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  1. The Horrible Pun Thread

    What is voldermorts favourite game? -Got your nose What is voldermorts favourite board game? Guess who Why is voldermort so fond of Harry Potter? He is a 'chip off the old soul block'
  2. Ban Water because post grad studies are killing me
  3. Ban Destros because no one is relevant and nothing is relevant.
  4. Revealing Things!

    Oh is this like celebrity heads? Um. Is she female?
  5. Revealing Things!

    Its sunday, someone else can moderate you lot.
  6. Forum Game - Which character are you?

    Dragon you are -ONE OF US- that is the offtopic lurkers. You know us from mafia parties and drawing sessions. Murder and chaos. I name thee- Wendy- coz you are cute as a doll. I am loving Winona, she knows things, she is unafraid of the dark and damn capable. I am claiming her for mine now.
  7. Ban pyro for necro encouraging
  8. Strange and somewhat amusing Facts

    I can verify this. I can also confirm that without a proper stomach lining you will experience the most intense pain in your life. My resting heart rate was at 184bpm from sheer pain- thats right my heart was beating 3 times a second. Your skin is the largest organ of the human body. You lungs have 3 lobes on the right and two on the left. The heart is tilted to the left because of this- to fit in this space. The human body is arrange in such a way there is no wasted space, its all crammed full and arrange to the last millimetre which is why so many things can go wrong... Crocodiles have a respiratory bypass system. Allowing them to circulate blood without sending it to the lungs. Which is what allows them to sit at the bottom for so long. Velociraptors are considered the most intelligent dinosaur to have lived- they were also feathered. The T-rex was unlikely to have actively hunted, it was a scavenger and is not the biggest carnivore- there are two new found bigger badder boys in town. The average human will hallucinate after only 72 hours of sleep deprivation. - I can verify, for me it starts with hearing things. Sleep is important people
  9. The Cute Animal Thread

    Iris was scratching at the mirror. trying to get the cat on the other side...
  10. Forum Game - Which character are you?

    Mob- Wilson. Always ready to poke this and see what happens. Me. Hmm Wickerbottom? Stern and wise? With a few Willow moments. Fire is very pretty
  11. Ban dat for pun thread signature
  12. Xedlords food pictures and stuff

    I hosted a fund raiser for a friend. Could say I made a few things...
  13. Most ice cream adverts use potato because it doesn't melt under studio lights. The saying "rule of thumb" very likely has its origins in the notion or rule that a man can legally beat his wife as long as he used a rod no thicker than his thumb- maybe we should stop saying this :/ Platypus is one of two monotremes- animals which lay eggs but still suckle their young like mammals.The platypus exudes milk from their skin not nipples- which they do not have
  14. Xedlords food pictures and stuff

    I didnt use the tumeric as oil. It just left yellow marks on the plate and I didnt want you all to think I was eating a greasy mess. Eww. To further confuse you on my origins - apple pie i made
  15. Xedlords food pictures and stuff

    At the store? Its a common spice here, we have a pretty good range of spices readily available because we are so close to some great places like India who know their spices man. So yep normal grocery store, if I had money i would love to go to specialty stores and get fresher better spices. Mmmm real vanilla is amazing.