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  1. I actually have a fire nettle in my farm. (the weed that overheats you when you get stung by it) and i was wondering if i could use it in winter. If i can use it in winter then i dont think i would ever need a fire again. XD
  2. I get what youre trying to say but my base is'nt messy, it's just an acurate recreation of my room in real life. Thank you all for the suggestions btw.
  3. so basically i kinda did some caving and beat antlion and went to the ruins and all that typical summer stuff.however i ended up having extra 7 days on summer and im not sure how to spend them.i started a farm for dragonfruit since they are more common in summer but that kinda takes a while so i was spinning around the fire when it hit me to ask the internet so here we are. (here's a picture of my base with Abigail uwu)
  4. New "reap what you sow" update:*gets Released* Me with 60+ hours on Stardew valley:
  5. Tallbird:*trying to kill walter because he stole the egg* Walter:*shoots the tallbird with poop pelets* Tallbird: