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  1. I am not trying to find a workaround. I am just reporting a bug that the Electrolyzer is activating and not producing anything.
  2. it is not max pressure even if it show it is on the Electrolyzer. But I can get it going just fine if I pump out some oxygen. The pressure in hydrogen is 500 and 1600-1700 in the oxygen.
  3. Electrolyzer runing 100% of the time but not creating any oxygen or hydrogen. And not using any water. But using power. Lab.sav
  4. Ok Now I have created a Electrolyzer setup that destroys 100% of the gases it creates. Not.... I notice that the Electrolyzer actually not using any water. it Dont create any oxygen or hydrogen. But using power. Lab.sav
  5. Yeah I dont use heavy watt wire. Well I have use it to see how to use them if it was necessary.
  6. It happens after a dupe jumps it makes a new decision and jumps back new decision. And it continues till it gets out or dies. If I se a spot like that I try to re designee that spot because it probably will happen again. But the most interesting bug I got from when I had 100 dupes was that they forgot to not hold breath anymore, lost one dupe to that and after that I stopped using fastest speed.
  7. I have seen problem with power going out at end of night cycle. like a clockwork power outage at highest speed. And on lowest speed I dont lose power, so probably because of lag.
  8. it seams that they sometimes get constipation and the get it out in one go.
  9. And you have to pick every individual dupe, before you can get a copy of same dupe.
  10. I am not sure about this. But for some reason wolframite transfer heat slower if the heat differens is high than for granite. So let say the differens is 100C between materials then I did se that Granite transfers faster heat. But when it got lower Wolframite started to transfer faster than Granite. I havent done that much testing dont have time at the moment. I did test with floor lamp and 100kg hydrogen and 100kg CO2
  11. I cant do it like you do it thewercktangle because my temp in my base can be 10-13C or sometimes it is 30 C. I just dont control my temp in my base.
  12. Kasuha thats true. But I did run a wery smal farm and it did heat up to 22C. Because of the food that drops. And maybe from external heat not sure. I have run big Bristle blossom farms and they can get as hot as 21,5 c in places. so there is possibility that they heat up over the idle temp. And if you want to get fast to idle temperature you want som cooling. But yeah you dont need the extra space over the plants. But I never have run with mealwood farm. I might trow in them in planter boxes or run them like vilde plants. But usally I go for bristle blossom early and use sleet wheat from vild plants till I get enuf of blossoms.
  13. This is what I would basically do if I did meal wood. One Thermo regulator, the gas vale set to 100. Hydrogen in the grow room with 2 kilo per tile. and the thermo switches to 21C. And to keep the hydrogen in the room you need to keep a 1 kg pressure outside and it should be fine. Might be slight overkill for mealwood. But there will be some heat coming in from outside and when you harvest the plants the meallice will heat up litle bit. but your thermo regulator shouldn't run much. And use Abyssalite for the watering pipes.