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  1. Y'know I would implement him into the game, but theres so many problems when it comes to that kind of implementation that its unfortunately not worth all the coding strain :cHis hat wouldn't fit in the character boxes either
  2. Ah just a quick thing I should probably mention to those attempting to integrate their OCs into the game. With updates, MAKE SURE you backup your characters files. The game gets reset to the default characters after an update, so you have to readd them after the update is implemented or the character won't be there. It's a hassle, but if you want to keep continuing to use them, it's important to make backups
  3. Ah I attempted to do a "cartoony" Wes.I posted it in my art thread in the Art & Lore section, but should I post it here as well or just link to the thread?Don't wanna de-rail this too much
  4. The best part about this is imagining what the other characters look like.Wes would probably come up to Wilson's chest height.Man this makes me want to draw the other characters in this style
  5. Seriously guys can you just stop. Really now.
  6. [Muffled Trombone warbling in the distance]