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  1. Do You Like The New Forums?

    The white hurts my eyes...MY EYES
  2. An Update on Don’t Starve

    I dont support DLC for a game like Dont starve.
  3. Don't Starve memes/ragecomics/ect ect ect

    You are a little bit obsessed with Logic in video games.Obviously there aren't going to be logical things. The whole world of Dont starve isn't logical.
  4. Idea for Update Name?

  5. It would be impossible to make a base surrounded by MARBLE walls.
  6. Idea for Update Name?

    I approve of these names. How about Magical Powers?
  7. hello people

    Silly girls, gaming is for men!
  8. Next update...

    I REALLY want a blunderbuss. Wilson would look badass aiming it at a crow or something. Cost like 10 gunpowder,8 boards, and gold? Maybe we can customise our weapons with a flashlight. I was thinking about more weather like tornadoes but that's probably in a LATER update. Right now, we need to fix the bugs with Woodie.
  9. The next update...

    I always get those two mixed up!
  10. Next update...

    Wow dis gai is legitI guess we just have to wait and see
  11. The next update...

    Its MaxwellYou know that guy who like... traps guys.... then like the guyss..... have to like....not starve.... i think
  12. Razors

    Shave at night.
  13. Next update...

    Batman confirmed 100% legit true no hax no mods no cheats no testing tools character in next update.
  14. Lets talk about woodie

    We are getting off topic on your lack of common sense butWhat i was trying to say was how Crows are in Don't starve, not Owls or Hawks, so Woodie has no worries.