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Baguettes    223
25 minutes ago, minespatch said:


I wanna see them reunite again. Too bad, this is Don't Starve where lore is usually filled with tragic backstories.

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Slagger    1819
6 hours ago, Hellheater said:

he does..

Wait lol I wrote it in wrong topic. It was supposed to be on Questions that don't deserve their own thread. XD

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Articestone    758
50 minutes ago, FabopFrankie said:

I havent played DST in so long and I come back realizing you can grow giant dragon fruit and I want.Gimme.


Is it me or does the dragonfruit look a bit different? Do they they come in all colours now? 

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Mike23Ua    9295
12 minutes ago, blacknight7890 said:

 what's this from? looks pretty legit


I just drained all the color from the existing one found in the unimplemented features page here:

Ive been looking at this page a lot since it was brought to my attention and.. it seems like a lot of that unimplemented stuff is being added to the game/ it’s DLCs later: look at poison frog it was originally going to be in Shipwrecked but was later recolored and re-named poison dart frog for the Hamlet expansion

Theres even an older bat looking mob that resembles the newest MoleBat mob that was added to the game here recently.

Im keeping a keen eye on this page to see what all resurfaces for the game in future updates.


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