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  1. Dupe-A-Day!

    OH MY GOD I didn't see this until now! THIS IS SO GOOD HAHAHA The statue wearing the Jumping Man's mask is such a good touch. The jukebot playing the music in that scene would be my favourite thing ever. Thanks for drawing this @minespatch <3
  2. Y'all the best, thanks for all these notes! Responses here: Word! Yep, it would be a toggle! <3 Ah, good point! This one was a categorisation issue -- those were in the HUD mix bus rather than the Ambiences mix bus, but you're right that it should be treated as an ambience! Added to the list, too I believe this to be fixed in this update! If it still happens for you, let me know.
  3. Oooooh interesting. This is really helpful, we'll include that in our support doc! Thanks, and I'm glad you're back up and running
  4. Hey @slayer_, thanks for the post! Do you have Nahimic or any other third party audio software installed? If updating drivers doesn't solve this, in most cases Nahimic is the culprit. If you do, please try uninstalling Nahimic and seeing if that fixes it! Here is a link with another thing you can try, double-checking the sample rate and bit depth of your audio device. http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2947881-no-audio-when-playing-oxygen-not-included
  5. Hey, thanks for the request! I've seen this one a lot - adding it to the list!
  6. Skybox

    Hahaha I love this so much <3

    Hi @yee teng. Can you try disabling NAHIMIC to see if that fixes the issue? Could you try this, too? 1) Switch to the audio_logging_enabled branch 2) Launch the game 3) Go to your OxygenNotIncluded.exe folder 4) Look for a file called fmod.log and upload it to this post? This will help us know what's happening!
  8. Hey @muki0, Sorry about that - this seems related to a common problem that we've had a heck of a time reproducing in-house. When using Realtek as your default device, could you please try switching to the audio_logging_enabled branch, launch the game, and then go to your OxygenNotIncluded.exe folder and look for a file called fmod.log and upload it to this post? This will give us more information about what's going wrong when it tries to initialise with Realtek and we can hopefully either implement a fix or send the information along to FMOD, our audio software. Thanks!
  9. No Sound

    @Napean Well that's great news! Glad it's working again for ya!
  10. @WanderingKid This was indeed broken across all looping sounds, by the way! Should be fixed in the testing build tomorrow. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  11. No Sound

    Hey folks, could you try this: Right click the speaker next to your clock in the bottom right. Select 'Playback Devices' Select your Default Device (the device with the green checkmark) and hit 'Properties' If that that window has a "Supported Formats" tab, please take a screenshot of it and upload it for us here. If 48.0 kHz is in this list but is disabled, please enable it. Select the 'Advanced' tab. If 'Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device' is checked, uncheck it. Set your Default Format to 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality) Then open up the audio logging branch and let us know if that changed anything.
  12. Hey @ANON96565, thanks for the detailed post! It likely contains stuff you've already tried, but this post contains a list of what we usually found fixes this. Take a look and see if there's anything you haven't tried yet. Barring that, could you please try switching to the audio_logging_enabled branch, launching the game with your wired headphones plugged in, going to your OxygenNotIncluded.exe folder, looking for "fmod.log" and uploading it to this post? This'll help us figure out exactly what's going on in your case. Thanks!
  13. Ah! Yes, I'll take a look at that. Maybe the "multiple instances of a building turning each other down" system is broken on the small transformer. (as an aside, I just mentioned to Ipsquiggle that this was like, the perfect sound feedback post. It included the problem, a picture of the problem so I can see exactly what the setup is, and a bit of laughter too! thanks for the feedback!) I'll take a look and let you know what I find!
  14. Hey, thanks for the report! Few questions: - was the dupe wearing a hat? - was the dupe eating on the floor or at a table?