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[Game Update] - Winter's Feast (BETA 199914)

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Welcome to the Winter's Feast Beta update!
This is a sneak preview of the upcoming special event content before the full update and key features are announced and released to the Live branch.  Stay tuned for more information next week, and a special thanks to everyone participating in the Beta branch testing and bug reporting!


Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where incorrect stack sizes are sometimes shown on the loot from killing stacks of Butterflies or Bees.


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Klaus (Base / Walk / Laugh / Chomp / Claw)


klaus.gif klaus_walk.gif klaus_laugh.gifklaus_attack.gif klaus_attack2.gif

Loot Stash (Base / Open)


klausbag.gif klausbag_open.gif

No-Eyed Deer (Fire / Ice)


deer_idle.gif.c90985ea4f477da2b26d7765ec  deer_bluegem.thumb.gif.86aee3eae6ac6d822

Deer Antler


deer_antler1.png deer_antler2.png deer_antler3.png deer_antler4.png

Festive Tree Planter



Winter's Feast Tree (Base / Grow)


wintertree.gif wintertree_grow3.gif

Gift (Wrap / Small x2 / Medium x2 / Large x2)


giftwrap.png gift_small1.png gift_small2.png gift_medium1.png gift_medium2.png gift_large1.png gift_large2.png

Winter Food (Gingerbread Cookie / Sugar Cookie / Candy Cane / Eternal Fruitcake)


winter_food1.png winter_food2.png winter_food3.png winter_food4.png

Festive Bauble


winter_ornament_plain1.png winter_ornament_plain2.png winter_ornament_plain3.png winter_ornament_plain4.png winter_ornament_plain5.png winter_ornament_plain6.png winter_ornament_plain7.png winter_ornament_plain8.png

Festive Light


winter_ornament_light1.png winter_ornament_light2.png winter_ornament_light3.png winter_ornament_light4.png winter_ornament_fancy1.png winter_ornament_fancy2.png winter_ornament_fancy3.png winter_ornament_fancy4.png





2 hours ago, minespatch said:
17 hours ago, Instant-Noodles said:

Klaus (Base / Walk / Laugh)

These links seem to be broken, Noodle.

Hrmm... not sure why those 3 broke; I'll re-upload them.  While I'm at it, here are a few more animations of Klaus in its Winter form:

Klaus (Command / Taunt / Pose / Sleep / Taunt)


klaus_command.gif klaus_taunt.gif klaus_transform.gif klaus_sleep.gif klaus_taunt2.gif


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My post just randomly had all the images Noodles just had. So repost:


Once a Klaus Sack is in the world you may use a deer antler key on it. Unforunately, these are not the correct key. Klaus has the correct key, and he spawns flanked with his two deer upon attempting to open his bag.

The bag itself seems to spawn on a timer? I can't say for sure, I need sleep.


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