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  1. It is same bug as this poor dupes died because klie not caring about this bug.
  2. The pipe was not done. And when the pip is done it will activate when battery is at 0% at your current setup. But you have manual generators that will take up the power again over 0% before it can activate. So what you have to do disable manual generators or change the % on the battery to a much higher % to like 70-90% and it will activate before dupes want to run on the manual generator. And you dont have any power draw on the system. so it will not run much. But if you want to test that it works deconstruct the automation wire.
  3. It starts instant. So the dying dupes pic is before first cycle ends.
  4. Heat transfers from Abyssalite. If liquid able to phase change from the heat in Abyssalite. So here is the set up. A few test dupes to. Hot Abyssalite and about 30 C crude oil. And here is the results will the devs fix this bug and save the dupes. The Hopeful Spacestation.sav
  5. No. It dont have any mass, so you cant pump it.
  6. Try open up to vacuum of space and look as the vacuum falls in to your base.
  7. @Cheerio Any eta on hotfix? For airflow tiles and vacuum acting like a gas.
  8. Not only that, vacuum is consider a gas now. Really breaks the game.
  9. Vacuum is consider a gas now and dont disappear.
  10. You right, But still game breaking.
  11. Insulating materials transfer heat exceptionally fast. Cold from cold biom leaking throw abssyalite to hot biom and cooling it down at a alarming pace. And in lava biom the oil biom is heating up fast only after 3 cycles some places it is 200 C.
  12. Algae Distiller dont over heat even if it is at 500 C.
  13. Rancher dont get any skill up on ranching skill when grooming.
  14. It have been a bug that have been reported many times that Hatch dont eat when you dont look at it. So if you dont go with a screen over to them, then they will not eat and starve to death. So the hatch starve him self to death because not getting enuf attention.
  15. I have posted a bug about that what the op having problems is with wheezeworts. I took a look at his save.
  16. It is the wheezeworts That destroys gases when there are mixed gas layers were it is.
  17. Gas pump pulling vacuum when turn off with automation. In the save file, gas pump in the hydrogen part of my electrolyzer room is pulling a vacuum. You can reset it starting up the pump again. Then it stops pulling vacuum. But if you let it run for a while on fast speed it will start pulling a vacuum again. Not sure what causes it to happen. Dump.sav
  18. Printing pod stuck on 3 cycles left forever. Dont know if the issue is because I am playing custom map big freeze. Messy.sav
  19. They cant reach the hydrotiles to plant them.
  20. In one of my saves I cant get dupes to use my Farm station. Even if I trapp the farmer in the green house he will not use it. Try to destruct and rebuild. Try to make Every single dupe to farmer. But they will not use it. Needy Beyond.sav
  21. Try to remove every one else from the job cook in the jobs menu.
  22. Yeah it is about what the farm station do right now. One plant once but the bonus is great 100% growth rate. To bad you have to deconstruct it and rebuild it to get one more plant
  23. could you make a post about [Game Update] - 252656