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  1. I am always here, I just spend my time moderating in the dark depths. I was not the original moderator in the case but likely NSFW vibe led to the decision. Not so bad that warning points were issued, just a quiet clean up- when we do that we are being nice! Its if someone really pushes it we will start with the warning points and eventual bans.
  2. If a moderator deletes something- do not repost it. That is the short road to getting official warning points. These forums are family friendly- keep that in mind when deciding what to post. If you need a reminder here are the guidelines
  3. Ok Ok. I will do my job. Its too early in the morning for reading redirects properly
  4. Why pick on me? I cant actually move things into DST art. I can put it in DS art.... (Which is odd...) I shall have to summon a higher power @JoeW. My apologies for disturbing you oh wise one.
  5. @ImDaMisterL you became a topic of discussion. The fifth teen in the room is *****.
  6. People 4get that there are more than they see. We are behind the scenes, approving posts, clearing report queues. Suggesting they make a baby chester pet. The important things... seriously though there is a large number of moderators but its a draining and many of us stopped posting on forums as much. You always have to remember that you are a moderator and what you say people take note of- we have to behave. Which I find very challenging- oh and I also have many things going on in my RL life. Don't you- 4get about me
  7. Consider this an interruption. Mostly- because I can? Also. Hello there.
  8. Chester went rural australian.
  9. We almost lost the eyebone a few times. The horse wanted to eat it not hold it....
  10. Ban Xed because I am back from holidays and this shenanigans is still going on.