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  1. before the last upgrade my biggest colony was 90 dupes, i wanted to see how big a colony i could make and have it survive. mostly survived on frost buns, had a lot of steam geysers to get water for O2. if they congregated in some area, the O2 would become depleted FAST
  2. umm.... "Go for the eyes Boo!"
  3. Decor as it works now is rather weird imo, you can just spam painting and statues. i would suggest to make lightning of areas to be more critical in decor value, so that art is best appreciated in good lightning. I would almost suggest to change Decor to comfort, it would fit current decor system too, lots of rubble on floor would make you uncomfortable, well decorated surroundings would make you feel more comfortable, good lightning would do the same, better and more hygienic waste disposals would be more comfortable, better food etc etc and i think a comfort system would be easier to understand then the current decor system which is all to easy just to spam paintings. maybe have it so that working outside in bad areas don't immediately lower comfort, but slowly erode it depending on type of work and being in good surroundings increases it over time, it would make relaxation areas and maybe social areas for dupes usefull.
  4. i think the problem has something to do with accelerated time. if i change to normal speed, it seems to reduce as it should, but not at accelerated. it ticks faster with accelerated speed, but the actual change rate in real time is the same, regardless if i do accelerated game speed or normal speed.
  5. i think there must be something wrong with germ half lives. in very cold temperature, all germs have 100% dead per cycle. but in PO2, it says 300% growth, i think the 100% dead should still kill of germs in PO2, but it don't, it stays fairly stable even at -180 degrees or less. only once it becomes liquid O2 does it start to die of. the tool tip states a half life of 11s, but they ain't decreasing. check my hydrogen bubler setup where the germs wont die until they enter liquid state. Galactic Dwelling.sav
  6. i have observed that too, i have actually had entire colony die while i was afk due to this problem.
  7. it happend again later, here is the save from that. its far down by the gas geyser. now at 1 billion germs Water bug.sav
  8. i'm sorry, i didn't keep that save, it was an auto save and i progressed in the game.
  9. i had a small area with falling water like show in picture. this caused germs to increase at an extreme rate. its like the germs from the falling water was added to the lower, without being removed from the layer above, i ended up with like 500 million germs in the water, from some 400k germs at start. also, i did notice a heavy performance hit on my game as this occurred, the hit to game performance persisted after i fixed the waterfall. this seems to tie in with problem i seen a lot before, where carbon dioxide is not displaced by heavier water. sometimes i even had a constant flow of water on tiles, interrupted by carbon dioxide which has lead to flooding. (this last was observed in AU, not seen yet in OU)
  10. With this update, it seems the amount of geysers are limited to 2 water, 2 natural gas and 1 clorine. i would suggest that you add a custom game option where you can select how many geysers you want. also, i would suggest you add a proximity option, so that you are guaranteed to get a geyser close to you for an easier experience, or they will spawn far away for a harder experience. the idea is that if you have like a water or gas geyser close to your base, it makes it easier to start up your colony and expand/explore as you can easier automate your base if you have access to geysers. no geysers would make it harder as you need to micromanage more. edit: on another note, should not "bad food" stress factor stay the entire cycle? its silly you can feed your dupes with bad food but it only adds stress for like 10 sec after eating it. i think the worse food they get, the stronger stress factor it should be, like 5% stress if its 1 worse then they want, 10 if its 2, 15% if its 3 below. now its too easy to just feed your dupes meal lice the entire game, to save on other resources.
  11. just 5 geyers... that will make it difficult to make larger bases, as i usually rely on water to make Oxygen. and with slime beeing used as fertilizer i don't want to sacrifice too much of that for alge making either. seems it will be a real challenge to build a large sustainable base now. my 90+ dupe colony i guess i wont replicate now.
  12. Game performance

    my personal experience so far is that the upgrade runs smoother, but there seem to be a big problem with memory leak or something, cause it slows down a lot over time for me, more then previous version.
  13. i found that using doors to stop access to areas works well, if i know i have lots of germs in some areas i want worked, just send healthy dupes there. rest i barr access to, its available on all doors now, just not mechanical. it don't remove it, but it helps to stop them from becoming sick from more germs.
  14. i reached some 430 tons of water in 1 spot, before this happen. fun stuff oh and that clean water on the right of the geyser in the first post... its gone, dunno where it went.
  15. so, i was looking at my water and started to feel it was it was too little compared to how big it had used to be, then i noticed this oh, and the square just above the water had 7000 KG of polluted air.