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  1. After writing with my mouse(successfully) I tried my hand(mouse) at drawing something terrible. So here you go! I'd love to see some terrible/awesome mouse-work from you guys too
  2. Oh yes! please do! It would be awesome to see a disneyfied Wendy.
  3. Resurrection well received! Didn't see this funnily enough. Nice art.
  4. Just to start, if requesting is NOT allowed in this forums, I will delete it immediately, rules on this is not mentioned in the sticky. I am hoping for an artist to draw Jon Snow in the style of Don't starve, preferably with his nights watch gear on! Reference; I won't lie, I am seeking this for the use of an avatar, should you allow it Thanks in advance, should you try!
  5. What does that have to do with any- OH MAN ITS RIGHT ABOVE ME
  6. Can we expect to see Apiculture take a spot in any updates? Sure we have basic bee housing now. But its too nice and easy. I practically turned all the natural hives into my own bee-houses, and lived off honey( for the rest of my days, until I tried to kill a koalaphant. Though you could just cheaply tip toe around and change the max honey given to like 4, it would be much more balance-worthy to add onto it. Make it a job to do, to get your honey, for example, treating the bees with chemicals to make them sting less, in order to have a chance(20%) at extracting the honey without being stung/swarmed, interrupting the gathering, or to create some smoker to calm the bees, allowing you to gather 100% of the time(1minute time frame), with an equivalent exchange of materials needed to make the smoker. Like 2rope and 15 reeds to create a 5-use smoker. This could also tie in with the newest Sanity feature. Infuse the nightmare fuel into the beehive to make special bees that only allow the insane people to harvest their special honey.
  7. While wilson attempts to research a tallbird egg.
  8. I followed the dots. Im thinking it spells XBANKA And I'm willing to bet its an anagram.
  9. Currently tracking red dots in the hope they spell something, as they usually hide stuff Edit- going back a few pages, it looks like im a bit late. Edit2 - My frame-by-frame go through.
  10. First; I'd like to say that Don't Starve is exactly the game I had planned to work on for the longest time, while I learnt odds and ends from coding languages. A 3-D Isometric survival games based around hunger. When this was in planning I had some amazing ideas and how they would be implemented into the game. The mines. The mines would be a new instanced biome with a dynamic entry point. The player would have to build a certain item and find suitable grounds to dig out a square hole, not so dissimilar from a rabbit hole, into the mines. For this, Torchlight-esque player highlighting would be needed, as the mines will have a height and walls. The player will not be able to dig through the rock, but rather, mine out the visible deposits in the walls surrounding him. There would also be mine-specific monsters to make the mines a constant- endgame threat. The mines will be very much like a maze. With hidden doors in the physical form of weakened rock you can break through with your pick-axe. The mines, in Don't Starve's form, should be a renewable source of flint, as cave-ins happen every 3 days at Sundown, this will give the night time a very scary rumble as the Insides of the world shift and churn under the players feet, resetting the mines entrance, and its contents. The new metals, will of course need to be refined into bars for use. Requiring HUGE amounts of Science points, to emphasize the end-game aspect of this. Housing. *To be written if the previous idea gets good feedback. Its gonna be a big one.*