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  1. This update is "out of this world!"
  2. This explains why me sleet wheat grains were rotting.
  3. Light gasses float to the top left and heavy gasses float to the bottom right. The intended effect should be top with no left/right directional bias.
  4. Yeah, funny enough, you can dump them out of the fridge and they hatch too.
  5. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    Still need help? Send me a PM on what you need help with.
  6. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    @Pan_opticonNot a Transpiler but you can achieve something similar without completely removing a method. Make a prefix patch and return false. It will skip the execution of the original method so you can write in your own. https://github.com/pardeike/Harmony/wiki/Execution-Flow Postfixes will always run even if the original method was skipped.
  7. My duplicants are constantly taking their suits on and off during their Idle state. After hours and hours of trying to figure things out, it was the Temperature... In the SafeCellQuery: 303 Kelvin(29.85 Celsius) Grid.Temperature[cell] < 303f; If the temperatures around them are higher than advisable they will rush to safety - the exosuits - but, they won't actually go anywhere. Instead, they put it on and then off - over and over. Here is the save file: IdleDupes.sav
  8. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    @Pan_opticonHere's how to destroy the geysers and make new ones in Debug mode: 1: Hit "Backspace" on your keyboard 2: Click "Destroy" and then click on your geyser 3: Now you paste in the geyser template that you want
  9. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    Yeah those don't matter. All you need is the dll
  10. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    @Gaons You and me. Now they are all in the Mods folder. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    @Gaons https://github.com/Midnight-Steam/ONI-Modloader/tree/master/ModLoader/MaxAttributes/MaxAttributes/bin/Release Oh I see, I gotta move them over to the Mods folder. I'll get on it.
  12. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    @Gaons Do what you normally do with ModLoader but get the DLL in my folders and move them into your Mod folder(C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\Mods)
  13. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    I would like to know why you want to do this. If it interests me then I might look into it. No promises. If your goal is to edit the Stats of the Duplicants, then try out my MaxAttribute mod where your Duplicants run faster than The Flash, build faster than The Flash, pee faster than The Flash, etc... Here's the link to my fork - GitHub fork
  14. [MODS][0.5] ONI-Modloader

    Yes it would be possible.
  15. Not only is the Printing Pod bugged but my Water Pump had the same issue. Water pump could be turned off but never back on. I had to rebuild the pump in the end. Can't say I can do the same for the Printing Pod XD