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  1. Quiixotic's Fanart

    I dont think I put this here! Wakiko and Webber about to explore a cave. except I forgot Webbers extra legs... @_@
  2. Quiixotic's Fanart

    art dump time! the last one is my interpretation of Charlie.
  3. Quiixotic's Fanart

    I want to draw in this style forever
  4. Don't Starve - Reimagined

    Me and the rest of the peeps at tumblr were screaming over thisHe looks like a Disney prince <333
  5. Quiixotic's Fanart

    I made a legit oc guys Her name is Wakiko~ perks: sanity increases in swamp, has 2 extra inventory slots cons: weak in combat character title: the kawaii Personality: Pretty shy, gets super excited when she talks about something she likes. Refers to everyone with honorfics
  6. We're Live!

  7. Release Candidate!

    did you mean "booboos", klei? lol (also maxwell saying booboos is totally adorable i just cant even).
  8. Quiixotic's Fanart

    Thank you for saying it way more politely than I could have!Seriously, stop. Y'all act like your 12. You're embarrassing yourselves.
  9. Quiixotic's Fanart

    yeah go ahead.
  10. Quiixotic's Fanart

    [A Whole New World plays in the background]
  11. Quiixotic's Fanart

    deerclops isnt hot enuff