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  1. @Yalp Supremely helpful post and saves! (edit: oops, misremembered the post! supremely helpful post nonetheless!) Thanks very much, should be fixed in the next patch!
  2. Changed Status to Known Issue
  3. Changed Status to Known Issue Changed Note: to Good find, taking a look! Good find, taking a look!
  4. Changed Status to Fixed
  5. Hey folks, Thanks for the heads up. This has been fixed!
  6. Would you mind uploading a save where this is occurring?
  7. Hey @MF99K! Would you mind sending me your save file? We'll take a look at it on Monday
  8. [Game Update] - 365655

    We are currently testing a fix for this! Thanks for the other feedback everyone, we are reading it
  9. Critter sound huge lag issue sandbox

    Changed Status to Fixed Changed Note: to Thank you! This didn't make it into the next update, but will be in the one following that. If it keeps happening after that, please let me know!
  10. Automation Sound

    @Lutzkhie Hey, this was actually super helpful, thank you very much. I just spent about an hour with your base making a bunch of performance and mix changes based on your setup. Ultimately they wouldn't have been causing fps issues, but performance on the audio-side is now a bit better thanks to your base. [edit: actually, I shouldn't speak so quickly: it's hard to tell exactly what effect this will have on the average late-game base, but it will certainly be positive -- by how much, I'm not exactly sure yet!] I wasn't able to reproduce your issue of automation beeps and boops playing even when the overlay isn't open, but I presume that what you're hearing is the mechanical sound of the switch triggering on/off. To that end, I made it so that those sounds have a smaller fall-off curve, so that in order to hear them at full volume you have to be closer to it. This should help your situation without affecting those who rely on that sound too heavily. Please feel free to give more feedback! Thanks again - these changes didn't make it into the next update, but will be in the one after that
  11. Automation Sound

    Can you please upload your save?
  12. Hey @OxCD, thanks for the post. The text on that screen is actually a bit outdated: the #1 reason we see this issue is third party audio software such as Nahimic, so I'm not surprised to see you say you have it installed. I would recommend disabling and/or uninstalling Nahimic to see if that fixes it, and then at least we know where the issue is coming from!