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  1. We havent had many skins for amulets before, those could bw intresting.
  2. But its not anymore. So it doesnt matter. Move on already. Edit: excuse me if i sound a bit rude here.
  3. (this is not a thread to talk about the lunar Grimoire changing the moon cycle this is just me sharing a strategy i discovered in my new Wickerbottom playthrough.) Step 1:make a bookcase. If you play with other people and they already chopped the livilng trees for living log, than find the lunar grotto. It always spawns next to the blue mushroom forest and the blue mushroom forest is always next to a sink hole. So just go into every sinkhole untill you find it. Once in the grotto, explore every inch until you find a mushgnome. Killing it will give you 1-2 living logs and there is usually more than one. Also they respawn in the same place every day so mark where you find them with traps or backpacks and come back later for more living logs. Step 2: go to the archives. If you followed step one than it should be easy since the archive is always next to the lunar grotto. Step 3: snatch both iresident gems from the archive. Step 4: go to the lunar island and collect 4 lunar butterfly wings. They spawn after you chop down a lunar tree. Step 5: collect 16 reeds for 4 papyrus. Step 6: craft two lunar Grimoires at the bookcase and store them within it. And done! Just cycle between the two books every night and by the time you use one, the other is fully charged and ready to be used for next night! And since you cant spam the effect of the lunar Grimoires, just these two books are enough for the rest of your playthrough! Now use this infinte full moons to get moon caller staves and replace the two iresident gems you took from the archive. Its also a great way to keep your base lit if youre lazy. Ive seen some complaints about the cost of this book but really, i think its fine as it is. Alot of people just saw the price tag and started to make threads about how bad it is, but if you couple the price with the bookcases ability to recharge books, its suddenly alot more balanced because this is just a one time craft. You can only use the book once per day so just having two to cycle through is enough. Anyway bye. And have a nice day.
  4. Beefalos are dumb. They cant defend themselves without your help therefore they could die very easily. The Solution, allow for us to make an upgrade to the beefalo bell that will alow us to ring the bell and revive a dead beefalo. Taming beefalos is hard and if your beefalo dies, all that hard work disappears in an instant. This will be a very wellcome QoL change that will incintivize players to utilize beefalos more often and help preserve all the effort we put into taming them. Thanks for reading. Edit: so panflutes can stop beefalos fighting(didnt know that i will defenitly carry one around from now on) and also someone suggested to add a way to de-agro beefalo. My solution, just let us ride the beefalo even while they are fighting something. Its just frustrating that it could buck me off and kill it self without giving me the option to do anything.
  5. This thread was just a thought, an idea. Just to put it out there. Dont take it seriously.
  6. The whole reason why i made this post was becuase i started playing apex lengend mobile and gosh darn i had so much fun, the profomance was good, the graphics were nice and the controls were even better. I kid you not i had a blast and if a game like that could have a good mobile port so can dst.
  7. Just wanna say that you have an amazing profile pic. And yes i agree with you.
  8. I think a mobile port, if done well, could be really nice. I think for a game like dst where you have to spend alot of time to progress, it would be really nice if i could just pull my phone out, play for half an hour and than put it away. As a someone who has a busy schedule and isnt always around my pc, this would be amazing. Im not trying to put pressure on klei, and i should probably get a switch if i wanted to take my game around with me, but im just saying, i would really appriciate it if they consider it. They already have done it once for singleplayer, and if they tweak the controls a little, it would be really good for dst.
  9. They could make it so that you need to have one in your inventory to craft it, but it doesnt get consumed. Kinda like wandas tinkering tools. You need it for the craft but its not consumed.
  10. Whats that? His last name? Or is it just what they call it in the code?
  11. There is no thrill without prejudice. Let them suffer. Weak creatures dont deserve mercy. All hail Wickerbottom.
  12. Heres an idea: Let other charecters read this book and get all tier one or maybe even tier two science instantly. Its a small thing but i think it will be nice.