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  1. [ART] Its a start I guess

    That hair tho <3 ~ Its youuu ;o; ~ *[unusual fanboy screams] & faints*
  2. [ART] Its a start I guess

    Booty indeed buddy ~ (btw I didn't saw you post before, I just hope there isn't a rule about double posting..)
  3. [ART] Its a start I guess

    .... I should do the very same.. but I don't wanna deal with people on the internet later on xDD but I do need to practice tho, with that, it should get easier not to mess it up or break something. I did his hair like that because of 2 reasons: 1.- 11nth Doctor amazing hair and 2.- Because its a little me and I (try to) make him look like me, and my hair is a bit like that.
  4. [ART] Its a start I guess

    Its actually a little character of mine I based on Wilson's face/body, but yeah, it does look a lot like him so anyway, thanks a bunch for the compliment! About the style, thanks again btw, I'm still trying. It's hard to use different angles without something looking out of place or broken. Wow.. I wasn't expecting this one, thank you so very much! I'll try and do some more to share later on! And also thanks for the comment!
  5. [ART] Its a start I guess

    Thanks! I'll keep trying ~
  6. Well.. wanted to show some of my stuff I actually have started a comic some weeks ago, its on my dA: [X] Greetings and stuff ~~