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  1. Poor Snob! My record is definitely 15+ days. I prolly hit the 20 day mark but I don't remember.
  2. Thanx to those who did cause this is pure genius of artistry.
  3. Amazing thread. Thank you for putting so much effort in your suggestions.
  4. Too bad maravis didn't necro the thread that had the actual pictures of the characters in it. At least that would have had some entertainment value.
  5. 5:23 AMTuesday, March 26, 2013 (PDT)Time in Vancouver, BC, CanadaJust Google: [time] [place] and you get a nifty update on the exact time.
  6. Wow. You're very talented. I love your work. If you're still taking requests; I'd love to see Wendy and Willow. Willow doing something with fire while Wendy is in the company of her ghost sister.
  7. It was the same for me. I was surprised but didn't mind it much since it's Adventure mode so I figured it's supposed to be harder than Sandbox.
  8. It's an interesting idea. This would work great for the new options feature for the sandbox mode.
  9. That's true Kevin said so in another thread yesterday after the live stream. Has anyone experienced winter on day 30/31? I'm pretty sure he said winter will start on day 20. He said that if you die and have to start over again, 30 days is too long to wait for winter to start again.
  10. Telling people they are "cry babies" and "whiners" is the equivalent of brushing off what they wanna say and telling them to shut up. What are they to learn from this otherwise? By doing that you're not participating in the thread in a constructive way. It usually takes one person to say something weird and the thread de-evolves into memes and clips being posted instead of having an intelligent discussion about the subject at hand.I'm not going to respond anymore cause the topic is about the difficulty of the current update and I've already said what I wanted to say about it.
  11. I wish we didn't have to unlock the options in sandbox mode or at least have more options available from the get go. I'm really happy we got them though. This will encourage players like me to experiment more instead of playing it safe all the time because the penalty for failure is too great.
  12. I stand by my previous statement. Insulting people is not giving your opinion, it'll only aggravate people and start a flamewar needlessly derailing the thread into something ugly. As I said, you can just move on and let them be.
  13. Freedom of speech is not exclusive to you only. As I said they have a right to speak their mind just like everybody else.
  14. You know the rudeness of this community is even more off-putting than the nerfs. They are entitled to speak their mind. If you have nothing constructive to add then just move along and leave them be.