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  1. Yes, plus please update old font for cyrillic languages, its really blurry and low quality while compared to standart English font. There are even some ready fonts, like this one for Russian language: *totally not a rickroll*
  2. Im imagining Maxwell or any other survivor noticing Wilson weird hands and be like: -"Why are your hands looks like that?" *pointing at his pitch black claws* -"Like what?" *looking at his hands, pale white and even without undershirt* -"...Forget about it"
  3. It might somewhat help if we had proper anti-afk mechanics, yet i believe this would only backfire horribly if griefers just locked people in statue-cages and waited until people would be kicked by that
  4. I remember similar experience. I don't remember which exactly Klei server it was: Hound Huggles or Germany 1, but its not important. It was autumn of third year, i started playing and advancing as Willow, after 10 days i asked where base was and Wormwood with longest day count started votekick against me, i really didn't wanted to play anymore cuz of him, but anyway all other people were nice so I located base on my own and started to drop all my stuff into chests (which he checked after me). One Wigfrid player was very friendly and asked for him to stop starting votekick for no reason and he stopped... until Wig leaved and I was almost instantly votekicked after that because: "I was wasting resources on myself" after I used mine Amulet to revive myself. I admit it was petty, but I regenerated world at night because of him.
  5. I really want to see animals like Wolferine, mix of Wolf and Wolverine (looking like small wolfy with Wolverine-like claws and colors), that will hunt different prey in wolf packs or alone. It could just roam forests and sometimes grasslands near them and have a chance of spawning one during hunt, so before killing your koalefant or ewecus you need to defend a prey from another hungry bois. Anyway I think mainland deserve some dangers, its really sometimes feels too peaceful for world created by man with god complex and later changed to be even more dangerous by psycho queen with personality disorder
  6. Latest Klei animation really shows how animated series could looks like: characters actually can talk, background is some grim forest and hills and a bit of music would spice it up. Main plus for making animated series: its extremely good advertisement for game itself and Klei at all. Most Klei animations at Youtube have more than 500k views, Netflix could even boost this numbers higher. But yeah, only Klei can take decisions this big, we can only speculate and try to inform Netflix (i believe they said that in comments of one of their videos) that there is interest to such series
  7. I really want to clean up all those rollbacked deaths, do someone know if its possible? Note: I tried method with deleting client_log from backup folder, its isn't working anymore
  8. So its not only mine problem with empty Pig Houses? Also remember that not every problem can be noticed before update and testing it would require multiple days of delay, so really just report it and wait 1 day or so, no need to blame developers for that really
  9. Probably most of these accounts might afk on private locked servers for even more skins
  10. For a long time we have pretty useless activity ever since basic Don't Starve - growing Tallbird Egg into small Tallbird. Some can argue that they are useful for Krampus farming or Hunting small animals, but really? Most player don't even know about that and after long and tedious childhood and teenage years of Tallbird you get... Nothing! Tallbird will just run away, or even attack you later on. What i suggest to revive that mechanic and make it useful - what if fully grown Tallbird from Egg will run to closest rocky biome and spawn a new nest. That would be useful for both begginers and advanced players. Begginers may use that to get some tallbird nest near base for easier meat, while advanced one's can use that for automatic meat farm without tallbird fortress set up. It isn't too game breaking, you need a lot of time and attention for only 1 tallbird nest, plus by keeping eggs in chests players might start new nests, if naturally generated got destroyes by wildfires, lighting or fires.
  11. Isn't we already have Thermometer for seasons and Rainometer for knowing when rains will hit? As Chesmy said there are oblivious signals about some things, thought i like the idea, its a bit pointless for now
  12. Well it could be done by pointing with mouse, just clicking in some direction on sea and they will row in that direction until they see land in 5-6 tile, to prevent boat crash
  13. If Pigs/Bunnyman had correct posture they would be like 1.5 of a size of a character, so yeah, they are huge
  14. My favorite tips for early Beefalo Taming, that i used during my first domesticated beefalo rush are: DF Desert is best biome for Beef Tamer, its provide you infinity hounds to fight and tumbleweeds, that will provide you with enough sticks and grass for few days if you collect them for half a day or so. As bonus: trinkets that you can exchange for gold in PK village (btw remember to slain all pigs in village for additional pig skin for saddles/helmets) and gears Set up pen for beefalo if you already considered where you base will be, a bunch of fences + walls will do the trick, after that just put inside salt lick and grass for early game time, since you probably don;t have time for making proper grass gecko pen/farm. Its extremely useful since you sometimes need to leave beefalo for some tasks (example: farming, building, etc.) Easiest way to obtain every beefalo is: for normal just balance everything, for pudgy: set up before beefalo taming a proper farm and start farming giant potatoes while beef is in pen, it will provide enought food for both you and the beefalo. Rider tendency is easiest - just think that you are a Mongolian Rider that looks for his destiny... and explore whole map in 5 days, after that just use beefalo more often than your wimpy legs. Ornery one is a bit of a trick: once in a while battle spiders for silk that you need before winter and farm hounds for meat/tooth. Its really easy.
  15. Is using water balloons on Dragon Fly is viable? Wiki says that DF will change her form from enraged to normal if her wetness is (100/100). It sounds cheaper than use of panflutes, but is it worth it?