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  1. Me When there is lureplant right in the middle of my base:
  2. W E B B E R (i was checking out youre comics if you wonder how i got here)
  3. Its a really cool idea for a combo. Woodie is a really powerfull and cheap option to do alot of things in the game,be it mass murder or Resource gathering, the lumberjack got you covered. And for wortox his healing is really op. You could just make a butterfly farm and you will have more souls than youll ever need. The two work togather pretty well,this is something to consider when there is a wortox and woodie on the server.
  4. When youre pet teenbird gets really annoying but he die's trying to protect youre life from tentacles:
  5. Woodie isnt a human, atleast not Completely. He is not a monster because none of the pigs or bunnyman attack his were forms and his quote for the beefalo hair (just like my beard.)suggests that he is a animal looking like a human. Thats why he's beard is so unnatural and dosent grow after a while and the reason why he dosent shave is most likely because he would drop beefalo hair instead of normal beard hair. Atleast that or he's canadian origin has something to do with it.