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  1. I seem to remember my best was around 60 - 70 days and then world escaped where I survived another twenty days. So about 80 - 90 days overall. Not bad but not near the standards of some of you guys around here.
  2. Post-launch I'm wanting it on Vita (it has a touch-screen, right?) and iOS.
  3. dat necroI don't need it anymore anyway since I'm back from holiday and on my main computer.
  4. It looks good except it doesn't really fit the game's art style and concept as a whole. Sorry.
  5. Alrighty then. I won't argue with you... tell us when you make it to world 5 I guess.
  6. Because you're wasting your resources using them to build things, trust me. I've made it to world 5.
  7. Currently on Day 18, with a nice base set-up as well as most of the pieces and altar for the next escape mechanism. I stopped playing on it so I can wait for the ending to be built for me to attack with my most! :DIt definitely wasn't easy, but not to hard either for sure! I like it's difficulty personally. [MENTION=8328]Avelarius[/MENTION]I wouldn't suggest playing like how you're playing, your mindset to the game needs to change in adventure mode. You can't afford to waste time building bases and such in World One. Keep looking for the pieces, never stop. Pick up resources for world five as you go, maybe at most taking a day to mine rocks/cut down some trees/collect other resources.Winter is your biggest fear... don't let it come before you can escape!
  8. I'm on world five... the bees man... the bees.One word of advice, don't make a base until at world five. Keep exploring, you want to find those parts asap. Longest I lived in a world was ten days, and that was on world 3 because one of the parts was hidden behind some trees (before the winter update, wouldn't happen now because they are found in little patches of things such as stone and farms.)
  9. He was a dancer. Not just any old dancer however, the best dancer. Maxwell was mad at his dancing skills and decided to capture him so no more of the world could experience his awesome dancing.
  10. He can eat spoiled (orange background) food with no negative to the food.He uses food as fuel.
  11. Yeah I for sure don't think it should do much, if anything. I just think it's harsh for it to damage you.Then again, now I've done it once I know I'll never do it again! As is Don't Starve I suppose.
  12. Gosh darnit. How was I supposed to know that rot hurts you? I was playing as WX and had extremely low HP. I ate some rot hoping it would do something but it damaged me. Now I am dead. :(This is not a complaint though! I like the added challenge of the game recently actually... this is just a warning! (though I really don't think WX should take dmg from rot)