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  1. I did search with the words I did remember and found nothing sadly, and I even found the Twitter post that klei made about it, but the vid on youtube was removed I think, so it might be deleted here too It was basically the french google translator joke
  2. I dunno if its right of me to ask here but I know there was this wortox low effort french meme clip and for the life of me I've been hunting it for HOURS now; Its on this thread but damn its buried deep, anyone knows the page number?
  3. That hair tho <3 ~ Its youuu ;o; ~ *[unusual fanboy screams] & faints*
  4. Booty indeed buddy ~ (btw I didn't saw you post before, I just hope there isn't a rule about double posting..)
  5. .... I should do the very same.. but I don't wanna deal with people on the internet later on xDD but I do need to practice tho, with that, it should get easier not to mess it up or break something. I did his hair like that because of 2 reasons: 1.- 11nth Doctor amazing hair and 2.- Because its a little me and I (try to) make him look like me, and my hair is a bit like that.
  6. Its actually a little character of mine I based on Wilson's face/body, but yeah, it does look a lot like him so anyway, thanks a bunch for the compliment! About the style, thanks again btw, I'm still trying. It's hard to use different angles without something looking out of place or broken. Wow.. I wasn't expecting this one, thank you so very much! I'll try and do some more to share later on! And also thanks for the comment!
  7. Well.. wanted to show some of my stuff I actually have started a comic some weeks ago, its on my dA: [X] Greetings and stuff ~~