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  1. Exactly like the title says. It would be an "emergency" event for them and they would panic run back to the nearest exosuit dock to take off their exosuit. The event would cause a large increase in stress. I think it's a tremendous missed opportunity for comedy for them to never have their helmets crack. I remember an advertisement for Oxygen Not Included where a screaming dupe had a cracked helmet. I really wanted that to be in game. Bonus is if they are hit by a meteor while in the jetsuit. They should fly around like a balloon (with associated whoopy cushion noises) for a few seconds while they stabilize their flight and then head back to jetsuit dock in a similar state of panic.
  2. Sulfur has no current use but i was thinking of following real world chemistry and combining sulfur and plastic to make Vulcanized plastic (Vulcanized polymers exist in real life, a major one is Tire rubber). Vulcanized plastic has a higher melting point than regular plastic so stuff made with vulcanized plastic would get an overheat temperature boost. This makes mini-pumps more versatile in where they can be used. Transit tubes could go directly into hot slickster ranches. I'm thinking vulcanized plastic can be made in the polymer press (so you'll need a selectable menu and dupe deliveries of sulfur), or the kiln (plastic blocks plus sulfur) or in the rock crusher. Not sure which, but they make the most sense. Overheating the vulcanized plastic causes it to melt into naptha.
  3. I also space large quantities of excess liquids and gases. I see as perfectly valid because geysers and volcanoes give you free stuff, it's intentional. If you kept all the resources that came out then after a number of cycles your base would overflow. Deleting them by growing plants, animals or what not is no different to me than spacing them but with more convoluted steps. Now if the game was *exactly* mass conservative with every input in mass causing a corresponding loss somewhere else then i might say spacing is dirty way of dealing with problems. But it's not mass conservative once you start tapping volcanoes and geysers.
  4. ah cool, that makes sense. Awesome design!
  5. i mean like putting the turbine near the top of the system where the sour gas is hottest and cools a lot there. Then when the sour gas reaches the aquatuner coolant pipes it'll have a head start so the aquatuner doesn't have to work as hard. But i'm just theorizing. I actually like simple systems even if they're less efficient. I do agree this is very space efficient and well-designed.
  6. So would it be more efficient to extract the heat from the sour gas instead?
  7. Rather than using the steam turbine to cool down the aquatuners, could you turn them off if they get too hot?
  8. Yeah. I sincerely doubt ethanol production is causing food shortages. The thing about free markets is that the producers can choose to produce what's most profitable to them. The thing about about ethanol is that well... it's just not THAT profitable. There is actually very little natural market demand for it. The demand for it has to be forced onto the market by regulating gasoline to have some. It's a way of subsidizing farmers so they can still make money when they can't grow food (due to a food glut), without having to actually pay them with taxpayer money. But overall it's more profitable to produce food. And if there is a food shortage, it becomes VERY profitable to produce food since food prices go up during shortages. Bad weather and miscalculation of future demand may causes temporary shortages of specific crops (like you think next year no one wants pears but a freak storm kills most pear trees so now pears are valuable and in short supply). But these don't last long once people switch production. Ethanol causing a long-term chronic food shortage is nigh impossible unless somehow most of the farmers are morons and willingly choose to make less money, year over year, over year. .
  9. Imprison that dupe! it's from the evil twin universe!
  10. Not sure, but i think a single full load of coal charges 7.5 large batteries. So if you're using less than 8 batteries per generator, you're wasting power if you don't use it all before the batteries fill. So to stretch your efficiency, you would build 8 batteries for a coal generator and set the recharge threshold to start when the batteries are empty. For the longest time i only built 1 battery per generator and wasted huge amounts of coal. (If you're power requirements are larger you actually need less batteries per generator because you'll use the power before it needs to be stored. But calculating the ideal amount is complicated so i just brute force with 8 batteries per generator until i get the automation system working. However with my frugal playstyle, i only ever need 1 generator and usually find another power source or automation by the time i need more) Bottom line, IMHO, coal is pretty balanced as it is. Gives your a good strong start, teaches you resource management, and tapers off by the time you should be swimming in other power sources. And if you're into advanced strategies, you can combine them with hatches to make nearly inexhaustible power.
  11. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! (runs around flailing his arms in excitement)
  12. I'm having a similar issue, even with the newest patch (march 17th). I lock a dozen pufts in a room with 2500g per tile of polluted oxygen, after 40 cycles, the oxygen is at 2450g even though i have lots of slime now.
  13. Just wanna say these tubes are awesomely hilarious. I LOVE them.
  14. Those animated trailers are adorable.