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  1. I dont think I put this here! Wakiko and Webber about to explore a cave. except I forgot Webbers extra legs... @_@
  2. art dump time! the last one is my interpretation of Charlie.
  3. Me and the rest of the peeps at tumblr were screaming over thisHe looks like a Disney prince <333
  4. I made a legit oc guys Her name is Wakiko~ perks: sanity increases in swamp, has 2 extra inventory slots cons: weak in combat character title: the kawaii Personality: Pretty shy, gets super excited when she talks about something she likes. Refers to everyone with honorfics
  5. Thank you for saying it way more politely than I could have!Seriously, stop. Y'all act like your 12. You're embarrassing yourselves.
  6. [A Whole New World plays in the background]
  7. I'll think about it~only cause i like the one in your avatar, haha
  8. Monster maxwell based off those spoilery pictures. I took it further Klei knows just what I like UwU