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  1. [Game Update] - 238439

    When I saw the resurrection stones being mentioned I had hoped volcano eruptions now finally stop when you resurrect.
  2. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    If I can get the merged visuals for all of them, by all means, but as it is I don't. Overlaying a still frame like the Mushroom Planters is one thing, but for a full animation(And a lot of them, that is) I'm not sure.
  3. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Why are you posting that here though?
  4. No I'll fully admit seeing this update after the while we've waited was a dissapointment. But ANR was recently finished, and there's, legally, no real rule that means they have to tell us what they're working on now. Besides, other Klei games, etc. etc. The commuity isn't at a situation it needs to know the future, it's just that it would be nicer to know it, but the community's doing pretty well even without anything like that.
  6. squueeee.png

    (Field made this)

    1. AnonymousKoala


      What's Field's klei account name again

  7. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Alright, sounds fair enough.
  8. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Finally finished(Except for the Taunt Weaver does upon being revived) the animations for Fuelweaver and the Forest Stalker, as well as added the Ancient Chest and the contents from the newest update. @Instant-Noodles Any chance you can help me finish Misery Toadstool? Both he and normal Toadstool are missing animations that the other has, and I could use a Misery Toadstool before it is chopped.
  9. Now make the Forager refulable. please, its been years.
  10. Oh noooooo the agony of putting things into a chest(Yes they're not mentioned anywhere in game, but this thread exists and the way I know the DS community, everyone and their mom dug into the files and put it on the wiki or smth) returns! As for Edgy Toad, just look at my point to Sinister_Fang. It's not pathetic as much as it's just not worth it if you've finished the Toad grind. It cuts the grind by a lot, and from what I've heard it's not actually as bad as it looks at first. Napsack still needs a buff though.
  11. I'm not opposed to more variety or more shroomskin uses(God knows we needed more), and Shroom Skin farming will probably be a thing someone finds out at some point(Still would require actually fighting Toad though). The napsacks do need to be buffed though to be more viable. That, and the Deerclops statue costing a Deerclops Eyeball are the only issues in the update, and honestly pretty important for these 2 items.