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  1. The Moosegoose itself isn't the hard part. It's the zappy boys that come after. Sincerely, Cactus
  2. (Credit where credit is due.) @Wendy C. Sincerely, Cactus
  3. I got it from the temperature counter itself. The temperature point went down once per second, although there could be roughly alot of variables that could go into it. When I sit by a fire after freezing, I count up by seconds, knowing how much time I have left until I freeze. Sincerely, Cactus
  4. This is such a fine line. I agree with them on such a small margin. I agree that some people will join just to sabotage weeks worth of work because "hehe funny" I think that's horrible. So I understand why they take such actions. But such actions are quite rude. It's the whole thing like a dog getting abused it's entire life by humans. It's going to be inclined to bite back at humans who get near it no matter how nice or not. We may see the dog as a nasty retaliating creature, but it's doing what it thinks is best. Sadly there is such a fine line like I said. I don't agree with the takeovers but I understand. Basically all I got to say...... Sincerely, Cactus
  5. I agree, I think it would be easier for me to get out there. Plus I want more content straight out of portal. By the way, welcome to the forums! You will soon grow to love this place, I promise. I also see you made it on the tier list, nice! Sincerely, Cactus
  6. @CaptainChaotica We've done it. We've made it. (I really dislike how the letter shifts over........ grooooan....) ALSO! I'm actually surprised I'm so high in this tier list. Makes me all fuzzy inside. ALSO ALSO! @GetNerfedOn really great job on this list. We all appreciate the effort you put in. Thanks. Sincerely, Cactus
  7. I kite them, and smack them once as a Wigfrid. It's an instant 1 hit kill. Sincerely, Cactus
  8. WE ARE SO CLOSE BOYS! TWO MORE PAGES TO GO! (Yet again...... another meme so I don't get yelled at....)
  9. In all seriousness, this upset me a little bit. I think Maxwell and Webber deserved it first. (Here's a meme so I don't get murdered.) Sincerely, Cactus
  10. Like the other guy said, from cave-ins. When a cave in happens rocks, gems, minerals, rabbits, moles, etc can fall from the ceiling. I'm waiting for a mole to cave my skull in. Sincerely, Cactus
  11. This is honestly incredible. I thought you were going to die via monster meat. THis small video has such an amazing turn of events. Death via coconut........ yikes....... I'm personally still waiting on death via mole. It will happen eventually. Sincerely, Cactus
  12. Yeah, I know that. I just mean like RIGHT out of portal. Like...... RIGHT out of portal....
  13. What is the most comical death you have witnessed or had happen to you? For me personally? Well, there was one time me and two other people had gone on like a 6-7 day ruins trip. One of us died, and me and my friend made it out alive by the nick of our ball hair. As soon as we leave the caves my friend walks two feet and INSTANTLY gets struck by lightning dying on the spot. He only had like 2 health, but it was probably the funniest thing I've ever witnessed. Working that hard and barely surviving just for Zeus to smite you down. But yes, what are your funny death stories? Sincerely, Cactus
  14. I know I have had my fair share of monster meat crunches, and I've even seen others perish from it. Pretty comical honestly. Sincerely, Cactus
  15. I think there is a good solution for this. I've said this in many posts before this one. There should be content outside preparation. I want to leave the Florid Postern and instantly be met with some wacky new thing. All this extra preparation and running around to find new stuff is really killing me. I want some beginning stuff. New beginning stuff. Sincerely, Cactus