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  1. @JoeW Hey, so I have an issue. When I try to sign in with my Klei account it signs into one that don't use. I can't sign into my main one because it just won't let me. Is there anyway I can fix this? The only solution I have is incognito tabs, but my school blocked those so I can't sign in and get points. Thanks, Sincerely, Cactus
  2. Similar to how dog years are right? Ya' know. 1 Human Year is 7 Dog Years. It could possibly be like that. Even though the Dog is 18 years old, they are a kid. (2-3 years) Interesting isn't it? Who knows? Only Joe! Sincerely, Cactus
  3. I remember one time I was very upset with NOT knowing how to say it, so I just walked up to the Alchemy Engine and practiced saying it for the entire day. Sure, it may have been a waste of time, but I'm in the very few who know how to say it! >:D Sincerely, Cactus
  4. Agreed. I want the world to feel even more alive than it is. Sincerely, Cactus
  5. I feel it. I feel this too much. For me it's..... Do School Work Browse Forums All Day I don't like it. Sincerely, Cactus No. I hope Glommer dies by Werepigs. Sincerely, Cactus
  6. Title says it all, I would prefer mics, but It's not absolutely needed. PSN: RoughCactus69 Just message me, and I'll get back to you eventually. Sincerely, Cactus
  7. I honestly prefer to kill him. His happiness ruins my mood. (Plus his sanity gain is weak moment) Sincerely, Cactus
  8. I honestly think the next one is Maxwell. Just makes sense. I (No Offense) hope Maxwell rework is next. Sincerely, Cactus
  9. I'm having the same issue over here on PS4. Once the ping for the servers passes around 130-140, it starts to just be the dreaded "???". Sincerely, Cactus
  10. WHAT IN THE MONKEY BUSINESS!!!!! That is some weeeeird seed generation......
  11. Agreed, I think he's unneeded. Too many characters IMO already. Sincerely, Cactus
  12. Hide your thread. It's at the top of your thread thingy. It doesn't delete it, but hides it from general area. Sincerely, Cactus
  13. Anything is viable if you are good enough at the game. So in my opinion? Have fun. If it's what you enjoy, then enjoy it. Sincerely, Cactus
  14. I have a thing I posted in a forum a few weeks ago. It's a timeline on how I plan my first 21 days out. (Autumn) Welp. Here it is! I have a perfectly timed timeline with resources and everything. Well..... Let's go! My method is optimal with at least 3 people, but can work with 2, or even 1 person. Day 1-5: This is mainly for collecting Resources for a base, while exploring the map for a decent location. RESOURCES: 120 Rocks 60-80 Logs 60-80 Grass AND Twigs 32 Charcoal Whatever else your stinky self can carry Day 6-7: This is base set up time. STRUCTURES: 1 Alchemy Engine 1 Rain-o-meter (Don't judge me, I know it's pointless, but it looks nice!) 1 Thermal Measurer (Don't judge me, I know it's pointless, but it looks nice!) 1 Firepit 4 Crockpots 4 Drying Racks (IF YOU GOT GEARS!) 1-3 fridge(s) Day 8-10: Time Off. Have Fun! More Base Orginazation Chests Tents Yada-yada Day 11-12: Butterfly Time Make sure to make a butterfly farm. You should have plenty of left other materials. Hopefully...... 2 Rope 4 Twigs 4 Silk This is mostly just for a filler farm. If you have a Wortox, forget about Peirogi. Day 13-17: Mostly time off, but also get prepared for Dragonfly. Helmets Spears Healing Panflute Walls (Either Box Method or Wall Method) Day 18: Dragonfly: Use those leftover rocks for Dragonfly walls. 4 people minimum so you don't get slammed ya' nooby! Again, there are two main methods. Wall, and Box. If you do box, PLEASE have that Pan Flute ready. Make sure you ring it when it gets enraged. Day 19-21: Prepare for Winter: Thingy says it all. Stock up on food, get a thermal stone, and prepare for Walrus's. WELL! That sure was long! Hope you guys find this useful...... Sincerely, Cactus