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  1. I know it's been talked about before, but I was just curious because I know the mentions of it by devs were spread through many threads. I was wondering what's the deal or big plan on this? I know it's been mentioned, I'm just curious if there's been any good news about it or anything. Thanks guys! Sincerely, Cactus
  2. Problem #1: I disagree. I think he is plenty unique in his own way. This upgrade system is very special, and I think it's a great addition to WX. Problem #2: I agree. It's such a meaningless downside it doesn't even matter. Give him another downside. Problem #3: I agree. I think if you lowered his stats to 100 each it would make him a more robust unique character on his own. Giving people a reason to use the stat upgrades. I also agree with everything you said below those problems. Sincerely, Cactus
  3. I personally miss the old system purely because it was easy, and nostalgia reasons. That's about it. Right now you can genuinely live off a a single 5X2 farm (Around 3 rigamajigs.) You just get more food overall for so much cheaper! Plus the cute little fly boyo!
  4. There are some good reasons why the crafting system is the way it is now. I used to think that it should happen, that it should be toggle-able. But I really think it should stay this way. They need the crafting system this way for it to be be easier to implement more crafting recipes. I do agree they could have worked a little longer on it, but I'm overall pretty happy with it. I know it's a big change, but trust me. It's better for the future. Just stick with the crafting system guys, you'll get used to it. Please stop begging and pleading for changes. These devs are smart. Keep the negative posts about it to a minimum. The devs are trying men. Sincerely, Cactus
  5. You guys hurt me. This is pain! The best fuel source now gone.... Sincerely, Cactus If you read it properly, they mentioned that it will help them issue in new crafting things. They didn't want to clog tabs with 20+ crafting tabs. This makes it easier. Sincerely, Cactus Why won't PS be included in the shared curio? Just curious. Sincerely, Cactus
  6. Man. I take a 6 month break and this is what I get? Interesting........
  7. (Credit where credit is due.) @Wendy C. Sincerely, Cactus
  8. I got it from the temperature counter itself. The temperature point went down once per second, although there could be roughly alot of variables that could go into it. When I sit by a fire after freezing, I count up by seconds, knowing how much time I have left until I freeze. Sincerely, Cactus
  9. @CaptainChaotica We've done it. We've made it. (I really dislike how the letter shifts over........ grooooan....) ALSO! I'm actually surprised I'm so high in this tier list. Makes me all fuzzy inside. ALSO ALSO! @GetNerfedOn really great job on this list. We all appreciate the effort you put in. Thanks. Sincerely, Cactus
  10. WE ARE SO CLOSE BOYS! TWO MORE PAGES TO GO! (Yet again...... another meme so I don't get yelled at....)
  11. In all seriousness, this upset me a little bit. I think Maxwell and Webber deserved it first. (Here's a meme so I don't get murdered.) Sincerely, Cactus
  12. I uhh....... *Profusely sweating* Umm...... I-I j-just wanted to- This is towards me isn't it? Sincerely, Cactus (Here's a Meme so people don't kill me.)
  13. I'm so proud of how Don't Starve Memes have evolved. It's gone from........ HUGE Maxwell Sniffing Nose, all the way to....... WILSON AMOGUS. Thank you @BoySyrup. It is a very good meme. Sincerely, Cactus EDIT: We've made it to 695 boys. Only a little more to go.
  14. It's not spam if 40 people post once. Sincerely, Cactus
  15. I say we spam until we reach that limit. We are going to catch you off guard. Sincerely, Cactus ------------------ Also, if I keep seeing people copying my sincerely, I'm going to explode. Sincerely, Cactus I'M LOOKING AT YOU.