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  1. Playing Rime

    Maybe we can give them a quick death using magma?
  2. Playing Rime

    Drowning them to death doesn't seem very humane. Is there a nicer way? Poor things...
  3. Playing Rime

    Anyone find a good video tutorial or anything on how to do ranching as a food source? I feel like a newb with that feature, not sure if i'm supposed to just "attack" one of the critters for meat. Not sure how to manage it properly.
  4. Playing Rime

    Ooh, you can even automate that with thermo sensors + automate doors to open + enable/disable coal gen
  5. Playing Rime

    You can also put all your batteries or other hot equipment in the electrolyzer rooms to get some free heat
  6. Playing Rime

    I've been playing on Rime and found the space heater to be quite effective actually! For example I created an insulated farming room with two space heaters. It was actually *too* effective - it quickly reached over 90C within a few cycles, so I added a thermo sensor. If you don't use insulation then the space heater won't be able to keep up with the incoming cold
  7. We've seen a lot of alternative solutions for cooling and heat deletion the last couple days. Feel free to avoid using Steam Turbine in favor of one of the other interesting alternatives.
  8. If I understand correctly, the test branch has extra debug tooling enabled which makes performance slower (necessary for the extra debugging), and performance will be back to normal at launch. Can anyone confirm if this is true for this launch preview branch?
  9. Congratulations on this HUGE milestone Klei! Excited to play all the new content today, and recommend the game to all my friends on launch day
  10. So far I haven't found any "new" geysers -- all geysers have new graphics, and appear to be nerfed (variable output & dormancy cycles), although appears to be 4 geysers instead of 3
  11. [Game Update] - 254302

    Anyone know what an auto-sweeper is?
  12. [Game Update] - 253538

    Since jobs still affect priority within the same P-level, is it still the case that it takes 2 dupes to build every object? 1 dupe for supplying the build materials, and 1 dupe to come construct it. This is worse when building on an spot that must first be dug, especially ladders to explore deeper areas. Wait for 1 dupe to dig the tile, then 1 to deliver the ladder materials, then 1 to build it. Then repeat for every step of the ladder. Even if I increase the priority of this task, it would still be equal priority for the 3 jobs, still taking synchronous work.
  13. I believe ONI said that preview builds will have extra logging/metrics collecting in the background which causes the game to be slower, but lets them get analytic data on game performance so they can make QoL improvements
  14. Just realized there's many creative ways you can use Ore Transport system. Not only for bringing materials back to base, but for sending construction materials with a "main bus" design that dupes can just pull useful materials from. Amazing!
  15. Improved Fridge to Smart Fridge Disease Logic Sensor Steam Turbine generator Farm Station Wow these all sound so useful