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  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! (runs around flailing his arms in excitement)
  2. I'm having a similar issue, even with the newest patch (march 17th). I lock a dozen pufts in a room with 2500g per tile of polluted oxygen, after 40 cycles, the oxygen is at 2450g even though i have lots of slime now.
  3. Just wanna say these tubes are awesomely hilarious. I LOVE them.
  4. I'm not seeing any automation I/O on the coal generator. if you're willing to brute-force it and just need input control then you can build the generator on top of a mechanical airlock and automate that. You turn it on by closing the lock and turn it off by opening.
  5. After running my microbe musher for some time the dupes stop making more liceloafs despite ample resources and idle dupes. I have 100000+ kcal of meal lice i'm converting into liceloafs. I have water setup right beside the microbe musher and i have 4 idle dupes just hanging around. When i assign a continuous task to make liceloafs the dupes at first start making some and after making say 50000 kcal they stop. The microbe musher says "Work Task Assigned" when i click on it and the prority is set to 9 but no dupes come. They stand around idle right in front of it but do nothing. Water is still working and meal lice are still available. I'm currently working around the problem by periodically removing the liceloaf task and then reassigning it. In previous builds my dupes would continuously make liceloafs without stopping. This time they stop. This has happened in multiple games now so i don't think it's just a bugged map. Interestingly enough, when i save and reload the map. The Microbe Musher works again and the dupes go at it. But after awhile they stop again.
  6. Klei, i know i complain a lot. So i just want to say: I love you guys and what you do. I love this game! Thanks for the upgrade!