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  1. This update is "out of this world!"
  2. Sleet Wheat Grain storage broken

    This explains why me sleet wheat grains were rotting.
  3. gasses behave strangely with wheezeworts in enclosed room.

    Light gasses float to the top left and heavy gasses float to the bottom right. The intended effect should be top with no left/right directional bias.
  4. Every egg at 100% hatches upon loading a game

    Yeah, funny enough, you can dump them out of the fridge and they hatch too.
  5. My duplicants are constantly taking their suits on and off during their Idle state. After hours and hours of trying to figure things out, it was the Temperature... In the SafeCellQuery: 303 Kelvin(29.85 Celsius) Grid.Temperature[cell] < 303f; If the temperatures around them are higher than advisable they will rush to safety - the exosuits - but, they won't actually go anywhere. Instead, they put it on and then off - over and over. Here is the save file: IdleDupes.sav
  6. Printing Pod cannot be disabled

    Not only is the Printing Pod bugged but my Water Pump had the same issue. Water pump could be turned off but never back on. I had to rebuild the pump in the end. Can't say I can do the same for the Printing Pod XD
  7. Yes, either make Athletics harder to gain or increase the speed of the tubes. I want SPEED. This is the fast life~~~ Or I guess, to please everyone, you can have an option in the colony creation screen for both options.
  8. OH GOD! YES, YES, YES! HAHAH HAHAHA! I've had a dream where these tubes happened in real life. I believe we'll eventually get there.
  9. Visual Bug Shadows in front of Ancient Door

    You are not alone
  10. digging unreachable blocks

    Yeah; once they start a task, they have to finish it even if it's outside the line of sight - which I like. And in your picture that is within the reachable dig(build) distance; 3 above and 3 below.
  11. Strange undigable "blue fire"

    That "blue fire" is actually falling snow. Probably should have been fixed with falling sand on update 242561 If not I guess next update?
  12. Metal refinery turns off immediately as soon as a Duplicant begins operating. This cycle repeats over and over with the next Duplicant who trys to operate the machine. Conductive wire is more than enough to supply the needed 1.2kW needed.
  13. Somehow food poisoning shot up to 300 millions? Not sure that was intended... :/ Here's the save: The Super Duper Acropolis.sav
  14. [Game Update] - 242561

    Awesome! That ones been there for quite awhile.
  15. Freezing on firepoles; that was an unfortunate event to run into. Awesome! Performance upgrade