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  1. My father's comments on Ethanol

    Absolutely right. I stand corrected. I shouldn't have said "at the end of prohibition". It was clearly used by the government during prohibition as well.
  2. My father's comments on Ethanol

    This is true. Ethanol is the active ingredient in all alcoholic beverages that makes the drink intoxicating. After the end of the prohibition era in the United States, the government starting putting relatively heavy "sin taxes" on alcoholic beverages. Many industrial producers and consumers of ethanol argued that they shouldn't have to pay those taxes because they were not drinking the ethanol. The government didn't want to leave a loophole that would allow citizens to avoid the sin tax by buying cheap industrial ethanol and using it to get drunk. The "compromise" that was arrived at was that poisons would be added to the ethanol which was sold for industrial or medical use. Those poisons would either be very unpleasant to drink, or they would make people very sick if they drank it. It's still the exact same chemical though.
  3. Game Lag Tests

    Pathfinding in general is very difficult and mathematicians struggle to find the best algorithm to solve it. Ant colony optimization is an algorithm, not the whole of the problem. You are falsely accusing the person you responded to of claiming to solve all of the problems of pathfinding, which they never claimed to do.They were only talking about that one algorithm. It's not particularly difficult to implement as far as algorithms go. You're using a textbook strawman fallacy to try and make the other person look silly. The reason you had so much trouble finding someone to copy/paste from is that ant colony optimization is very niche, not because it's hard. Dijkstra's algorithm or A* are almost universally chosen instead because they're better suited to game environments where quickly solving graphs that change often is required. For example, if you read the wikipedia article on pathfinding, ant colony optimization is not even listed as a potential solution. You seem to be saying that if you can't understand something, then no one can possibly understand it. It's almost as if you automatically assume that you're the smartest person in any group that you're in. That's a very naive and narcissistic perspective, and I don't think it holds up to any level of scrutiny at all. I find it kind of distasteful actually.
  4. ONI is definitely developed in Unity, but the simulation calculations occur inside a specially compiled library which was written in C++. That library was compiled to optimized native machine code, exactly the same as any other C++ app would be. There would be no performance gain from switching the rendering engine over to a custom one written in C++ because the core components of the Unity engine were already written in C++, C# is just the scripting language used in the editor and NOT the language Unity itself was built with. Graphically, shaders do the majority of the rendering work and they're written in HLSL language which actually executes inside the video card and will always perform the same regardless of which engine was used to load it into the VRAM. The default shaders of some engines have more accurate lighting, or are maybe more performant than others out of the box. That has absolutely nothing to do with C# though, and you can just as easily use a custom shader in Unity as you could in any other engine. Games don't perform badly just because they use Unity. If a game performs badly then it's either because the game was too ambitious for current level of technology available, or the developers lacked the skill required to realize their vision in a performant way. That applies to all the modern game engines, including the custom indie ones built from scratch.
  5. Game Lag Tests

    Perhaps you know something I don't, and if so feel free to correct me. It is a very popular belief that ONI is using A* for it's pathfinding. If that is true, then the pathfinding will pick the "best" path that it is capable of on the first attempt each and every time that it runs. Also, it will always pick the same path given the same graph and start & end positions. This is possible because the devs give each node on the graph a weight value that indicates it's relative speed of crossing that node, and using that weight value as well as direction to the target as heuristics when choosing which nodes to investigate. Poor navigation choices such as going in the wrong direction, or moving over slow terrain are completely ignored until the algorithm is forced to investigate them because it ran out of good choices. Completing a path to your target instantly ends all calculation because the path that gets completed first is always the one with the lowest possible 'score', and is therefore the most optimal path given the current weights on nodes in the graph. The exception to that is that sometimes you can find optimizations to a path by running two passes. The first pass goes from the start to the end, and the second pass goes from the end to the start. This can correct some of the mistakes that A* can make navigating around complicated obstacles. There is no point to running A* with more than two passes per update, and even that might be overkill if you don't really care about quirky navigation. Any algorithm that actually calculates all possible paths and compares them to each other would be waaaaay too slow to be viable for use in a game with a graph the size of ONIs. Even one single navigating entity would cripple your performance. It would be orders of magnitude worse than A*.
  6. Gate charity

    Saying that the OP is using the tone policing fallacy to try and ignore your points would only be valid if you actually had raised any points to discuss. You're argument is effectively, "Nope. You're wrong. You're point of view isn't worth talking about. Go away. Buhbye." I agree that you're being unnecessarily harsh, and you seem strangely emotionally invested in this topic. It's almost like you got into an argument about it in a different thread or forum, got really heated about it there, and now you're confusing OP with this other person you were fighting with. I haven't seen any examples of OP "stomping their foot and demanding respect", for example.
  7. [Game Update] - 235181

    Putting CO2 scrubbers in the bottom-right corner of my base has become a core building principle for me. This might end up having a huge effect on the way that I design bases.
  8. [Game Update] - 218235

    Wait. Does this mean we can get 50kg+ of water in each tile again? I remember people opening up geyser areas and flooding their entire base as the pressurized water expanded to ridiculous sizes.