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  1. Link for trade: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=456715843&token=uS0nOjv3 Might trade for any Roseate Elegant actually, but Wolfgang one is most needed
  2. This happens because of how works DS and DST building. There are 3 types of structures: Small (Potted Succulent, Mini-Sign), Normal (Chests, Walls) and Big (Any other structure really). Small ones can be builded everywhere, normal ones close, but not too much and big ones takes medium distance between any structure. I wish small/normal structures didn't taken more place that they actually do, its really feels like ancient bug everyone just accepts.
  3. I think Wendy is really popular because she is perfect character for new players - she deals with 2 main reasons why newbies dies: Abigail can fight for them, and less sanity loss so they dont must care so much about nightmares
  4. One of the best things you can do to improve your skill at playing Warly - recipes. I recommend you download "Craft Pot" mod for cooking, because its shows food value, and things you can't use in dishes. For example - Meaty Stew require 3 meat points - thats 2 full meats, 1 monster meat and filler or 1 meat, 1 monster meat and 2 morsels. A lot of math like that. Or you can use tallbird egg and 2 monster meat with a stick to cook bacon and eggs, because tallbird egg counts as 4 egs at once, and adding stick blocks monster lasagna, so you can put 2 monster meats and use normal meat for another dishes. A lot of people dont know about cooking tweaks like that, and this mod is really something special for me. And also its will be useful because its shows all dishes if you scroll cooking tab, so you can collect specific ingridients, and dont go to wiki every second
  5. I feel myself blessed by whole Klei team at once when i get 2 elegants in row. And week before i get this bee house too
  6. Ability to use real shadow magic using Codex Umbra and a lot of sanity would be great for Maxwell, like random effects every time - confusing enemies so they lose aggro for 30 seconds or teleportation like in vanilla DS, when he appears at start of the game and just teleports away. Also one idea i seen somewhere here about duelists - adding them a feature of acting similar to Klaus Deers, with synchronization between them and copying Maxwell moves.
  7. I really tired of seeing things like this in my worlds, so is there is any way to prevent this?
  8. Honestly, it would be cool if current boats was more like ships. Improving boat-building would be nice, because currently boats looks like complete mess of everything - there isn't enought space for crockpots. sails, chests and alchemy engine. Why don't make special structures for boats-only (like tin fishin bin), mini-fridge or barrels for items, sail must be exactly in middle of the boat, etc. . Boat-building right now looks terrible honestly
  9. I feel like I return in this thread too early, but i got another one elegant today!
  10. Got this in new world, and boy this was my most lucky world ever - 18 gears at day 10, Oasis near PK, and Igloo between them. Died at summer because forgot to bring armor to Antlion Battle