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  1. Next time link me the thread you want it merged into when you report it.
  2. It may be worth taking a look on Twitch. There are a lot of mega bases with vast days on there. I know a lot of the streamers are happy to chat with people and share advice. I have seen some worlds running 5000 + days. Usually with additional players or guests, even split screen. They must have some secrets to share
  3. Well.... in the timeline of DST- they are fairly new. I been here since Beta of DS. I consider most things new.
  4. Do not make me start moderating you all. You won't like me when I moderate you.
  5. Reminder- this is a meme thread for images and humor. Please remain on topic, there are a lot of threads for discussing things including the recent news please use those to discuss your points, feelings, thoughts etc. Post your memes here.
  6. After all this time that I been hanging around here with these people. I feel they earned a little trust and faith from me you know? So I am going to wait and see how things go forward.
  7. I have had a lot of emotions over hearing this news. Some anxiety and fear. Uncertainty. There are some things that help me though. Klei have told us, up front. Right from the start going with honesty. No back room dealings, being as they have always been- open with us. I trust them. I trust JoeW. I know that they would have thought long and hard. I know they would have had lawyers examine every inch of paper, every word upon it. That was decision was not made lightly or swiftly. Economics of gaming industry is tough. Big companies squeezing out little ones. I put my hope and faith into Klei as I have done in the past. I moaned and groaned at DST being created because I felt it would compromise the uncompromising world of DS. Now it is one of my favourite games. I loved Forge and Gorge events even though I was uncertain about how they would turn out as well. Do I know how this is go? No. I trust that Klei will do what they have always done, their best. They care about the games they make and the community they have built. I may have concerns, but I also have trust in Klei.
  8. I am always here, I just spend my time moderating in the dark depths. I was not the original moderator in the case but likely NSFW vibe led to the decision. Not so bad that warning points were issued, just a quiet clean up- when we do that we are being nice! Its if someone really pushes it we will start with the warning points and eventual bans.
  9. If a moderator deletes something- do not repost it. That is the short road to getting official warning points. These forums are family friendly- keep that in mind when deciding what to post. If you need a reminder here are the guidelines
  10. Ok Ok. I will do my job. Its too early in the morning for reading redirects properly
  11. Why pick on me? I cant actually move things into DST art. I can put it in DS art.... (Which is odd...) I shall have to summon a higher power @JoeW. My apologies for disturbing you oh wise one.
  12. Chester went rural australian.
  13. We almost lost the eyebone a few times. The horse wanted to eat it not hold it....