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  1. Wurt

    I think we did, maybe for 2/3 posts (I hope).
  2. Wurt

    I love how we went from trying to know Who is Wurt ? to Update today hype ! to Everyone being sad because no official news post. (*Insert parkour ! meme*)
  3. Fun trick to use in end game : When you have electric darts and you auto attack across a gap as wortox you have a small window to teleport where the dart landed because it emits a small bit of light when it hits something. Very hard to do and mostly useless if you have moggles but really fun.
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I went to my grandpa's funeral today and I knew I could count on all of your memes to cheer me up Thank you guys (Sorry if I made you sad, didn't mean to )
  5. That profile picture scares me.
  6. Died by kelp, it was when Rot was new and I was testing the new foods, I never ate raw kelp ever after. Still in my morgue somewhere behind all those shenanigans deaths (maybe)
  7. I think I'd be that one pig living in this basalt setpiece waiting for that one Wilson to die and take his straw hat
  8. Put every older halloween skins on heirloom and let us weave elegant versions of them
  9. Wortox costume suggestion

    There was a bug on console with his uncorrupted skin tail part, it showed some kind of prickly tail with a dark/pink tint. It's else a roseate piece for later or a part of his halloween skin
  10. But how is Woodlegs gonna scare Wendy who's already dead inside ? By showing his severed leg to her ?
  11. I wanna see the costumes for the newest characters, they gonna be so cute
  12. Well since you ask for different characters it can coordinated : - WX in the ruins solo (enters day 3 with 6 pigskin max) - Wig and Wolf on the bosses with hambats and battle helms - Woodie on lunar island - Granny and Maxwell making the base - Wortox as the scout mapping all he can - Last char can be anyone and will prolly prepare for toad on day 10. This is how I see it happening, in no way I can prove it can work but probably someday I'll try with friends
  13. I already miss my old woodie no more long beaver times