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  1. Boss Concept Idea/Sketch

    Ok Ok. I will do my job. Its too early in the morning for reading redirects properly
  2. Boss Concept Idea/Sketch

    Why pick on me? I cant actually move things into DST art. I can put it in DS art.... (Which is odd...) I shall have to summon a higher power @JoeW. My apologies for disturbing you oh wise one.
  3. Everybody take a nice deep breath and relax. Also perhaps reread the guidelines, keep conversation on topic and constructive.
  4. Friendly reminder everyone- Debate is fine but keep it polite and on topic. Lets all be friendly and nice
  5. Count to 300 without interruption

    @ImDaMisterL you became a topic of discussion. The fifth teen in the room is *****.
  6. Joe is trying to er- fix that bug. Moderators can see the approval queue but there is a bug in the process somewhere. We have phantom queues, nothing to be approved but the number is still there. As Joe and the others attempt to remove the gremlins in this system some weirdness may happen. Remain calm we will be back to your regular scheduled life soon.
  7. If I am along- Wickerbottom because I like getting a leg up on building things. Winona was my main in groups- I like being able to repair my hats and things. To be fair since the big update I have been exploring others. Wormwood is a great change, I love being able to plant food wherever and whenever. Wortox is a challenge at times but I do love being able to teleport across water gaps to the other land masses. I dislike how aggressive pigs are towards me- wahhhh I just want gold from your king. I tend to play very casually, I dont really take it seriously and make it hard to survive- I just like hanging out with my friends in the world collecting things.
  8. Count to 300 without interruption

    People 4get that there are more than they see. We are behind the scenes, approving posts, clearing report queues. Suggesting they make a baby chester pet. The important things... seriously though there is a large number of moderators but its a draining and many of us stopped posting on forums as much. You always have to remember that you are a moderator and what you say people take note of- we have to behave. Which I find very challenging- oh and I also have many things going on in my RL life. Don't you- 4get about me
  9. Yes. Do not summon the greater and almighty one casually was indeed the intention. I do not write Lore- be glad, it would be wayyyy more twisted if I had my meddling hands in it. I am just here to moderate, sometimes. I would be amused to hear what you think might happen if Lore was left in the hands of the moderators though.
  10. Am I considered chill? Thats new. As for summoning the higher gods- if you go through that ancient gateway there is no going back.
  11. The Melon's Art Thread

    Surf is up? Ish
  12. Count to 300 without interruption

    Consider this an interruption. Mostly- because I can? Also. Hello there.
  13. I only really come out of the wood works to tell people off.... I should work on that. Would you like a cookie?
  14. Consider this a reminder to adhere to the guidelines. Stay on topic, calm and respectful towards one another.