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  1. Ban Xed for still having a christmas hat on.
  2. Ban water because that was days ago
  3. Ban Xed because I am back from holidays and this shenanigans is still going on.
  4. ban wetar because where is everyone?
  5. Ban water for double posting
  6. Ban water for wanting quotes
  7. Ban geni for only having a DST badge
  8. Ban water because the semester is finished but my forge broke for 4-5 days and then magically worked again.....
  9. Memory

    My game has upgraded the problem. I can join servers in both forge and DST but very shortly after I get frozen. Nothing moves. I cant move. I assume the game is going on around me but I dont see that.
  10. I was playing or trying to play this morning and I froze. Not just lag but frozen. I can't move at all and no one on my screen is moving either. Once is odd, twice is troubling.
  11. Ban water because I am spending a lot of time on the Forge.
  12. Every few games my game crashes because there is a memory issue. It happens in normal DST but not as often. I have removed all my mods in hope it would help with forge but I am still crashing. Will try to snag a client log next time it happens.
  13. Ban water for wanting people to read
  14. Ban Xed because I cant be bothered seeing what the running gag is. Plus running. Blah