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  1. You are a little bit obsessed with Logic in video games.Obviously there aren't going to be logical things. The whole world of Dont starve isn't logical.
  2. You know whats sad? My only world that I got Day 100+ on was a CHALLENGE world.Like i cant go past 100 days with normal settings, but with challenging settings, I can.I had to fight two deerclops and a mctusk at night with only a torch.... *sniffle*
  3. Chester plushie and a spider warrior plushie would be awesome. My mom would probably cry about the spider warrior one lol.I would wear a cool chester Don't Starve T shirt anyday, a wolfgang one would be awesome as well.
  4. Its the same as mine xD

  5. I like your avatar :p

  6. Yea Mrgmview is epic!I started watching Sips recently and its OKAY.Before i bought the game, i used to watch falpatrick and IncredibleOrb play ALOT. I really want to see Northernlion play Don't Starve
  7. Max hours in one sitting was 2 hours.
  8. Plushy chester> plushy jackalope.Although i would get both MAYBE A PLUSHIE BEEFALO Plushie smallbird! The possibilities are endless Although Klei would troll us and give us a plushie merm instead
  9. Newbies to the forum bringing up old threads YET again....
  10. Good job rezzing an old thread with your first post -_-
  11. Truly hardcore aren't you? Im glad you bumped the thread. I'd like to hear your thoughts about the game again.
  12. Are you using the bigger containers mod? Do you think it's worth it?
  13. This is a really old thread....Me lik te simulacre 2 xD so vry fan eet mek meh l337 heh trolol i so gewd troll.
  14. I somehow got stunlocked by like 5 killerbees so i couldn't move and died in 2 seconds. I GUESS THEY ARE OP nwerffff
  15. Especially when you ate that mushroom recently xDI also forgot to mention Etho... Oh well.
  16. I kinda want Chester as a plushie, if you look at my signature...But a Beefalo and Kolephant one would be pretty cool too.
  17. Hey guys I'm fairly new to Don't Starve and so far im loving it. The youtubers who got me into Don't Starve have really epic lets play's I thought I'd share with youIncredibleOrb- His series made me find out about it and his LP is really funny. I think it's gone on for over 20 episodes .First episode link: Another youtuber who really got me into Don't Starve and showed me some pretty good strategies (other than collecting poop like Incredible Orb) is Falpatrick. His LP was really interesting and he has a pretty small channel too.He has 25 attempts at surviving so far and it's a pretty lengthy but good series.Most recent attempt Episode one: Both have a facecam when they play btwNow I want you guys to list some youtubers (or whoever) got you into Don't Starve.