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  1. A solution to boring nights / tip thread

    Oh, and don't forget the shaving of Beefalos! This is why I was so opposed to Q when he suggested to make sleeping a requirement of the game. There's plenty of things to do during the night. Sleeping is just a waste of valuable time, imo.
  2. Whats your record?

    Poor Snob! My record is definitely 15+ days. I prolly hit the 20 day mark but I don't remember.
  3. A solution to boring nights / tip thread

    There's plenty. I usually explore at night or gather resources, I also tend to do most of my researching and "construction" at night.
  4. Don't Starve - Reimagined

    Thanx to those who did cause this is pure genius of artistry.
  5. We're Live!

    Congrats! *Cheers* *Confetti**Grouphug* Can't wait to see what else is in store for us the coming 6 months, you guys rock.
  6. Just say what it does in a spoiler tag... (-.-);
  7. [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION]: since you unstickied the other threads could you please copy pasta the instructions on how to access the special adventure mode beta in this thread? It jelps the new people that want to join find what they need faster and easier.
  8. I agree. The problem is that Klei instead of stepping up to the challenge just simply ends up nerfing every single other object. This illustrates exactly the problem I've been trying to explain to people. Just going on a nerfing binge doesn't make thegame itself more challenging or interesting because soon as you've learned to overcome the problem you're still going to be stuck with a dull experience because there's nothing else out there to challenge to challenge the player. The problem aren't the items the problem is that there are no more challenges as you advance in the game. I've made case many a time to keep track of how many days a player has survived and then to throw different challenges at the player as they progress through the game. They can make winters harsher and harsher the longer the player survives. For example make it come sooner the next time around, add to the intensity by letting it snow more, let dusk come sooner, throw blizzards at the player that can wreck their structures. I made the same plea for insanity. Make it so it's easier to go insane the longer a player survives. That way the new folk gets a decent learning curve while insanity suddenly because a major problem for even the most experienced of players. The truth is that these kind of games will get boring if the intensity remains at the same level. Sooner or later you are going to learn to survive and then what else is there to be done? You can make the game incredibly difficult from the get go and keep it there but good does that too? New players are only going to get discouraged and there's no rewards for those who have managed to plow through because once you've conquered the game there's nothing else left to do. This creates a downward spiral. I agree with the OP that we shouldn't punish players for getting good at the game. Isn't that the entire point after all? I really, really hope Klei will consider to invest time and resources into increasing the intensity of the experience rather than just take the way too easy road of simply nerfing items. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, all this will do is create more players who "beat the game" and then come to the forums and demand item nerfs because there's no challenge for them anymore. I applauded them for adding more random events and structures in the game to keep things interesting. I also believe that certain expects of the game are being ignore too much such as exploring. I also suggested to add objects that carry an incentive to try different styles of survival. By allowing the player to be more mobile for example. It's sad to see that many suggestions by other players are being brushed aside just because people think we want to make the game "easy". All I ask for is a decent learning curve really and for the objects in the game to give you a proper reward for the resources and risk you have to take to make them. Have Klei considered making the characters more feeble with each x amount of days survived? For example their cap health and sanity being lowered each 20 days etc.? Or even better make the amount of days survived needed for the cap to be lower progressively or linearly decrease. For example first 30 then 25 then 15 etc. I sincerely hope Klei reconsider their strategy on how ot make the game more challenging for both new and experienced players.
  9. Well 15 uses means a decrease of 6.6666667% with each use. If we make this 5% (nice rounded number) you'd get 20 uses out of it which would be too much. So I'd go with a decrease a 6% but this also yields 16.6666667 uses. I'd still opt for leaving the net as is and introduce an improved version that has 25 uses.
  10. Making Bee boxes isn't the Bug Net's only use. You can't base the durability of an object on just one aspect of its use.
  11. Here's my thread about an improved bug net which allows the player to get more uses out of it. Honestly the way the bug net is at this point in time is severely underpowered. Especially considering it requires silk. Oops! Here is the link: click.
  12. Oh, thank you very much for clearing that up.
  13. So they didn't fix the chests placements or the import file button?
  14. Who is your favourite character?

    I think all the characters are very cool. The Devs did a great job at making them look distinctive and have their unique personalities and vibe. Unfortunately I haven't tried all of the different characters yet so I won't vote. So far I really like Wilson and Willow though.