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  1. Things Don't Starve Players Say

    "NO! Stop! Don't haunt that tree! You'll set it on fire!" "Green mushrooms only make you more sane after cooking them." "Did you know that tentacle spots are actually genitalia" "YOU SET ALLLLL THE BERRY BUSHES ON FIRE BY HAUNTING THAT TREE WHY WOULD YOU" "I need to plant more spider nests to get rid of that bird fort"
  2. Is there some sort of message displayed when crashing? That could help identify your problem.
  3. I would like to know your definition of "bad".
  4. You mean get ready for another 400+ page thread composed of 10% puzzle solving, 85% de-railing, and 5% pure nonsense? The type that we've not had since an eternity ago? Count me in.
  5. What Was Your First Death?

    Day 12 (back when we had circle islands): I have a camp next to the pig king. I hear some noises. I discard them as the pig king snoring, as I do every night. Hounds. The end!
  6. The Way(Aka Praecantor 2)Speculations

    Brianman, I really am getting tired of the arguments here. Back on track, I welcome multiplayer with open arms.THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES! Their still would have to be a lot of tweaks though, which would belong in the new subforum for DS Together
  7. Wasn't it 17 crows that was written on the notes?
  8. The Way(Aka Praecantor 2)Speculations

    Therefor making a loop? Maxwell brings Wilson into DS universe, Wilson brings Maxwell/Charlie from real world into DS universe?
  9. The Way(Aka Praecantor 2)Speculations

    What if it is... Wilson's moma new character with dimensional abilitesMaxwell playing a cruel trickWilson's GF (favorite theory)Or maybe it really is Charliejust my 2 cents pootis
  10. The Way(Aka Praecantor 2)Speculations

    Awaitin' Day 5... Probably the final scene with the finished machine
  11. The Way(Aka Praecantor 2)Speculations

    anyone think this is extremely related to the forbidden knowledge video? Here's a list thingy: forbidden knowledge: Wilson mixes stuff at the beginningWilson hits the machine with a hammerWilson ties 2 rats togetherthis: Wilson mixes stuff in a mortar/pestleWilson hits something with a rockWilson ties 2 birds togetherALTERNATE: he could be building wings/jetpack....? maybe something along the lines of daedalus/icarus? yay i helped
  12. The Way(Aka Praecantor 2)Speculations

    has anyone tried to brighten the picture? As in, light it up with photoshop? or maybe download it and see what happens? idk, I'm just listing some things we had done for previous puzzles.