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  1. Just wanna say these tubes are awesomely hilarious. I LOVE them.
  2. Sometimes we start a map and don't run into geysers. It's frustrating especially if you don't want to "cheat" and reveal the map using debug mode. So i think a late-game tech is a "Geyser Locator" building. It's easy to build, uses low power (like 100w), and uses simple materials but is at the end of tech tree. So if you're unlucky enough never to find a geyser then by the time it becomes an issue you'll have reached the end of the tech tree and can use the Geyser Locator to find them. But to preserve some discovery and fun of exploration it's not available early game so digging and exploring are still available. Kinda oxylite, it's meant as a simple hack to make the game less frustrating. As for how the locator itself works. Once it's turned on a "bulls eye" appears on the game map on top of each geyser, even in the black unexplored regions. Maybe the bulls eye also has info on the geyser, like if it's water, natural gas, or oil. To keep some semblance of usefulness even if you've found all geysers, maybe have it display the time to the next eruption right to the second. While actually useless in of itself, the information *feels* useful. (alternatively for an actual use after finding all the geysers, have it locate animals as well) As for cool names... maybe "Seismograph Station" since it works in game lore by measuring the geyser's rumbling every time it erupts.
  3. So far Klei has had a slow rollout with the lore. Probably because the game is unfinished and they don't want to spoil the ending. We're getting glimpses of it when we explore the ruins. Whatever ending we do have will likely tie into the history of what happened before. Why are they in an asteroid? Why are the ruins so deeply buried? Maybe you're right, maybe there was a giant space station that was doing duplicant research. Then something horrible happened and buried the station in an asteroid. Alternatively the station was abandoned and millions of years passed, enough time to aggregate space material around the station into an asteroid. The endgame would be unlock the coordinates of the ancestor race, break out of the asteroid and rebuild space engines capable of pushing them back to their home or to wherever the ancestors went. For something extra fun/creepy, maybe the morbs, puffs, hatches and slicksters ARE the ancestors and an accident mutated them. Thousands of years passed and their **** piled up and buried everything. Would explain the slime biomes, the hot biomes and the oil. The end game would be to unlock genetic engineering and some how restore them. Then break out of the asteroid and go home.
  4. On the flip side of the coin some foods get *more* nutritious with cooking. Some straight examples include carrots, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms. Mushrooms in particular have very little nutrition available until cooked. Cooking (through the invention of fire) was one of the great evolutionary drivers since it partially "digested" the food for us. Our stomachs/livers didn't have to waste considerable energy making the highly potent enzymes needed to digest the food raw. Cooking solved that by breaking down the tough proteins and carbs into simpler ones and this meant that we could eat less food and/or get more useful nutrition. With this extra energy and nutrition to feed our brains and do work we were able to spend less time hunting/gathering and more time learning, socializing, cooperating, building civilization and beating each other with sticks and stones. Compared to other primates, we are on perpetual crack with how much work we do compared to what we eat. All because of cooking. But in Oxygen not included the decrease in calories is probably just a game mechanic. It forces you to make a decision of whether you want to feed more dupes with less food, or expend more resources to keep them happy with higher quality food. I do agree the balance is off and probably needs an overhaul.
  5. Joking aside. i've always wondered why mixtures of oxygen and hydrogen or natural gas never exploded in the game. Lesser known except to a chemist: Hydrogen and chlorine should also explode. Not a huge issue, i've always thought it was an interesting difference from real life.
  6. Those animated trailers are adorable.
  7. Ya know what would be funny? if the generator also did something silly while it generated free power. Like it's temperature locked and holds exactly 50% charge like a battery. If you connect it up to your grid but put power into it so it goes above 50% then the generator gets *colder*. At 100% it gets very cold. But if you start drawing power from it the generator heats up. Rather than just free power it'd be an amusing balance of trying to figure out how to deal or exploit the temperature capabilities. With the automation update it becomes possible to set up a system that adjusts power and temperature. It'd still be useful in game for free power but becomes very interesting late game for its temperature control abilities. To make it different from the hydrogen crystal maybe it only works underwater or something. I agree. Maybe the computers can have useful automation improvements, or the neural vacilitator can be reprogrammed to relieve stress or something. at the very least, maybe after some technology research, we get the ability to deconstruct the ruins. So even if they're useless they don't get in the way.
  8. The hydrogen crystal cooler thingie is so cool. I personally don't use it very much but i LOVE the idea of having to go through the ancient ruins and having to hunt down something you can't build yourself. It extends the gameplay after just making a base. I know the neural vacilitator is one but it's one time use. So after using it you can just buried it again and never bother with it. I love a device that you can continuously use. It makes for interesting base design. I'd love to see more ancient devices. Thank you very much Klei!
  9. I'm not seeing any automation I/O on the coal generator. if you're willing to brute-force it and just need input control then you can build the generator on top of a mechanical airlock and automate that. You turn it on by closing the lock and turn it off by opening.
  10. Smart Batteries

    Yay!!!! I can't wait for that update.
  11. -182.6 degrees Celsius according to the in-game tooltip.
  12. A very roundabout use is to feed them into coal generators and collect the CO2 to feed to slicksters. From there you get oil which gives you petroleum and in turn plastic. Yeah its really roundabout and i'm not sure if it's worth it but it's an option. Nonetheless i do generally agree there should be more uses for coal. Maybe we can get a diamond press later that converts coal to diamonds. Now that i think of it, coal should be an option for the rock crusher to made sand. The real life parallel is that activated charcoal is used for water filtration.
  13. Can confirm we're getting some awesome super heating effects. In all my experiments i made the metal refiner out of abyssalite. If it make it out of anything else it eventually overheats and starts taking damage. I put crude oil (9c) through the metal refiner and the output kept getting hotter and hotter as time progressed. Eventually it got so hot that it busted the pipe and spat out petroleum. This killed the cycle though and the temperatures started over again. I then put petroleum (41c) though the metal refiner and sure enough, the output temperature rose in steps until it started boiling. Interestingly enough the pipe did not bust but the metal refiner seemed to be emitting natural gas. A huge amount too, i got like 5kg per tile in the room it was in. Next i put in polluted water and regular water. They both produced steam after a few minutes of running and didn't bust the pipes. The metal refiner is awesome for heating liquids, even boiling them. The fluid accumulation bug as mentioned earlier by coolthulhu seems to be in full force. All my experiments worked with a "once through" design where the fluid only goes through once and exits out a vent to waste. The heating still occurs and builds up. Obviously for greater efficiency you would loop the output back to reuse the wasted fluid. Only limitation i see is that the pipes occasionally get busted. Annoying but manageable. There also isn't an unlimited supply of metal to refine so you're stuck in that respect.