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  1. Gate charity

    Saying that the OP is using the tone policing fallacy to try and ignore your points would only be valid if you actually had raised any points to discuss. You're argument is effectively, "Nope. You're wrong. You're point of view isn't worth talking about. Go away. Buhbye." I agree that you're being unnecessarily harsh, and you seem strangely emotionally invested in this topic. It's almost like you got into an argument about it in a different thread or forum, got really heated about it there, and now you're confusing OP with this other person you were fighting with. I haven't seen any examples of OP "stomping their foot and demanding respect", for example.
  2. [Game Update] - 235181

    Putting CO2 scrubbers in the bottom-right corner of my base has become a core building principle for me. This might end up having a huge effect on the way that I design bases.
  3. [Game Update] - 218235

    Wait. Does this mean we can get 50kg+ of water in each tile again? I remember people opening up geyser areas and flooding their entire base as the pressurized water expanded to ridiculous sizes.