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  1. Getting acorns

    i believe it was added in a recent patch that you also can get acorns from harvesting the trees? edit: found it.
  2. 1. more ranches, why? i mostly have the ranches for what they produce, Pip for dirt, Hatches for coal, Dreckos for Reed fiber, that i was starving for before setting pips to plant it naturally. i had glossy, but once i made 40+ tons of plastic i had no more need of that. Shine bugs i only used for eggs and food, maybe decor, i could use them for energy i guess if i wanted, but energy too is something i got in excess. .... NOOO!!!! i just noticed, that Pokeshell killed all my fish i had in that little pocket of water next to my printing pod. 2. 500 degree steam? no thank you, not unless i really need it, best way i guess would be build a steam generator on top of it and let water from it drain if pressure inside is high enough. but it would be rather late in the game to use it well, before that i'm afraid it would cook my base. 3. i wanted to keep as much as possible close to the base, and if needed cool the area to avoid scalding dupes. as i let them tune up the power generators i felt the reduced travel time was worth the little extra inconvenience of cooling and lower decor. if i rebuilt anything, i would move production units up a few floors and generators down and see if i could automate deliveries more. 4. i usually keep my ladders in a bit of zig zag, its rather exaggerated in this base though, reason is to keep dupes from dropping items all the way to the bottom. 5. why more water reserves? as long as i don't lose power i will have all the water i need, if i wanted to make more reserves, i would almost need to cool them down so they don't heat the surrounding area. 7. its almost all from ethanol production, i don't think you can cook polluted dirt to dirt? 8. i usually build sinks outside, reason being i can fit more toilets inside, and i almost never get a germ problem even with fewer sinks then toilets as they tend to arrive at different times. 9. i usually leave low priority tasks i want done "sometime in 10 cycles" around when i'm planning to make something out of them. as far as i know, it wont affect AI, unless its reachable. so dig orders would not really matter, and
  3. i have played ONI more then i want to admit, so i belive i'm a good player of it. but still, nothing is so good it cant be better. i'm not one for overly complex machines as i rarely see any real need to use them. this is my latest colonly which i kept small, 10 dupes in base, 2 running space missions. used 1 mod to increase speed. what changes would you make to my base to improve, or just what is your preference to build that you think works better? The Ultra League.sav
  4. it seem to affect the duration of buff rather then speed, same with husbandry for taking care of critters.
  5. 0 health dancing dupe

    removing the ladder, eventually got the dupe unstuck.
  6. had a dupe scalding, gave them a triage cot. as they were running away trough a door they got 0% health, once on other side they were stuck in a "dance". reloading didn't seem to fix the problem. The Ultra League.sav
  7. No oil on map.

    not the oil, it replaces magma at the very bottom, you still have oil above it.
  8. When selecting Stinky, it told me that since he has an intrest in digging, he should get +3 digging, but as you can see in his skill points he did not, instead he got +3 into science despite nothing to indicate he should get +3 into science.
  9. I feel that the rocket travel time is just too much, by the point i get rockets, around 200-300 cycles, i tend to have most systems i need for my base planned and in the works, so once i start to get my first space materials i'm around 300-400 cycles in. if i'm to send a rocket to 150 km away, it takes 40.9 cycles, so i need to wait 10% of my total play time in that colony. i think that a reduction on the added travel time for each 10km, should be reduced, so 3 day for the first 10km, but like +2.8 days for next 10 km, then a further 2.6 days for the next 10 km, so a total of 8.4 days for the 30km, so a 100km goal would take 21 days instead of 30 days, i feel it would be fine, especially as the plantets futher away already have increased cost to travel to and its not always that necessary to travel to them. or have different travel time for different rockets, after all i feel that a hydrogen rocket would be able to push higher travel speeds then a petroleum rocket.
  10. i have had pips get acorns from trees, but i found it to be rather rare. i'm not certain what the exact requirement is to get the pip to get acorns from the trees. i have had several 100 cycles go without any additional acorns.
  11. my setup is really simple but requires more miners: the miners is spaced so they will clear the regolith that is formed on top of a miners base. by placing them high up, i will never have a moment where they get drowned in regolith either.
  12. Locavore/Carnivore

    i tired to do it on my last map too, but failed. i think the main focus would be to gather other sources of food from around the map while setting up ranches. use pips to plant wild growth of plants. but even so, i think its more or less necessary to make to make mush bars at some point when not running any farms as ranches takes a bit of time to get up to speed to produce meat.
  13. i had missed that one, i think its fairly spot on, on the difficulty of each world. is there any list of what exactly each type of add on does? frozen core, misplaced pod etc? and what happens if you have 2 conflicting add ons, such as mineral rich and mineral poor.
  14. well, having your base near drowning i guess is the biggest risk on this world. lucky i did spot it on time. and i guess an inexperienced player might accidentally flood their base ruining it completely.
  15. whats everyones take on Oceania? i find it rather easy, not the "slim" ingame chances would rate it. you have access to slime, ice and jungle(?) biomes, with the easy standard starting biome (dont recall name) you have TONS of salt water available at a nice and relatively cool 30 degrees, only needs a bit of work and extra energy to get clean water usable for most plants or other stuff. with how the basins are formed, you usually can easy keep them to farm a lot of lettuce too by letting a skim of water sit on top as you drain the basins. i think if Oceania would be a challenge, the salt water biomes (name?) should be some 50 degrees, so if you want to use it for something, you need to cool the water.