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  1. I think I'm weird on my characters,I mainly play for the quotes soo (Wes dances are quotes)
  2. Exactly what I did.
  3. It says to reload the page, and when I do it just says to reload again, I am on mobile.
  4. Rewards page doesn't work, is that normal ?
  5. Wortox specific : Releaved demon : ▪Do not eat souls or any form of meat for 15 days (3 hearts) Team healer : ▪Heal 5 teammates at the same time (1 heart) Hopper : ▪Soul hop 100 times (1 heart) Mental management : ▪Stay above 50% sanity while only eating souls for 10 days (2 hearts)
  6. I realized when Warly came out some changes with quotes of some characters like Wormwood examination for rot (from "Mmmmh" to "Not good for belly"). But one thing that I find weird is Wortox's announcement when a giant comes. (You can try it if you want :D) It was changed to "Clipping and clopping, here comes a stomping" to "A massive brute is en route". Since many of Wortox's quotes have some kind of reference to some song or movie, do you know where that might come from ? Especially since it has french in it now. PS : I first thought it was a bug, but it was confirmed that it wasn't. (here's the post I made a while back)
  7. So I was playing Wortox and he said something in french/english when a giant was coming instead of his usual quote, it had something along the lines of "one of them is en route" instead of his usual "clipping and clopping, here comes a stomping!" I guess the quotes got mixed or something
  8. Gonna be quite a short story : When I play DST I often join pubs and that's what I did on that day, It was day 26/27 while I joined, and I love randomizing the character that I'll be, so I did. I get Willow, probably the worst winter starter but I can shake it off, I use Bernie for the free heat and light lone trees on fire to get myself warm. On my research for grass and twigs I found a wormhole that lead me to a triple mctusk biome. The wormhole was hugging the igloo but thankfully it was day and the walruses were far from home. I make myself a grass suit (don't flame) and decide to go on a walrus hunt but I had no flint and just a Bernie in hand, I still try my luck and go after a mctusk for his loot. I run past the dogs, and freezing starts making me die fast, I lead mctusk far from his home and he begins walking back, I smash his head with my Bernie until it dies and he gives me a tam o shanter and a tusk, all I needed for my winter. I killed deerclops and klaus with moral support of the local wormwood. After that spring and summer were a breeze. Moral of the story : when you got nothing to smack people with just use your childhood friend !
  9. With spices I guess his bonus will be removed to balance things out
  10. So he was living in the gorge ?
  11. I'm ready to bundle op warly foodstuff then going as wolfgang :).
  12. Sorry, I just added her, thank you for reminding me about her
  13. A simple question I have, and if you could explain it would be appreciated My choice is Wortox for his rhymes and word plays and some of his sarcasm.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Congrats guys, never posted memes but I was following them for a while