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  1. /me makes more sense than /emote to me, but a neat feature all the same.
  2. Finals are fun.

    1. MeingroessterFan


      I know, right? Good luck with those.

    2. Mobbstar


      We found my sister in the basement the other day. She was high on finals. Deprivation is tough, but fortunately she's getting better already.

  3. Psi? More like, a pretty cool guy. What a nerd.

  4. What did we change in the speech today? I'd love to dig around and read em', but can't find exactly anything too new. btw danks for the update<3
  5. As a Maxwell player, I really love these changes. Maxwell was always a wet piece of paper health wise, and where he might not have his armor to keep him alive early game, he does have a team to take the hits for him. Maxwell always wanted a life of being dapper and fights are not dapper. He has puppets for that after all. I just hope the workers have a work queue and work faster, especially in the type of environment dst hands you.
  6. Beta? more like see you latah. Lookin' forward to Maxwell and future updates<3