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  1. Hey folks! I want to thank you all for your great and detailed feedback. Like I said in the original post, I'd like to keep working on these options as we continue making the game so that we can meet everybody's needs as much as possible. I've been working this week on expanding functionality, based on your posts. Upcoming changes in the testing branch include: Rooms Overlay: I looked into giving different room types different patterns (striped/dotted/etc) but this turned out to be quite a huge change. Instead, I looked at the different room types which would need to be most distinct from one another and made colour changes which push those further apart from each other. I think what I've landed on is pretty decent, but I'd be very interested in your real-world experiences with it. Even for the default colour mode, this overlay is more of a "colour carves out space" mode rather than a "colour shows full info". That's something I'd love to fix for both cases, but in the meantime let me know if these options are any better. Germs Overlay: Colour choices are more distinct from one another. I also would have loved to use different patterns/textures for each germ type! But, now the old similar-looking ones should at least be more readable. Power Overlay: Strained and Overloaded colours are more distinct from one another. As well, I made the colour of the "power generator" icon a bit more vibrant so you don't get the muted, dull version. Light Overlay: Change the light colour to a more vibrant colour. I found it a little tricky to read light levels on low-light tiles even in default mode, so this is done in default mode as well as deuteranopia/protanopia. Tritanopia Mode: I have made a Tritanopia mode but this one is a lot harder for me to test. I've been using a Deuteranopia/Protanopia simulator to check all of my changes, but the program I'm using doesn't have a Tritanopia option. I will look into a Tritanopia simulator so I can check the stuff I've been doing @Harryy -- I don't feel super confident putting the mode out without confirming that the changes I made even help! These should be live on Monday if you'd like to check them out and let me know what you think. I'm going to continue working on this stuff for a while yet in this batch, to try and catch more of your notes. Cracking open the Temperature Overlay and Plumbing Overlay now -- I love your idea for the temperature view @GonDragon, so I will probably start there Thanks for the tip! I considered this, but I wound up not doing so because I didn't want to complicate discussion of automation between players. That said, there is certainly some dissonance when looking at a wire being described as Red when it doesn't look Red... this is a tricky one -- if y'all feel strongly about it we can reconsider. I want to reiterate that I'm extremely grateful for your help and feedback here. It means a lot! [edit 06-19 night: I snuck in the changes to the Harvest Tool as well! That will be in the Monday update]
  2. Yo! What's actually happening here is that the hammer is striking the automation wire, not the pipe. If you do this: Then, the pipe gets struck correctly! However, this did highlight a bug in the automation wire where it seems that it doesn't read the length of the automation wire, so I will take a quick look at that.
  3. Changed Status to Fixed Changed Note: to Thank you, fixed in upcoming update!
  4. Restarting the count is intended behaviour, yes -- I've updated the string to more clearly state that, thanks!
  5. Hello folks! We've added a few color blindness options to Oxygen Not Included and we're looking for feedback on things we can make better for you. In the testing branch so far are modes for Protanopia and Deuteranopia with changes to the Automation Overlay, Decor Overlay and Crop Overlay. If you have these forms of color blindness, please let us know how the modes work for you and if there are any changes we can make to make them more effective. If there are other overlays or parts of the game that are difficult for you because of color, please let us know. If you have any other form of color blindness, let us know and we can look into those as well. I looked into a Tritanopia mode, but I believe most of our issues are with red-green and I don't expect that to cause issues for people with Tritanopia. Of course, if that's not true please let me know and we can look into it! For information on how to join the testing branch and to see more exhaustive patch notes, click here. [Edit: just an update to say that this is a living venture, and though we're out of testing we would still love to iterate on this! Particularly, I believe that a fully robust set of color blind options won't exist without feedback from folks so please keep the thoughts coming! ] Thanks for your input! jambell
  6. Hey, sorry for the delayed response -- I came down with some sort of sickness and I was focusing on resting just to be safe! Separately, Ruby and I both took a look at your save and profiled it last time I spoke with you, and couldn't find anything out of the ordinary. Would you mind uploading a dxdiag? Particularly I'm interested in what your audio hardware/settings are like... sometimes FMOD has had issues with certain audio devices or audio software, but those issues have never appeared like this. It would be good to rule it out, though. Would you happen to run any 3rd party audio software? I don't personally know of any way you can try that old build right now but I will poke around. [edit: Okay, I did some Googlin', found this method, and filled in the relevant parameters for ya. If you want to test with an old build and see if it's actually coincidental and is a hardware issue: 1. Open the Steam console: steam://nav/console 2. Type download_depot 457140 457141 2245769287204349857 I would definitely back up any saves that you care about before doing anything here, though. Also, any saves from the current build will, of course, not load in this older build. Proceed with caution and lemme know if you uncover anything!]
  7. Hey @WeSaidMeh, Hmm, I can't seem to reproduce this on my end: I am still able to select the bridge in all of the situations you described. I do, however, see a bug that the Bridge doesn't show up in the "hovered element cards" list when in the overlay. I'm still able to cycle through to select it in the info screen on the right, though. You've probably already done it, but mind doing a sanity double-check for me and seeing if the bridge definitely doesn't show up in the info screen? Since we're experiencing two different things, being able to cross that off the list as a possibility will be helpful
  8. Hey @TheMule, thanks for keeping us updated! First, some catch-up: both of the sound designers have loaded up the save in case it's a sound issue. We've both been unable to reproduce it in any circumstance, which you've already spoken to! We did some profiling on our audio middleware and tried to identify if there was anything on the sound side which might cause this, and we couldn't find much... however, we did identify some general optimizations that could be made using your save so we've done those. It's unlikely this would help your situation at all, though. It's extreeeemely bizarre to me that the issue appeared even when unpausing, actually -- that leads me to believe solidly that sound isn't the issue, but just a knock-on symptom. I'm going to take a look now at our other profiling tool to see if anything obvious jumps out. I just wanted to touch base with you to make sure you knew someone was looking into this and you weren't being left for dead! I also wanted to explicitly say thank you for being so understanding in your report -- it's extremely appreciated! I would have for you to have to stop playing because of this, though I'm sure I speak for our whole team when I say how glad we are that you've gotten good entertainment and value out of it I'll let you know what I find tomorrow!