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  1. Multiplayer or not, Don't Starve is Don't Starve. I am tired of games pandering to casuals and permadeath should definitely be kept.
  2. My Mactusks spawn in savannahs or nearby savannahs at least 80% of the time, and as long as they haven't aggroed onto you the hounds will automatically aggro onto any nearby beefalo (which you can drag them to via Mactusk automatically following you), which if there is more than one, will start a chain reaction that ends in Mactusk getting brutally murdered by beefalo and you not getting hit once. The aggro trick works on any animals but I prefer beefalo. Pengulls can kick his butt, too. I have also seen tallbirds kill him once or twice. This is what makes the King of Winter stage much easier. Free Tam O' Shanters and Walking sticks for everyone!
  3. A question about member's title.

    I know that it was a joke thread, I was using it as an example to show how little titles really mean by showing that someone got one just by making a joke about it.
  4. A question about member's title.

    I don't know why some superficial title given out for random and sometimes stupid reasons (like when the koalaphant guy got one just because he made a thread asking for one) matters so much. I never cared and I fail to understand why others do. If you could, an explanation would be a kind thing for you to do. Maybe if you could try and explain why you want a customized title, it could help enlighten me more on the minds of forum users, a subject that has evaded me for a while.
  5. Razors

    Razors make it easy to obtain large amounts of beefalo fur, which is necessary for winter items, flooring, and it's also a good fuel source.
  6. Who created WX-78?

    Everybody knows that WX-78 was created in a freak accident. It was a four-way interstate, and there where many trucks. All of a sudden, a douchebag in a giant car most likely used to compensate for something comes in and races through, ****ing everyone over. Then, a truck full of gears, a truck full of processors, a truck full of food fueled batteries, and a truck full of wire all tip over and collide, causing a heaping mess of the stuff. Then, lightning struck the pile, giving life to it and forming WX-78. WX-78 was shunned and treated as a freak, when a tall man in a pinstripe suit offered to take him to a place where he would be accepted, and where there was no life. He was then taken to Don't Starve world, and was severely pissed off.
  7. I sacrifice my Wilson and my Willow, to tribute summon the almighty Deerclops! Then I use Call of the Haunted to select one monster from my graveyard and to put them on the field. Go forth, my Maxwell, and use your special dapper effect to send one of their nightmare cards to their hand! Now that their field is cleared, I use Deerclops to attack their health points directly!
  8. New Walrus Character (with pics)

    It was taken from the Don't Starve website.
  9. New Walrus Character (with pics)

    It was a walrus in general. Specifically, it was a walrus with a top hat, not unlike me. His special item was the Scepter of the Walrus King, and it does spear damage(not including his base damage buff) with a larger attack radius. It also has infinite durability. He also has 100 health, 150 sanity, and 200 hunger. His hunger decreases faster than the average person, as well. He also has the 1.5x base damage that Wolfgang had, but in exchange he moves 10%-25% slower than the regular character (he is a walrus, he is pretty slow on land). One day I will make a suggestion thread with art for him, but I will have to bribe my friend, which could take a while. Months even.
  10. New Walrus Character (with pics)

    Hey I was going to suggest that! I was ninja'd before I could convince my friend to make me a character art (He is good at the artsy stuff and whatnot).
  11. We are... The Klei Krampus Kommunity (The KKK)
  12. You know what I mean, that bag is used for more than just storing things.
  13. Yeah totally. It was so amazing they had to omit it from the legend in order for him to keep up his bad guy image.