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  1. Hah, this must have been so satisfying for you to discover the source of the sound that plagued you! Yes, this is exactly what's happening - when a plug slug goes to sleep, it builds an invisible generator building. Usually, whenever a building is built, we play a sound for it. In this case, though, obviously it should not! I believe there's a fix being made for this, big big thanks for the heads up!
  2. Changed Status to Known Issue Hey! Thanks for the report. This is actually a display issue on the duplicant selection screen -- you're actually getting something like Supplying +4, Tidying +5, but the bug is that we unintentionally show the total value for both. The system is working as intended, just showing the wrong values on this screen! Sorry for the confusion.
  3. Hey @sakura_sk -- thanks for the report! The majority of these are not conflicts. A duplicant can be interested in something but not be particularly good at it. An interest in a job doesn't guarantee their ability in that job, just guarantees that they will enjoy learning about it. However, if those interest-trait cases you mention were from an archetype selection for starting dupes, then there may be an issue. The few that are actual conflicts have been fixed but haven't been pushed live yet. Coming soon!
  4. The sounds being gone from the new main menu is intended -- the sounds you're used to hearing are the sounds that the buildings and environment in the background are making. Now the background is completely new, none of those environmental elements are there anymore, so you can't hear them. As new elements are added in, the soundscape will fill up again
  5. Changed Status to Fixed Thanks for the report -- I believe this was fixed in the hotfix we put out earlier today!
  6. Hey! Within that play session of 30 minutes, was this the first time you had opened the "Choose a new blueprint" screen? Or had there been a few before that, too?
  7. Hey, thanks for the report! @qenadvnapdi hit the nail on the head here, this is by design.
  8. Thanks for the report! We're tracking this one over here.
  9. Changed Status to Known Issue Hey folks, thanks very much for the great discussion. Because this is a frequently confusing experience, even if this ends up being the final design I would consider the resulting confusion to be a usability bug. Either way, it must be chewed on a bit more! Marking as Known Issue to track that something should be done about it, one way or another!
  10. Has been fixed since, but since that planetoid's name was generated before the fix, it lingers. Thanks for the report!
  11. Hey there! Can you try uninstalling then reinstalling it?
  12. Hi! Sorry, can you clarify what is incorrect? Thanks!