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  1. When I saw the resurrection stones being mentioned I had hoped volcano eruptions now finally stop when you resurrect.
  2. No I'll fully admit seeing this update after the while we've waited was a dissapointment. But ANR was recently finished, and there's, legally, no real rule that means they have to tell us what they're working on now. Besides, other Klei games, etc. etc. The commuity isn't at a situation it needs to know the future, it's just that it would be nicer to know it, but the community's doing pretty well even without anything like that.
  4. Now make the Forager refulable. please, its been years.
  5. Oh noooooo the agony of putting things into a chest(Yes they're not mentioned anywhere in game, but this thread exists and the way I know the DS community, everyone and their mom dug into the files and put it on the wiki or smth) returns! As for Edgy Toad, just look at my point to Sinister_Fang. It's not pathetic as much as it's just not worth it if you've finished the Toad grind. It cuts the grind by a lot, and from what I've heard it's not actually as bad as it looks at first. Napsack still needs a buff though.
  6. I'm not opposed to more variety or more shroomskin uses(God knows we needed more), and Shroom Skin farming will probably be a thing someone finds out at some point(Still would require actually fighting Toad though). The napsacks do need to be buffed though to be more viable. That, and the Deerclops statue costing a Deerclops Eyeball are the only issues in the update, and honestly pretty important for these 2 items.
  7. Actually I found it as we discussed it together. I love how obvious it is once you learn what his real name is
  8. It's a secret thing but not too weird that you'll never thik of it. Most of the drops arent really all too useful anyway to just make a few off, or can be farmed enough to make up for that, but Clops' is too useful and can't be farmed.
  9. Sketch already wrote it actually. But good luck.
  10. On a less bright note, let's go over to the one issue I see in this update. While an odd choice imo, the Giant Statues requiring their drops mostly isn't really harmful...Except for Deerclops. No one's gonna sacrifice an item you get 1 of per year, which you'll waste on Eyebrellas and or Houndius Shootius, for a statue that you'd idealy place in multiple spots.
  11. And I really love this: Actually lovely update in every way
  12. So uh, I like what's going on with Toadstool. And I especially like the clever way it's implemented. You'll see what.
  13. A man can dream...meanwhile a smallbird sheds a tear. Warg character or riot. Only way I can live out my majestic fursona.
  14. I have to agree. It's also nice seeing you get more constructive, as opposed to how you were a while ago.
  15. I like the trailer, but it does have its flaws as pointed out. If I stop to look at Willow it bothers me more than in the actual animation, same for Woodie, but the Charlie redesign is really what bothers me most.
  16. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YES I'll finish the update log tomorrow. Anyone who wants to fully update themselves on the new ANR content, wait 'till tomorrow here. On another note...puzzle?
  17. Probably too late but happy birthday! Also seeing Bee Queen mentioned gave me hopes she finally got nerfed. Alas that doesn't seem to be the case.
  18. Fire Farming monkey huts works less well iirc. Also i don't think it's sad the game isn't difficult. It relies on practice and knowledge, that's how it does its difficulty. You learn the rules it sets and if you ever disobey them you're likely gonna die. A good game isn't good because its hard. It's good because you'd play through it even if it's "too" hard. And that's essentially what we all did when we started out.
  19. Most of the game isn't difficult. It's noob traps, practice, and things that are tedious to pull off. "Fire Farms" in DST fall into the third category, just like they did in DS.