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  1. Seems like when you trigger a dangling depth dwellers web they attack, even if there is a friendly spider den nearby. The normal spider still ignores you...
  2. I've had this issue since the update. As seen the footage my game just freezes from time to time, after visiting the biome (video 0.00-1.38). It wont end until i disconnect and join back. On the other hand it doesn't show up when under self made trees. (seen in the videos end 1.39) (Im the only one having this issue, my friend that i play with doesn't experience this kinda lag when we are in the biome together.)
  3. Gem Deer's! I mean come on only 1500hp?? And they do like 2 attacks. Klei, you can do better!!
  4. no, pls i didn't meant to leak it. They are coming for me! no i don't wanna join the old farms and Warbucks no no nooooo-
  5. Feels like home sea home update all over again...
  6. Gimme pls klei!!!! I need my gal and pewmatic horn!!!!!!!!!
  7. Usually when other players are of screen you see what character they are playing as (seen in the photo below). I can see Webber, but Wanda's icon shows as a question mark. ------------------------------------------ Here is the player list. As you can see i'm playing with a Wanda.
  8. Yes, but i feel like they are similar enough. Of course it doesn't work with all skins, but with this one i feel like it could be possible.
  9. I wish it could be a skin for both lantern and a deck illuminator, just like spear skins are also for ice/fire staffs
  10. Hey you all! Hope your having a great day! Today i wanna bring some attention to shell bells (remember those). Introduced in the "she sells seashells" update over a year ago. With these little crabby shells came a chance for us to make some goofy and serious recreations of our most hated and favorite songs. To name a few, never gonna give you up, gorge theme, sans theme and other meme classics. But like many others i didn't care to waste my life on making shell bell music. It's a waste of time i said to myself. I will never... so anyway i wasted 4h+ on a shell bell song. And after doing so i quickly realized there was a problem. We don't have all of the octaves for recreating our favorite songs. For those how aren't musically talented or haven't looked them up (just for a shell bell song) allow me to explain this with piano. Piano has "7" octaves, that go higher and lower. In DST we have the numbers 3, 4 and 5, we got the middle ones. The problem is we only have the middle ones. 3 out of "7". Meaning how accurate the shell bell recreation is to the real song is limited. And i feel like that's really sad. This community is full of musically talented people and i want THEM to recreate there favorite songs and share it with the community. I'm hoping Klei will add them in a future ocean update. We can only hope...... ("insert ocean is empty joke here") That's all i have for now.... happy Halloween and remember to be nice to others! For the time being take this shell bell song by Holidayfruit (Klei i have done what you asked. Now pls give me Gorge 2!!)
  11. Yes, but i feel like people want way more content in the ocean. Listen, i get it. Part of me wants it too. But i dont want it firmed to brim with islands. for example thats my only complaint in ((TROPICAL EXPERIENCE MOD)) the ocean is too full of stuff imo. More content yes, but with moderation.