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  1. [Game Update] - 238439

    When I saw the resurrection stones being mentioned I had hoped volcano eruptions now finally stop when you resurrect.
  2. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    If I can get the merged visuals for all of them, by all means, but as it is I don't. Overlaying a still frame like the Mushroom Planters is one thing, but for a full animation(And a lot of them, that is) I'm not sure.
  3. Ever since Mathem's A New Reign update log has been removed, @Hobgoblino and myself have thought about opening a thread containing everything added in the A New Reign DLC in its current up to date state. Huge thanks to @Instant-Noodles for providing me with so many gifs! Crafted Items & Structures Cratered Moonrock - Alchemy Engine tier, 3 Moonrocks - Can be socketed with gems to make a Moonlens. Moonlens - Used to mark a spot on the minimap. Can be seen by anyone, even if the map isn’t explored. Ocuvigil - Prestihatitator tier, 1 Purple Moonlens, 1 Compass and 2 Boards - Reveals an area around itself on the minimap. Moondial - Prestihatitator tier, 1 Blue Moonlens, 2 Moonrocks and 2 Ice - Reflects the moon phase on the water surface at any time of the day. If empty it means it’s a new moon. Will always be empty in caves. Emits light based on the moon phase: No light for new moon, waxing crescent or waning crescent, a bit of light for first or third quarter, decent light for waxing gibbous or waning gibbous and a lot of (pointless) light for full moon. Feather Pencil - Science Machine tier, 1 Twig, 1 Charcoal and 1 Jet Feather - Used to craft a Map Scroll or to draw on a Mini Sign. Mini Signs - Science Machine tier, 1 Board gives 4 Mini Signs - Dropping an item near it and drawing on it with a Feather Pencil puts the item's icon on the sign. Can be dug up with a Shovel. Cartographer's Desk - Science Machine tier, 1 Compass and 4 Boards - Makes you able to craft a Map Scroll when near it. Map Scrolls - Cartographer’s Desk tier, 1 Feather Pencil and 1 Papyrus - Changes if you're in the Caves or in the Overworld. When crafted contains the map that the player crafting it has revealed. Reading it discovers said parts of the map for whoever reads it. Potter's Wheel - Science Machine tier, 2 Cut Stones, 2 Boards and 4 Twigs - Allows access to the Sculpture tab. Can craft 8 different Figures. 2 of them are already unlocked, 6 of them require the respective sketch from Marble Sculptures. The color of the Figure is based on the material placed on the Potter’s Wheel, black for Cut Stone and white for Marble. Figures - Potter’s Wheel tier, 2 Rocks and 1 Cut Stone/1 Marble - They can only be carried on the chest slot with an empty hand slot. When carried the player will be slowed significantly, but this effect is negated if the player is riding a Beefalo. Can be hammered to obtain the Cut Stone or Marble used. If a Knight, Bishop or Rook figure is hammered during the night of a new moon, it will spawn the respective level 1 Shadow Piece. The figures of Bearger, Dragonfly, Deerclops and G/Goose all require some of their drops(1 Eyeball for a Deerclops, 1 Thick Fur for a Bearger, 5 Down Feathers for a Goose, 1 Scales for a Dragonfly) in addition to the normal recipe for Chess Figures. Additionally, all of them have a hitbox, meaning they an be used as walls of sorts. Wood Fences - Science Machine tier, 3 Twigs and 1 Rope gives 6 Wood Fences - They act as walls, but instead of having health they are destroyed after 3 attacks and/or 3 hammer hits. Fences try to connect to adjacent fences, and rotate by a 45 degree angle every time. This allows for more practical placement. Wood Gate - Alchemy Engine tier, 2 Boards and 1 Rope - Acts as a wall but can be opened and closed to go through it. Instead of having health it’s destroyed after 3 attacks and/or 3 hammer hits. Beeswax - Science Machine tier, 1 Honeycomb - Disappears if dropped close to a heat source or on the ground during summer. Wax Paper - Science Machine tier, 1 Beeswax and 1 Papyrus. Bundled Supplies/Bundling Wrap - Rare Blueprint(From Bee Queen) tier, 1 Wax Paper and 1 Rope - Can be used to store up to 4 stacks of items. Items inside never spoil. When opened the item will be consumed and all the items stored will drop on the ground together with a Wax Paper. Marble Bean - Alchemy Engine tier, 1 Marble - Can be planted to grow a Marble Shrub. Marble Shrub - Grows from a planted Marble Bean - Has 3 different functionally identical possible shapes and 3 stages of growth. Changes stage every 9-10 days (grows from small to medium to big and back to small). Can be mined to obtain Marble and/or Marble Beans. Small: 6 pickaxe hits, drops 1 Marble. Medium: 8 pickaxe hits, drops 1 Marble and 75% chance for a Marble Bean. Big: 10 pickaxe hits, drops 1 Marble and 50% chance for 1 Marble, otherwise a Marble Bean. End Table - Rare Blueprint tier (Stagehand), 2 Marbles, 2 Boards and 2 Carpeted Floorings - Can be decorated with Petals, Light Bulbs or any Glowberry. The plant will wilt after about 2 days. If Petals are used when the plant is wilted or the vase is empty, the player will gain 5 sanity. If Light Bulbs or Glowberries are used the End Table will emit light. Friendly Scarecrow - Science Machine tier, 1 Pumpkin, 6 Grass and 3 Boards - Replaces other birds with Canaries in a 12 unit radius. Can be dressed up with skins. It's faces change whenever it is built, when it's full moon, or when it's being hammered. Electric Dart - Science Machine tier, 2 Reeds, 1 Gold and 1 Saffron Feather - Deals 60 base damage. Has a 1.5x multiplier against anything but WX-78 raising the damage to 90. The multiplier can also go up to 2.5x based on the wetness of the target, up to 150 damage. Volt Goats are charged when hit. Scaled Furnace - Rare Blueprint tier (Dragonfly), 1 Scale, 10 Charcoal and 2 Red Gems - Emits heat and a small infinite light. Mushroom Planter - Science Machine tier, 8 Rot, 5 Manure and 2 Living Logs - Used to grow Mushrooms. If a Mushroom is planted, it will grow an additional Mushroom every 7.5 minutes, up to 4 Mushrooms. If a Spore is planted, it will grow an additional Mushroom every 5 minutes, up to 6 Mushrooms. When a Spore was used and the Mushroom Planter reaches the maximum amount, there’s a 50% chance it will release a Spore. The planter needs to be fertilized with a Living Log every 4 harvests. Mushlight - Rare Blueprint tier (Toadstool), 1 Shroom Skin and 1 Bucket-o-Poop - Has 4 slots. Emits light when Light Bulbs, Lesser Glowberries or Glowberries are placed inside of it. The light radius is bigger the more items it contains, up to 4. Makes items inside of it last twice as long. Glowcap - Rare Blueprint tier (Toadstool), 1 Shroom Skin, 1 Bucket-o-Poop and 1 Board - Works exactly like a Mushlight, but can also store Spores, changing the color of the light. Funcaps - Rare Blueprint tier (Toadstool), 6 Caps of the respective color - When equipped it will grant 20% wetness protection, reduce hunger rate by 25% and spawn a Spore of the respective color every minute or so. Spoils in 6 days. Napsack - Rare Blueprint tier (Misery Toadstool), 1 Shroom Skin and 1 Volatile Canary - Gives the player 4 Napsacks upon crafting. The Napsack can be thrown, to create a cloud of gas which puts anythin that comes in contact with it to sleep for about 20 seconds. Does not affect Players outside of PVP. Additionally, due to giving the player 4 Napsacks per crafting, Shroom Skin can be multiplied by deconstructing and re-crafting this item. Critters - Rock Den tier - Vargling: 4 Hound’s Teeth, 1 Monster Lasagna Kittykit: 1 Cat Tail, 1 Fishsticks Ewelet: 1 Steel Wool, 1 Guacamole Broodling: 1 Chilled Lavae, 1 Spicy Chili Glomglom: 1 Glommer’s Goop, 1 Taffy Giblet: 1 Feather Hat, 1 Trail Mix - Critters can be adopted using the correct “crafting recipe” close to a Rock Den. Players can only own 1 Critter at a time. Critters can be abandoned when right-clicked close to a Rock Den. Critters follow the player, occasionally asking for food. They can’t die and have no functional use. There exists a trait system for them but it has no practical usage and is honestly too lengthy for its worth. The Lazy Deserter - Rare Blueprint tier (Antlion), 1 Desert Stone, 1 Orange Moonlens and 3 Cut Stones - One player can channel the Lazy Deserter for an initial cost of 15 sanity, then 50 sanity/min. When channeling, every other Lazy Deserter or Desert Stones will activate and other players can use them to teleport to the channeling player at the cost of 50 sanity. This method of teleportation works in the Caves but not between the Caves and the surface (and vice versa). Fashion Goggles - Rare Blueprint tier (Crumpled Package), 1 Pig Skin and 1 Gold Nugget - When equipped they will provide 3.3 sanity/min. Lasts 10 days, can be fixed with a Sewing Kit. Desert Goggles - Rare Blueprint tier (Crumpled Package), 1 Fashion Goggles and 1 Pig Skin - When equipped they will provide 3.3 sanity/min, 20% wetness protection and immunity to the sandstorm reduced visibility and slowness. Lasts 10 days, can be fixed with a Sewing Kit. Potted Succulent - Rare Blueprint tier (Crumpled Package), 5 Succulent and 1 Cut Stone - Decorative structure, similar to the Potted Fern. Has 5 forms, 1 for each Succulent type, all of them are purely decorative. Replica Relics - Rare Blueprint tier (Ancient Chest), each has different requirements: 4 Cut Stone for a Replica Table, 3 for a replica Chair, 2 for a Replica Vase and a Replica Bowl, and 1 Cut Stone for a Replica Dish and Replica Plate. In order to obtain their blueprints, different combinations of items must be input into the Ancient Chest: All of them require Cut Stone, Nightmare Fuel and a Thulecite Medallion. The Table, Chair and Bowl require Rabbits as a part of their "recipes", all of them except for the Table require Petals, the Chair and the Table require Purple Gems, the Plate and Dish require Berries, the Chair, Table and Bowl all require Rabbits, and the Bowl, Dish and Plate all require Carrots. The only items which are not present in more than 1 recipe are: a Crow for the Table, and a Butterfly and a Red Gem for the Vase. Other Items Sketch - Obtained after mining the respective Marble Sculpture (or Maxwell’s Statue). Pawn, Kingly and Queenly Sketches can be obtained rarely from Tumbleweeds after the respective Marble Sculpture is mined. Knight, Bishop and Rook Sketches can be obtained after trading the respective chess trinket to Pig King, which is obtained rarely from Tumbleweeds after mining the respective statue. Additionally, killing Bearger, Deerclops, G/M/oose, and Dragonfly also drops a sketch for their respective statues. - Can be used on a Potter’s Wheel to unlock the respective statue. Shadow Atrium - Dropped from any level 3 Shadow Piece - Can be used to revive a completed Odd Skeleton(only the right model, at any of these locations) in: The Overworld at Night, summoning a Forest Stalker, at the Caves, summoning a Stalker, or at the Atrium in the Ancient Gateway's area, once the Ancient Key has been socketed in it. Suspicious Moonrock - Spawns from the Moon Base - Can be mined for 1-2 Moon Rocks. Will spawn a Werepig or Hound during the Moon Stone event, unless the monster looks like it’s dying. In that case, it will drop its respective drops and sometimes a Moon Rock. Moon Caller's Staff - Obtained by putting a Star Caller's Staff inside the Moon Stone and successfully beating the event - Spawns a Polar Light which functions as a cold version of the Star Caller's Staff, but lasts 2 days. Has 50 uses. Iridiscent Gem - Obtained by using the Deconstruction Staff on the Moon Caller's Staff - Has no use. Fossil Fragments - 10% drop from a Stalagmite when mined, 150%(guaranteed drop for 1 fossil, 50% for an additional one) drop from a Spillagmite when mined - Can be planted, then repaired up to 8 times. Can be hammered to get back all of the Fossil Fragments used. When repaired it has a chance to be built correctly as a horned creature or incorrectly as a creature with horns as teeth and as a creature with the horns placed incorrectly. The chance for a correct build is 60%, the chance for any of the incorrect ones is 20%. Reanimating an Odd Skeleton costs 40 sanity. Saffron Feather - Dropped from Canaries. Shroom Skin - Dropped from Toadstool whenever he reaches an HP threshold, and on death - Used in Toadstool's Rare Blueprints(Mushlights and Glowcaps). Rare Blueprint - Dropped from Toadstool, Klaus, Bee Queen, Dragonfly, Crumpled Packages, Stagehand, Ancient Chest(Once properly appeased) and Antlion - Acts as a blueprint, for recipes which cannot be accessed otherwise in any way. Royal Jelly - Dropped from the Bee Queen - Gives 40 health, 12.5 hunger and 15 sanity if eaten. Spoils in 10 days. Jellybeans - Crock pot recipe, 1 Royal Jelly and 3 Fillers (no twigs or monster food) - Gives 2 health and 5 sanity if eaten, then 2 health every 2 seconds for 2 minutes. If another one is eaten, the duration or effect doesn’t stack, it only resets the duration to 2 minutes. Bee Queen Crown - Dropped from the Bee Queen - Has 1350 HP and 70% damage protection. Negates sanity auras from monsters, structures and plants and makes you gain half of that. It will also cause players around you which aren't performing any action to bow to you. Chilled Lavae - Obtained when killing an Extra Adorable Lavae by freezing. Deer Antler - Drops from a No-Eyed Deer with an antler when it runs into a tree - Used to spawn Klaus from a Loot Sack. Stag Antler - Dropped from Klaus - Used to open the Loot Sack. Succulent - Obtained by picking up Succulents - Heals for 1 HP when eaten and can be used as fuel for fires. Used to craft the Potted Succulent. Spoils in 6 days. Crumpled Package - Obtained by fishing in the oasis Lake - Can be opened, consuming the item. Opening will drop one of these items: 1.31% Potato Cup, 1.31% Beach Toy (higher chance if the players knows the Desert Goggles recipe), 4.63% Random basic Blueprint, 13.25% Melty Marbles, 13.25% Hardened Rubber Bung, 13.25% Gord’s Knot, 13.25% Mismatched Buttons, 13.25% Fashion Goggles Blueprint (lower chance if the players knows this recipe already), 13.25% Desert Goggles Blueprint (lower chance if the players knows this recipe already), 13.25% Potted Succulent Blueprint (lower chance if the players knows this recipe already). Beach Toy - Obtained by opening a Crumpled Package - It’s a trinket. Can be traded to the Pig King for 1 Gold Nugget or to the Antlion for 1 The Lazy Deserter Blueprint. Boulder - Falls from the ceiling during a cave-in - Can be carried just like a Figure or it can be mined for 2 Rocks with a 40% chance for a bonus Rock and 10% for a Flint. Glass Spike and Glass Castle - Obtained when igniting a Sand Spike or a Sand Castle - Can be carried just like a Figure or it can be hammered for no resources. Desert Stone - Obtained by giving the Antlion a trinket(Except for the Beach Toy) or by killing it - Stacks up to 10, allows a one time teleportation to another player who is channeling The Lazy Deserter by right clicking on it once the Deserter is channelled through. Ancient Key - Dropped by the Ancient Guardian - Used to activate the Ancient Gateway. It will be consumed if the Ancient Fuelweaver is killed. It’s an unique item, which means disconnecting players holding it will drop it. It can however be eaten by a lureplant. Shadow Thurible - Dropped by the Ancient Fuelweaver - Can be held like a lantern, but gives no light. Attracts nearby Reanimated Skeletons and makes the cave one neutral to the player when held. Lasts 9 days, can be refueled with Nightmare Fuel for 33% of its durability. Bone Armor - Dropped by the Ancient Fuelweaver - When equipped, it will block 1 instance of damage every 5 seconds, otherwise won’t block damage. Has 16 hp, loses 1 hp whenever you are hit. Any head armor you’re wearing won’t lose durability when the shield procs. Can be refueled with Nightmare Fuel for 25% of its durability. Bone Helm - Dropped by the Ancient Fuelweaver - When equipped, drops the user's sanity to 0, but in addition, turns all Shadow Creatures(Does not apply to the Shadow Pieces) neutral. Attacking 1 of them would also only aggro that shadow instead of all of them, and its aggro would only last for 2 minutes. However, the pacifying effect only applies to whoever wears the helmet, so other players can be chased by these nightmares. Additionally it has 20% water resistance, 70% of damage taken while wearing it is blocked, and it has 945 HP. World Generation Suspicious Marbles - Found randomly in the world - They can only be carried on the chest slot with an empty hand slot. When carried the player will be slowed significantly, but this effect is negated if the player is riding a Beefalo. Can be connected to the respective mined Marble Sculpture. Marble Sculptures - Spawns randomly on the Surface - Mining the pawn or muse Marble Sculpture will destroy the statue, dropping some Marble and the respective Sketch. Mining the Knight, Bishop or Rook sculpture will drop some Marble but won’t destroy the sculpture, instead it will not be possible to repair it with the respective Suspicious Marble. After repairing it, it can be mined and destroyed only during the night of a full moon or a new moon. If mined during a full moon, the respective Clockwork will spawn but if mined during a new moon the respective level 1 Shadow Piece will spawn instead. The Marble Sculpture will drop the respective Sketch in both cases. Moon Stone - Spawns on a Grass Turf patch in a Forest Biome - Can be repaired with Moon Rocks or Cratered Moonrock. If fully repaired, any staff can be put in the Moon Stone, but most will have no effect. If a Moon Caller’s Staff is placed, a Polar Star will appear on the Moon Stone as long as the staff is inside. If a Star Caller’s Staff is placed during the night of a full moon, the Moon Stone will start to charge, attempting to revive any Suspicious Moonrock around it and spawning Werepigs and Hounds (if there’s less than 6 Werepigs or Hounds around it). Any Werepig or Hound around the Moon Stone will try to attack it. After being attacked too many times, the Moon Stone will break, dropping the staff and some Moon Rocks. If the Moon Stone is protected for long enough, the Star Caller’s Staff will turn into a Moon Caller’s Staff. Werepigs and Hounds around the Moon Stone will turn into a Suspicious Moonrock whenever the event ends, which can be if the event is successful, the Moon Stone is destroyed, the Star Caller’s Staff is manually removed from the Moon Stone or the night ends. Hole/Toadstool - 3 Holes will spawn randomly in the Caves - Out of the 3 Holes, only one will contain a Toadstool. When a Toadstool is chopped 3 times, Toadstool (the giant) will spawn. If the fight fails, Toadstool will burrow underground and a new Toadstool (the mushroom) will appear in the same Hole. If the fight succeeds, a new Toadstool will spawn in a random Hole after 20 days. If a Volatile Canary is dropped near it and explodes, transforms into a Misery Toadstool, which when chopped will spawn a harder version of Toadstool with different drops. If left alone for a day, transforms back into a normal Toadstool. Gigantic Beehive - Spawns in a Beehive Biome, sometimes with a few Killer Bee Hives nearby - Every 5 segments of the day, the honey stream on the Hive will grow, showing it can be hammered for Honey and rarely Honeycombs, again. If hammered enough times, Bee Queen will spawn. If the fight fails, Bee Queen will fly away and the Gigantic Beehive will quickly regenerate. If the fight succeeds, the Gigantic Beehive will take 20 days to regenerate. Rock Den - Spawns in the Mosaic Biome - Grants access to the Critters tab. 6 different pets can be adopted. Loot Stash - Spawns in a Deciduous or Mosaic Biome during Winter - If a Deer Antler is used on the Loot Stash, Klaus and 2 gemmed No-Eyed Deers will spawn and the antler will break, dropping 1 Bone Shards. If a Stag Antler is used instead, the Loot Stash will open, dropping 4 Bundled Supplies. The bundles will contain: Gift #1: 1 Life Giving Amulet, 1 Gold Nugget, 1-2 Charcoal Gift #2: 50% chance 1 Life Giving Amulet, 1 Gold Nugget, 1-3 Charcoal Gift #3: 10% Krampus Sack, 1 Gold Nugget, 1-3 Charcoal Gift #4: 1 random item between Deerclops Eyeball, Scales, Bee Queen Crown, Shroom Skin and Mandrake, 2 random different items between Thick Fur, Royal Jelly, Down Feather, Lavae Egg, Spiderhat, Steel Wool and Desert Stone and 50% chance for 1 random Rare Blueprint of Scaled Furnace, Red Funcap, Green Funcap, Blue Funcap, Mushlight, Glowcap, The Lazy Deserter or Bundling Wrap. Lake - Found in the Oasis Desert - The Lake will be dry unless a sandstorm is happening. When the Lake fills with water for the first time in the current game year, it will attempt to spawn up to 18 Succulent plants around itself and up to 3 Fireflies on top of itself. Players can fish in the Lake for a 60% chance to get a Crumpled Package or 40% chance for a Fish. Ancient Beacon - Found in the Atrium - Will give a decent amount of light if the Atrium Gate is currently active. Ancient Mural - Found in the Atrium - Gives information about the “Ancients” when examined. Ancient Statue - Found in the Atrium - No use. Ancient Obelisk - Found in the Atrium, replacing Nightmare Lights - No use, yet still has an insanity aura. Atrium Gate - Found in the Atrium - When given the Ancient Key, the Atrium Gate will activate, lighting up all Ancient Beacons. The Atrium Gate needs to be active to correctly spawn the Ancient Fuelweaver. When the boss is defeated, the Atrium Gate will start to destabilize, consuming the Ancient Key and killing all nearby Shadow Creatures. After 4 minutes, the gate will respawn Damaged Clockworks, Splumonkey Pods, Slurpers, Depth Worms, Ancient Statues, Broken Clockworks, Ancient Pseudoscience Stations in their respective places in the Ruins, add new items to Ornate Chests and Cave Holes and replace the Large Ornate Chest with an Ancient Guardian. The gate will have a recharge time of 20 days before being able to instert another Ancient Key. Cave Hole - Spawns in the Ruins - Cave Holes will have an item in the center, unreachable unless The Lazy Forager is used. Items will respawn when the Ruins are reset. Possible items are: 2.9% 1 Thulecite Medallion, 2.9% 1 Green Gem, 11.8% 1 Yellow Gem, 11.8% 1 Orange Gem, 11.8% 1 Purple Gem, 29.4% 1-3 Thulecite, 29.4% 4-7 Thulecite Fragments. Ancient Chest - Spawns in the Ruins, near an Ancient Psuedoscience Station. Has 6 slots for items to be put into, and once it is closed, it will rumble for about 5 seconds, and then either spit the items out or consume them and pay out with the reward skins for the Metheus puzzles(1 set of items you must discover via the puzzle), or blueprints for replicas of the Ruins Relics(Each has a specific set of items needed in order to obtain its blueprint). Ancient Fence - Found in the Atrium - Lower once a player approaches them, block other creatures while not lowered. New Biomes: Oasis Desert - New biome - Replaces the old Oasis Desert (the one with frog Ponds and Catcoon Dens), but this one always spawns in the world. Compared to the Dragonfly Desert, this one doesn’t have Tumbleweeds, Spiky Trees, Hound Mounds, Dragonfly and Rabbits, but has the oasis Lake, Volt Goats, different looking Cactus (functionally the same) and during summer the Antlion and the sandstorm. As a note, setpieces may spawn on the lake. These can reak the rule of what doesn't spawn in the Oasis Desert, such as spawing a Houndfort. The sandstorm prevents summer wildfires but it slows players and reduces their vision unless they wear Desert Goggles. The sandstorm only happens if it’s not raining and the world wetness is 0 (the world becomes wet during the rain and loses wetness when it’s not raining). Atrium - New biome - Found close to the ruins, but not directly connected. The only way to reach this biome is to teleport with The Lazy Explorer or find the Big Tentacle connected to the one at the start of the Atrium. This biome looks like a maze, with many paths leading to nowhere. Very often Obelisks will block the way, requiring all nearby players to be sane or insane, depending on the Obelisk. Ancient Beacons, Ancient Fences, Ancient Murals, Ancient Statues and Dangling Depth Dweller webs are very common in the Atrium. Ancient Obelisks, Ornate Chests, Relics, Broken Relics, Cave Holes and Damaged Clockworks can also be found here. Following the correct path, the Atrium Gate can be found. Mobs/Bosses Stagehand - Spawns randomly in the world in its own setpiece - Follows light sources at night. Can’t be burned or destroyed. If hammered 86 times, it will drop an End Table Blueprint. Canary - 25 HP - Replaces other birds around Friendly Scarecrows - Drops a Morsel (95% chance) or a Saffron Feather (5%) when killed. Becomes a Poisoned Canary if left in a Birdcage in the Caves for a few days if a Toadstool is present in the world. Drops 1 Rot when killed. If left on the ground in Caves, it will explode and drop 1-2 Saffron Feathers. If left on the ground on the Surface, it will become a normal Canary and drop 5-6 Saffron Feathers. No-Eyed Deers - 700 HP - A herd spawns in a Decidous or Mosaic Biome during Autumn - Drops 1-2 Meat. Grows an antler during Winter. Drops a Deer Antler when it runs into a tree. Despawns sometime during Winter if there’s no structures nearby. If killed while having an Antler, drops 1-2 Bone Shards alongside the meat. Shadow Pieces - Shadow Knight: Level 1: 900 HP and 40 Damage Level 2: 2700 HP and 90 Damage Level 3: 8100 HP and 150 Damage Shadow Bishop: Level 1: 800 HP and 20 Damage Level 2: 2500 HP and 35 Damage Level 3: 7500 HP and 60 Damage Shadow Rook: Level 1: 1000 HP and 45 Damage Level 2: 4000 HP and 100 Damage Level 3: 10000 HP and 165 Damage Spawn from Knight, Bishop or Rook Figures when hammered on a new moon night, or from their respective reconstructed statues if mined on a new moon. Level 1 drops: 1-2 Nightmare Fuel Level 2 drops: 2-4 Nightmare Fuel Level 3 drops: 4 Nightmare Fuel, 1 Dark Sword, 1 Night Armor, 1 Shadow Atrium Shadow pieces attack nearby players and break any Knight, Bishop or Rook Figure, spawning the respective shadow from it. When a different shadow type of the same level which hasn’t been used already to level up dies close to a shadow, that shadow will level up. This means you need all 3 types to obtain a level 3 shadow. Shadow Pieces increase their stats every time they level up. Level 2 and 3 shadows’ attacks will scare any friendly Pigs or Bunnymen for a few seconds. Knights do a single target attack and attempt to kite. Bishops can become invulnerable, turning into bats and dealing quick, constant damage around them. Rooks chase the player and then teleport on top of them, dealing AoE damage. Toadstool - 52500 HP - Spawns from a chopped Toadstool - Drops 1 Frog Legs, 3-5 Meat, 1 Shroom Skin (+2 during the fight), 1-3 Red Caps, 1-3 Green Caps, 1-3 Blue Caps, 2-3 random Spores, 1 random Funcap Blueprint and either a Mushlight Blueprint (67% chance) or a Glowcap Blueprint (33% chance). Doesn’t have a direct attack. He will instead throw a few Boomshrooms around him once in a while. These Boomshrooms will explode after a short delay, dealing 100 damage. Occasionally, he will poison 1 or 2 players around him. Poisoned players will drop a spore cloud under theirselves after a short delay. Spore clouds deal 20 damage every second and quickly spoil food items. Every once in a while Toadstool will stop attacking and instead will gain an insanity aura and spawn Sporecaps. Based on the amount of Sporecaps around him, Toadstool will have up to 80% damage protection, faster movement speed, up to 250 damage Boomshrooms, more Boomshrooms and more frequent Boomshroom attacks. Sporecaps can be chopped after 10 axe hits or lit on fire. If burnt, they will drop a spore cloud. Every time Toadstool loses ⅓ of his total HP, he will drop 1 Shroom Skin and scream, scaring any friendly Pigs or Bunnymen for a few seconds. After he’s under ⅓ HP, he will sometimes slam the ground twice, dealing 50 damage 4 times and causing a short earthquake. Additionally, if a Poisoned Canary "explodes" on his cap before it is chopped, the cap changes its colors and if chopped before a day passes, spawns a harder version of Toadstool, called Misery Toadstool. Misery Toadstool - 99999 HP - Spawns from a chopped Toadstool if a day still hasn't passed since a Poisoned Canary exploded on it - Drops 1 Frog Legs, 3-5 Meat, 1 Shroom Skin(Drops an additional skin upon death, drops 3 more during the fight as he loses HP), 1-3 Red/Green/Blue caps, and a guaranteed Glowcap blueprint, as well as a Napsack Blueprint and blueprints for 2 of the Funcaps. The fight is the same as the normal Toadstool, however the Sporecaps take 14 hits to be chopped, and the damage increase/defense increase that the Sporecaps apply to it are much higher(99% damage protection at max, and the max damage is 300). Bee Queen - 22500 HP and 120 (60 to players) Damage - Spawns from the Gigantic Beehive - Drops 6-7 Royal Jelly, 1-2 Honeycombs, 3-4 Honey, 1 Stinger and 1 Bee Queen Crown. Attacks players with her stinger. Can spawn Grumble Bees to help her fight, spawns more and more as she loses health. Leaves a honey trail which slows players. Screams and gains an insanity aura when under a certain amount of health, unfreezing, waking up and/or speeding up her Grumble Bees and scaring any friendly Pigs or Bunnymen for a few seconds. Grumble Bee - 180 HP and 30 (15 to players) Damage - Spawns from the Bee Queen - 1% chance to drop a Stinger. Attacks any nearby players. Moves faster when the Bee Queen is low health. Klaus - 10000 HP and 75 (37.5 to players) Damage - Spawns from a Loot Stash - Drops 1 Charcoal, 1 Monster Meat and 1 Stag Antler. Attacks players with his claws, doing a rapid double attack. Sometimes he will order one of his deers to use their special attack, always alternating between the two. After his health drops to 0, he will respawn with half of his total health and his chains will break, giving him a new attack where he leaps on a player, dealing damage and scaring any friendly Pigs or Bunnymen for a few seconds. If any of his deers is killed or too far away from him, he will get enranged. When enraged he’s visually bigger, deals more damage, has more health and has damage reduction. No-Eyed Deers (gemmed) - 1500 HP and 50 Damage - 1 Blue and 1 Red gemmed deer will spawn with Klaus from the Loot Stash - Drops 1-2 Meat and the respective gem when killed. Attacks players if they get too close. Uses a special fire or ice attack on every nearby player when Klaus commands it. If Klaus is defeated or is too far, the gemmed deer will turn into a normal deer, dropping its gem. Antlion - Spawns always in the same spot in the Oasis Desert during the sandstorm - Will enrage if not fed, causing sinkholes on the surface and cave-ins in the Caves. Sinkholes will spawn around players, breaking structures on top of them and dealing 30 damage twice. Sinkholes will disappear after about 30 days. Cave-ins will cause Boulders to fall from the ceiling, breaking structures and dealing 30 damage. The Antlion’s attacks have a timer, starting from 4.2 days when it first spawns. This timer can go up when players feed the Antlion, up to 6 days. Feeding Rocks will delay the timer by 0.33 days, feeding Cut Stones will delay by 1 day, feeding a Beach Toy will delay by 1.32 days and the Antlion will drop a The Lazy Deserter blueprint and feeding other Trinkets will delay by 0.22-1 days (based on the gold value of the trinket) and the Antlion will drop a Desert Stone. If fed a freezing cold Thermal Stone, the Antlion will freeze and will become attackable. The Antlion has 6000 HP and it doesn’t move or attack directly. It will spawn attackable Sand Castles around itself to block players and will attempt to damage them by spawning attackable Sand Spikes which deal 100 damage under them. If no nearby player is fighting the Antlion, it will eat rocks to heal. If killed, it won’t spawn against until the next summer. Drops a The Lazy Deserter Blueprint, 6-8 Desert Stones, 4 Meat, 2-4 Rocks and 2 random trinkets between Melty Marbles, Gord’s Knot, Hardened Rubber Bung, Mismatched Buttons and Beach Toy. Reanimated Skeleton (Surface, Night) - 4000 HP - Spawns when giving a Shadow Atrium to a correctly rebuilt Odd Skeleton on the surface at night - Drops 8 Fossil Fragments, 1 Shadow Atrium and 2-4 Nightmare Fuel (if not dead by daylight) - Doesn’t attack, instead just randomly wanders around, breaking trees, rocks and structures if walking over them. Leaves a trail of Foliage, Light Bulbs and Lesser Glow Berries which will disappear after a few seconds. Has a huge sanity aura of -400/min. It will collapse and die if it’s not night. Reanimated Skeleton (Caves) - 4000 HP and 200 (100 to players) Damage - Spawns when giving a Shadow Atrium to a correctly rebuilt Odd Skeleton in the Caves - Drops 8 Fossil Fragments, 1 Shadow Atrium and 2-4 Nightmare Fuel - Attacks nearby players and mobs. After losing 1000 health, it will use a new attack that traps nearby players in a bone cage. Players can still act but they can barely move. Has a huge sanity aura of -400/min. Ancient Fuelweaver - 16000 HP and 200 (100 to players) Damage - Spawns when giving a Shadow Atrium to a correctly rebuilt Odd Skeleton next to an active Ancient Gateway - Drops 8 Fossil Fragments, 1 Thurible, 1 Bone Armor, 2-4 Nightmare Fuel and 1 rose Flower. If all players are dead, it will say one of its lines, and take the ancient key out of the gateway, killing himself. Death in this way, or by stepping out of the arena, wields 8 Fossil Fragmants and the Shadow Atrium. Attacks nearby players. Has a huge sanity aura of -400/min. Can damage players by summoning bones that fall from the ceiling and trap players in a bone cage. Will attempt to mind control insane players, quickly covering their screen with Shadow Watchers, then stunning them as long as they’re still insane. Can summon 6 Unseen Hands to completely protect itself from damage as long as the hands are alive. Can summon Woven Shadows to consume them for 400 health each. When the boss is defeated, the Atrium Gate will destabilize (see Atrium Gate). Unseen Hand - 1 HP - Summoned by the Ancient Fuelweaver - No drops. Their visibility works like Shadow Creatures, the less sanity a player has the more visible the Unseen Hands are. Protects the Fuelweaver from damage. Can only be attacked by insane players. Woven Shadow - 1 HP - Summoned by the Ancient Fuelweaver - No drops. They have 2 different forms, one faster than the other. They both have a sanity aura of -40/min. They attempt to approach the Ancient Fuelweaver to be consumed by it, in order to heal it. If the Ancient Fuelweaver is defeated, they will disappear.
  4. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Why are you posting that here though?
  5. No I'll fully admit seeing this update after the while we've waited was a dissapointment. But ANR was recently finished, and there's, legally, no real rule that means they have to tell us what they're working on now. Besides, other Klei games, etc. etc. The commuity isn't at a situation it needs to know the future, it's just that it would be nicer to know it, but the community's doing pretty well even without anything like that.
  7. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Alright, sounds fair enough.
  8. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Finally finished(Except for the Taunt Weaver does upon being revived) the animations for Fuelweaver and the Forest Stalker, as well as added the Ancient Chest and the contents from the newest update. @Instant-Noodles Any chance you can help me finish Misery Toadstool? Both he and normal Toadstool are missing animations that the other has, and I could use a Misery Toadstool before it is chopped.
  9. Now make the Forager refulable. please, its been years.
  10. Oh noooooo the agony of putting things into a chest(Yes they're not mentioned anywhere in game, but this thread exists and the way I know the DS community, everyone and their mom dug into the files and put it on the wiki or smth) returns! As for Edgy Toad, just look at my point to Sinister_Fang. It's not pathetic as much as it's just not worth it if you've finished the Toad grind. It cuts the grind by a lot, and from what I've heard it's not actually as bad as it looks at first. Napsack still needs a buff though.
  11. I'm not opposed to more variety or more shroomskin uses(God knows we needed more), and Shroom Skin farming will probably be a thing someone finds out at some point(Still would require actually fighting Toad though). The napsacks do need to be buffed though to be more viable. That, and the Deerclops statue costing a Deerclops Eyeball are the only issues in the update, and honestly pretty important for these 2 items.
  12. Actually I found it as we discussed it together. I love how obvious it is once you learn what his real name is
  13. It's a secret thing but not too weird that you'll never thik of it. Most of the drops arent really all too useful anyway to just make a few off, or can be farmed enough to make up for that, but Clops' is too useful and can't be farmed.
  14. Sketch already wrote it actually. But good luck.
  15. On a less bright note, let's go over to the one issue I see in this update. While an odd choice imo, the Giant Statues requiring their drops mostly isn't really harmful...Except for Deerclops. No one's gonna sacrifice an item you get 1 of per year, which you'll waste on Eyebrellas and or Houndius Shootius, for a statue that you'd idealy place in multiple spots.
  16. And I really love this: Actually lovely update in every way
  17. So uh, I like what's going on with Toadstool. And I especially like the clever way it's implemented. You'll see what.
  18. >More Statues Best update
  19. A man can dream...meanwhile a smallbird sheds a tear. Warg character or riot. Only way I can live out my majestic fursona.
  20. I have to agree. It's also nice seeing you get more constructive, as opposed to how you were a while ago.
  21. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    For what? A New Reign is already fully out.