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What's your favorite world names?

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I name mine a bunch of weirdly hilarious stuff, such as

please do not burn down my base.

Or Fine Fishy Kingdom of Florpin Fishy Goodness

My Wolfgang rework world was named Testing Muscle Strength..

I haven’t made one for Moon Quay but it would probably be PALMTREES IN THE OASIS!!

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My two main worlds which is my solo world and world I play with friends on are respectively named "Best World" (due to it having the best world gen I have ever seen) and a pretty hard to translate one that should mean something akin to "super-fast goers of the republic cheesecake"

And can't forget "BrRrRrRrR" "Frederick Chopin was a good dude" (rhymes in my language) and "Beans".

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I've been naming most of my test worlds Soviet Science Soiree ever since DST beta. And Minecraft test worlds/servers before that.
It has no meaning whatsoever, but it's mine. I licked it first.

Serella for well-thought-out long-term community game servers, though I haven't done one of those in a while.
Very old in-joke with exactly one person.


Occasionally I'll just put the world's purpose for existing. Maxwell Gaming, GOGOGO, Trailer Test, ect.

The rest are memes, puns, or...blights upon this cursed land.
I seem to recall naming one as many characters as I could fit of the phrase "Did you ever notice that cashews look like fetuses?", then putting the rest in the description.
No escape.
Suffer with me.

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I have a random name generator in my brain. I will either use that to create names like "Granuvia", "Floriksville", "Gajulmpulio", and "Timbo-Quimbo" or name them random sentences like "The Heights of Goblins", "Public Private Server", "Wolfgang's Wild World of Wacky Wonder", or "Warly's Farming Paradise".

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I play on console with a friend on his servers, but we name our worlds after flavors.

  • Vanilla; og vanilla world
  • Chocolate; current most played and developed world (favorite ♡)
  • Choconilla; world where we invited a friend in to play with us as a trio
  • Caramel; my solo world when I feel like playing but can’t hop into Chocolate
  • LunaBuns’ World; more solo worlds with default name so I can mess around with world gen
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Not my world, but my favorite server name is "Why was Billy fired from the banana factory?".

An the description said:


Because he kept throwing the bent ones in the trash.

But I liked calling my world "La Selva del Darien" (Darien's Jungle) which is a dangerous jungle in my country.

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