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  1. i only have it mostly organized during boss fights and when taking screenshots…
  2. wigfrid’s design is my favorite! not biased at all lol. i love wormwood’s bloomed anemone, i think it’s absolutely perfect for his enlightened skin! wurt is babby, but you somehow made her look like a character to be feared (and i really like that!) the book designs look amazing. all of the little details are incredible! there’s so much to appreciate about this piece as a whole and i can see all of the effort/thought you put into it
  3. ~happy birthday! just want to say that your art is amazing and i really dig your style. the backgrounds gives your work a lot of depth and i love details that you put into each piece.
  4. i used to have an off-topic art thread as well, but i haven’t been able to keep it up so i’ll just dump everything here. monster hunter oc - lunabuns (my part of an art trade)
  5. i kept changing things after realizing her face wasn’t as symmetrical as i’d like it to be… queen charlie in my own style
  6. got celestial champion & misery toadstool last night
  7. i have a set way that i have my camera rotated where it’s the same as friend has his. i rotate it often, but always go back to where we had it set so when giving directions to each other, we’re on the same page. i mostly rotate so i can see everything around me and to place structures the way i want them. i play on console so i don’t have mods to help with that.
  8. i’ve been having a lot of fun with dst after taking a long hiatus. here are some screenshots of what my friend and i have been up to. we finally got around to killing the crab king. prior to that, we needed to help pearl. she seemed lonely so we decided to keep her company. i tamed a beefalo and named him sir loin. my friend went afk so i took some pics of me looking royal af. and that’s it for now! we’re planning on going for celestial champion next. it is the last boss we haven’t fought yet. wish us luck!
  9. finally got around to changing their outfits. they haven’t changed since hallowed nights… i got the festive stocking cap as a weekly drop and my friend immediately went to change into a link cosplay lol
  10. playing on a friends server, i get booted out every time i enter and exit the caves. here’s a photo of the message i receive when i get booted.
  11. thank you guys so much for the kind words! still experimenting with my art style to find what works best for me.
  12. it’s been a minute. wip - charlie lineart
  13. in order to appease odin, thor, and freya, i main wigfrid. it is the gods will for me to be a valkyrie and fight for them to reach valhalla. in all seriousness though, wigfrid is cute and she’s easy for me to play. i like that she’s smol and spunky just as i am irl. if i can’t decide on which character to choose, i always just end up choosing her.