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Rhymes with Play 161 - Oxygen Not Included

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This week on the Rhymes with Play Dev Cast, join the team as we play Oxygen Not Included and answer your questions. The stream will be going live this Thursday, October 19th at 3:30 PM Pacific / 10:30 PM UTC.

When is it?
Twitch Stream Date: October 19th, 2017 

10:30 PM UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
6:30 PM ET (East)
5:30 PM CT (Central)
4:30 PM MT (Mountain)

Here's a handy tool to figure out what time that means for you.

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1 minute ago, NurdRage said:

For those of us that couldn't watch the stream live, what's the jist of the water tank challenge?

The map started on the first cycle as normal with no research complete. Next to the starting printing pod there are two swimming pools made of neutronium (so you can't pierce the walls). One pool is full of water, the other is empty.

The goal was to empty the full pool using any means necessary before the end of the 10th cycle.

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Attempted to do this using only steam, by heating the water beyond 99 degrees celcius. After 24 cycles, finally heated all of the water up to 85 degrees until I realized that liquid tepedizers only let you heat up to 85 degrees (max temperature).

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Okay I'm never going to do any better than this -- 4th cycle with no cheats. After playing with many build patterns over several hours I don't think I can improve on it any further. Pushed the water upwards using tiles.




- made all the ceiling sand fall into the bottom of the pit

- pushed all the water upwards using tiles from bottom-up

- storage container nearby for storing only sandstone building materials, set to priority 4 so they'll only put things in when there isn't something more important to do

- ignore oxygen production and food generation, there's enough of both for 6 cycles

- found that building 3 vertical lanes downward was the most efficient, as each dupe could work asynchonously in their own lane (no waiting on a single dupe to finish a ladder or tile before proceding, etc)

- found that climbing downwards with zig-zagging tiles instead of ladders was much more efficient, for two reasons:

a) no need to deconstruct ladders when filling from bottom-side back upwards to top, time saver

b) dupes were able to reach all the way to the bottom using zig-zag tiles method, whereas with ladder the bottom-most tiles were unreachable until enough water was first cleared.


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ok I done it to in 4 cycles :)

How I did it was I did use pitcher pumps and force the dupes to drop the bottles. and then I displace the bottles with tiles. until they ended in the other tank. and then empty them all at the same time :)



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18 hours ago, midjones said:

Also got it done in 8 cycles using an auto-bottler-only design.

Not quite. It'll go well into cycle 9 before you've mopped the floors and emptied the last water bottles. From what we can see in the picture there's at least half a cycle of work to be done still.

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