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  1. Can't believe how anyone can be such a ******.

  2. I'll send this to my friends that are starting to play Don't Starve just now, MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHA
  3. Sorry, but it looks horrible, not with the in-game style, the idea is cool though, maybe you should make him look more like the bunnies in the game, or at least, with some fur on that poor dude.
  4. Don't look at me wrong, but is it possible to have Wisteria x Wilson ?
  5. You want to do it in english or in another language ? If in english, you'd better rephrase that...EDIT: Right, why the hell are you posting it here ?
  6. Awesome ! Any chances we could see a bearded Wilson ?
  7. Why necropost, it seems like you are throwing noobs at my face and ask me to stay calm, ermahgerd people.
  8. We already discovered this long ago...EDIT: Oops, this is an old thread, request to insult maravis.
  9. Already discovered things, you are late here, mate.