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  1. it seem to affect the duration of buff rather then speed, same with husbandry for taking care of critters.
  2. 0 health dancing dupe

    removing the ladder, eventually got the dupe unstuck.
  3. had a dupe scalding, gave them a triage cot. as they were running away trough a door they got 0% health, once on other side they were stuck in a "dance". reloading didn't seem to fix the problem. The Ultra League.sav
  4. When selecting Stinky, it told me that since he has an intrest in digging, he should get +3 digging, but as you can see in his skill points he did not, instead he got +3 into science despite nothing to indicate he should get +3 into science.
  5. Locavore/Carnivore

    i tired to do it on my last map too, but failed. i think the main focus would be to gather other sources of food from around the map while setting up ranches. use pips to plant wild growth of plants. but even so, i think its more or less necessary to make to make mush bars at some point when not running any farms as ranches takes a bit of time to get up to speed to produce meat.
  6. Pipe heat transfer.

    the more i watch it, the more confused i become. the only hint i gotten is there seem to be something to do with pipe bridges, the temp just before entering seems weird.
  7. Pipe heat transfer.

    pipe heat transfer in my base is whacky, seems its not syncing. ticks way too fast. especially noticeable where i use thermium. The Hardy Cantaloupe.sav edit: Build LU-354426 and its the medium in the pipe that changes too fast, the pipe itself seem to change temp at correct ticks.
  8. i have same problem with 1 of my trees. it appear where a pip have planted a new plant right beside the tree and it has grown branches over said plant, i believe that should not happen? saved with screen focues on tree. Spacejunk.sav
  9. what really surprises me is there can be a few mg of fuel left, its consumes 2kg/s is the ticks for consumption really that small so it can leave a few mg of fuel?
  10. [Game Update] - 353289

    ohh, i hope this fixes the crashes i had in my latest bigger colony, so frustrating to crash randomly, often more then once per day even. ><
  11. strange temperature changes.

    its not just gas temp that has strange temperature behavior, its liquids too, just didn't notice it since they don't change a lot in temp.
  12. my colony used to be a nice 20 degree warm place, now after just 2 cycles, its heating up cause my heat exchanger stopped working! the gas temp is messed up. jumps all over the place.
  13. made a heat exchanger using liquid, metal tiles and gas pipes, all aluminium ore or refined aluminium. for some weird reason the temperature in the gas pipes changed temperature FAST and all over the place, 30 degrees, 5 sec later, 80 degree. had a heat exchanger to the left of it, the liquid pipes is still there, but i removed the gas pipes there, it worked fine. recent changes in last update is the cause? tried to rebuild old heat exchanger and it also now just jumps up and down in temp. Spacejunk.sav
  14. Load save, as they build the pipes the game freezes. Crash pipe build.sav to avoid a freeze, i can remove the pipe bridges and add them after the pipes are built.
  15. when the bunker doors are closing and you have possible pathing up to the doors, the dupes will get stuck in their movement until doors are closed as they will not enter the space of a closing door. as the pathing shows. the 2 tiles above the top most ladders will cause dupes to get stuck until doors are closed.