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  1. Ban Derpime for not being around back when this forum was fun
  2. D: you monster! The Macaroni rain is granted, but it's stale and kills everybody via concussions! I want the Dark-type Pokemon to spit my psy-squid up.
  3. You cough up a drop of blood! I wish for a pet psychic squid that does my bidding.
  4. I bet it'll be a dinosaur skin, because that sprite is older than Methuselah.
  5. Please explain Frogger for those of us out of the loop
  6. I feel horrible. This was my job during the post-release updates. Nice finds everyone.
  7. Make me an angry red Bill Cipher, with one of the weird runes in his eye, like in Episode 19.
  8. "That much" WE WILL NEVER TRULY KNOW @thetruthseeker: Lots of emphasis on that "no cable at the vacay house" part.
  9. 10/10 Like @JoeW with guns -Snob
  10. Y'all up in this thread, dissin' my Awesomenauts... :'( Grimji is coming, and there's going to be a new skin revealed today... Aww yiss! @sirmentlegen: Ted is getting massively buffed according to the beta patch notes... self-damage on Stim is getting completely removed and Arm Pit Shaving Cream is getting changed into a damage-absorbing shield. Teddy's Puffed Spider Eggs is getting changed into an upgrade with two bonuses: an extra shell on shotgun, and extended duration on Stimpack while holding the machine gun. Machine gun range is getting buffed to 7.2 as well. RIP League 3 skrubs, mentlegen's on the job. And also there's a new episode of Gravity Falls on tonight but I'm out of town and don't have cable so I have to wait another week wah wah wah wah
  11. Check yourself before you wreck yourself man!
  12. Marry crush, become video game coder, don't become my parents, eat all the fish filets. Kung fu battle @sirmentlegen on top of a mountain at sunset with rock music playing. Simple as that.
  13. Use Bootcamp. Best decision I ever made.
  16. Mawwiage. Mawwiage is what bwings us togever today.
  17. Guys, I just realized what the elephant in the room here is: customization options. o_0
  18. You'd have to use a form of combat detection though, because not every player will want to cooperate. A player may be detected as being out of combat with a monster by: -Not attacking anything for 2 seconds or more -Not taking damage or CC from anything for 2 seconds or more
  19. I can't help but think that it's Maxwell and Charlie for some reason. :/
  20. I kind of will. In a "totally didn't see that coming and this was all Kevin's idea wasn't it" sorta way.
  21. I'm going to be honest here. Wilson's recreating Maxwell's door using resources from Maxwell's realm. At the end of the comic, he's going to enter it, and come back to the real world. And that will be the last we'll see of this magnificent franchise.