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Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

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1 hour ago, Brubs said:

Wurt at the groceries:


Not an accurate photo, all those spoiled fish so close to her, her sanity has to be below 0% with at least two Terrorbeaks stalking her in the background.

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37 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:
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Wow uh Okay.. You really asked for this. 

It’s bad enough that consoles don’t have Mods, but to have Klei Devs actually acknowledge and endorse those mods existence by providing direct links to them in their roadmap? Don’t you think we’ve had enough salt poured into our wounds?

PC can go right now and play gorge or forge mods all day long- Meanwhile CONSOLES NEVER GOT THE FORGE AT ALL.


So yeah- I strongly feel the following Meme is Warranted, now please leave me alone <\3 





I mean there are always advantages and disadvantages to what type of gaming station you choose. It's not easy to support different types of platforms at the same pace. It's like mobile users would start complaining that hamlet dlc isn't available for them and feel bitter that console users get more stuff.

It is not always PC users that always win.  A good example is game "Death Stranding" that only came out today on steam, but it was available for like a year for PS4 and Xbox. Feeling bitter everyday about such stuff is a bit childish.


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41 minutes ago, nightmarefan said:

NOW I  IMAGINE...wx a t the grocery buying only spoiling food and trying to kidnap the cash registers to free them from the humans


Nah, u forgot him going to the mechanical side stealing all the gears with a lightning rod at it's back

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