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  1. Hey folks, I should clarify here that I didn't say the intent was to add options to disable all of these problematic sounds in the options menu, but instead to work on making those sounds more dynamic so you are never bothered by them enough to want to disable them. Very often, we've found that when a player is requesting the ability to disable a sound it actually just means the sound is too loud or just doesn't play back dynamically enough. Ideally, we can get the sounds sitting in a place where you never even think of wanting to disable them, but if for whatever unlikely reason finding that balance is impossible, then we could look to add an option to disable a specific set of sounds. Given that list, I don't think a toggle for enabling/disabling all those cases will be necessary with Lucy for example, her voice is just way too loud because her frequency content is quite piercing. After experimenting with just plain ol' turning it down, I think it would be enough to satisfy anybody that would otherwise want to turn her voice off entirely. All this said, this is still on the list! My apologies that it's been a bit longer coming.
  2. [Minespatch] Aerate art

    Incredible! <3 <3 <3 so gooooooooood spatch!
  3. Dupe-A-Day!

    Duuuude, this is completely incredible. I want to print this out and hang it on my wall, thank you for doing such a cool thing <3
  4. Dupe-A-Day!

    I-I'm not sure I can express how hard Jarrett and I just laughed at this
  5. Audio Glitch

    Hey @DontBother, sorry about that. Could you take a look at this link and see if any of these things help? http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2947881-no-audio-when-playing-oxygen-not-included In the meantime, can you grab me your dxdiag and I can take a look to see if anything jumps out as unusual?http://support.kleientertainment.com/customer/portal/articles/2503104-how-can-i-find-my-dxdiag-file My initial thought would be to try disabling/uninstalling any third party audio software like Nahimic and see if it is better, because those programs sometimes interfere with FMOD, our audio middleware. Let me know!
  6. HydroFan sound got stuck

    Changed Status to Fixed Changed Note: to thanks very much!
  7. HydroFan sound got stuck

    Changed Status to Known Issue
  8. HydroFan sound got stuck

    Thanks! Fixing now.
  9. Hello again @Gus Smedstad @Junksteel @SharraShimada @Sasza22! I just checked in my changes to this... as you build more and more on the surface, the untamed wild sounds will slowly be replaced with normal music and sound effects, as described above. Please give it a try when the next build comes and let me know if it feels better for you. If it still feels bad, please include a .sav file and I'll take a look! Thanks again for being vocal about sound feedback, and thanks for the tag to make sure I see it @Squeegee! [edit April 5th: this is now live!]
  10. Is it better now?! If so I'm glad, man, thanks for bringing that to my attention!
  11. Adding these to the list to look at, too! Thanks for the request
  12. Hey folks! Thanks for the feedback! We're looking at few solutions for this, for both DST and DS. The sound is definitely way too loud and too constant, so we're going to make it a lot more dynamic and less grating overall. Also, once the idea is established, we'll bring the volume down and get it out of the way so it doesn't continue beating you over the head. We're doing some internal testing and tweaking right now, and once we think it's in a place that feels better for both new players learning about insanity and experienced players staying insane for long periods, we'll push it out. The DS change will likely come one of the upcoming Hamlet bug fix patches, and the DST change would come with the next release! After that point, if you currently use the mod to mute the sanity sound, we'd love it if you tried playing without the mod for a bit to see if our changes helped. If not, let us know and we'll happily keep working at it to make it better for you and everyone (and you can re-enable the mod in the meantime!). Thanks again for bringing this up, we appreciate it.
  13. Hey gang, Thanks for the great feedback... I agree with everything said! The design of the sound of the surface is meant to be cold and oppressive, but once you start to "tame" the surface, it should definitely begin to take on the warm character of the duplicants and their base instead. You certainly shouldn't be punished for taming the surface with a bunch of aggressive spooky sounds! I will add this to the list! Thanks again for bringing it up.
  14. Ten Thousand Hours of Art

    I'm going to frame this on my wall at home
  15. (I did, indeed, blush! Thanks for the kind words @Squeegee and the tag @goboking! <3)