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  1. Some notable quotes the characters say:"I feel a strange kinship with him." --Wendy when examining Maxwell"Reminds me of my magic act." --Maxwell when examining a bunnyman
  2. Wx-78

    I like the fact that you are encouraged to travel to the next world in order to finish your upgrading, unless you get super lucky with grave digging. Otherwise, I think you can only get to like 260 health from the bishops and knights in one world
  3. Wait, why did they change how you build campfires? The way in that video makes it so you can't store them in your pocket for later.
  4. Planning the next update

    I bet the new character will be Maxwell's past self, William. That would be a nice little twist on someone we've already seen before.
  5. Deerclops spawn rate

    He spawns somewhere in the world at the beginning of winter. He will romp around aimlessly, meaning if you actually venture out, you might run into him. If he stumbles close to your camp, he'll begin moaning, and then he'll direct his attention to you.
  6. What's still not renewable?

    Graveyard items (excluding blue and red gems), honeycombs... um..
  7. Update Trailer: Underground

    I love the new half animation half gameplay trailer styleagh
  8. What's the best way to take on the swamp gauntlets that sometimes form between you and a teleportato piece? You know, those spiraling strips of swamp that have tentacles every two inches?The only way I can think of tackling it is to just put on a log suit and helmet and just man your way through it.
  9. Don't Starve - Reimagined

    So Wilson's eyes are blue, huh
  10. I feel like the final product is going to be a preview of what the fight against Maxwell will be like