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  1. I think the eyes is what's been reaching into the uncanny valley a lil' bit.
  2. You've quite improved through the years, small girl. Nice job. You're getting pretty good at emulating Jeff's style.
  3. Wanted to put some actual effort on something, so I made this.
  4. Thank you all aboves for the nice words. These streets are violent, boys.
  5. Holy f-ing crap. My new fav thread, just found it.
  6. You probably answered this already, but what software you're using?
  7. This was done very lazily and shouldn't be uploading it, but I'm a maverick. And something I did for a Streamer.
  8. Looking forward to that. I'm already sold.
  9. Kind of, I guess. From Team 17's art forum. I used the nick Pyramid, but it was long ago. Fancy seeing you here. I love your version for Wilson as the Puppetmaster btw.
  10. I'm assuming this will lead to the second "Adventure Mode style" mission that was mentioned long ago. I'm only curious if it is DLC or it'll be added to the regular game.