree adventure mode is flawed greatly, while sandbox is great fun, adventure is lacking.
  5. You should post this somewhere else, most people here will already have a copy of Don't Starve.
  6. Yeah it should just be infinity lit so long as you have sanity to fuel it.
  7. Don't Starve - Reimagined

    I'd watch that movie.5000 times.
  8. Whats your record?

    I seem to remember my best was around 60 - 70 days and then world escaped where I survived another twenty days. So about 80 - 90 days overall. Not bad but not near the standards of some of you guys around here.
  9. We're Live!

    Also you guys might need to do a hotfix...
  10. We're Live!

    *tear*It surely has been an eventful journey, and while on era of don't starve fades away, a new, brighter future fades into existence. We've fought birds to deerclops' and caught rabbits and spiders. We've travelled across far, distant islands and most of all; we've explored and found many secrets, puzzles and traps along the way! This. Is don't starve. :*)
  11. Release Candidate!

    Buy the soundtrack then!
  12. I didn't know about this... that's horrible. That's like having a fire-flower in Mario and then having it randomly taken away without taking damage, or having a hat in TF2 randomly deleted from your backpack. Please don't make this an official change klei, adventure mode is hard enough as it is. D:I could probably get behind the whole 'clothes get dirty and you need to clean them' thing but I'd rather they didn't degrade at all.
  13. Post-launch I'm wanting it on Vita (it has a touch-screen, right?) and iOS.
  14. Who is your favourite character?

    Just not a playable one (yet)! *
  15. I wonder... if you got enough XP.. could you unlock him?