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  1. Also people afk in character select count towards abstaining as well, so the vote won't go through then too. And the player can just easily leave during the vote and rejoin the server (even after a kick) and continue to grief. Plus since you can't rollback more than a couple times, if a griefer did everything just before morning, and since the voting system needs so many revotes with people not voting... can't even roll back enough if a day passes before it actually goes through. The voting system is pretty bad at the moment. And I still miss Willow's fire immunity ;-;
  2. Darn... Apparently I was living under a rock and missed this sign up. Now I am sad... Oh well, I kind of wanted to have an early beta experience like I did during early DoS. C'est la vie. I guess I'll have to wait for the second round of participants are needed.
  3. You sure do want lava caves? Lol. Maybe hopefully a new character though.
  4. Just recently bought the soundtrack, I do seem to have hoedown and the new songs. Maybe you have to delete the soundtracks and then verify game integrity? Dunno. I'd like to make a suggestion though, not sure if it's hard to do or not but would it be possible to include a second sound track that has the songs extended (maybe 8-10 minutes long)?
  5. Yea changing them to several other buttons would make it a little too complicated for being a universal use button. I prefer using the space bar during combat because it allows for easy kiting and hitting the closest monster without accidently clicking the ground and doing nothing (and walking in middle of the group), or clicking a monster that is in the middle resulting in the closest ones hitting you even when you go to avoid an attack.Although it does help attacking something right after a weapon breaks with your fist to get an extra stun-hit in and give you time to run if you just realize the weapon broke.
  6. Inb4 everything is all cutsie at first looks... but then dark and sinister things happen once night falls...
  7. Or mimics, gotta love dem mimics.
  8. It would look better with a plain clock and the words/letters show up when you mouse over.
  9. Is this what happens when people get bored on the forum? Hah hahaha...That or I'm going hollowed right now.
  10. Caves mentioned earlier as instances, update with exploding mosquitos, spoilers about crystals that have to do with caves and explosive... This seems pretty interesting... Maybe a possibility for late game content of uitilizing the exploding mosquitos into blowing cave entrances open? Sounds like fun. Also sounds like people are going to blow an eye out like a Demodemodemopan...
  11. Wes you need to run faster! Go out running!
  12. Also I'm pretty sure meats are meant to restore more health compared to the carrots, so it is sortof a switched thing with different benefits.
  13. Well technically it's not called lag but framerate issues and stuttering, as lag refers to poor connection and ping... But this has been a bug people ran into on new worlds and maybe even normal worlds. Maybe you should check out the bug report forum for a similar issue and see if there is any feedback how to fix it?
  14. Although Krampus does spawn more often when using this method, he's sort-of easy enough to deal with. I haven't gotten to winter yet so can't say for sure, but it is horrendous in close range especially since most mobs you can't get away from if you aggro (unless they lose interest but beefalo/tallbirds/etc don't).