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  1. that’s very helpful, thank you! now i can give my beefs a cute haircut.
  2. yay! can’t wait to get off work so i can try it out. i hope you guys enjoy your well deserved holiday break
  3. i was just going to quote the wiki about the accomploshrine. it’s one of the many reasons why i love klei.
  4. i like how it’s just titled “doubt”
  5. nice. i was just wondering this. dying to try out rwys after watching others play it on streams, but i can stand to wait a little longer.
  6. i always love having smol pets that follow you in games, but every single time i get a critter in dst, i regret it immediately when it starts to whine for food. another thing that’s inconvenient is that you can’t get rid of them unless you visit the den again. it would be nice if they were of any use, but i would be happy even if they were just purely cosmetic minus the whining. or if whining for food can’t be removed, it would be nice to have a little critter home you can build in your base where you can drop them off so they can feed themselves and be good on food for a while.
  7. the background effect on that last one looks awesome
  8. i really like spider bunn
  9. i primarily play together because i love experiencing the game with a friend. i love base building together. i love starving together. i love tackling bosses together. i’ve collected a lot of skins to make our base pretty. i played dst first and went to single player when my friend couldn’t launch our world and i couldn’t get enough of the game. even then, i mostly played creative to see what i could make in our world when we were able to play dst together. tl;dr together together together
  10. i really dig the glow coming from abigail and the shading.
  11. thanks! in return, he drew webber for me with little spooders wearing hats!
  12. i really wanted to do an art trade so i got my good friend @Kur0u to participate in my first ever. he’s my biggest inspiration when it comes to anything involving art and creation. here’s a link to his art thread. he asked me to draw his oc dst character, wunnie, in my own style. i chose her roseate skin to draw. you can find his original design for wunnie in his art thread.
  13. thank you for the offer, but i’m just on my first blind playthrough right now and i want to complete it solo before anything. the reason for that is because i tried playing it with a couple of friends to begin with and we breezed through until father gascoigne no problem. we stopped playing after that and i put an ssd card into my ps4 then lost my save so i started playing it solo to catch up to them. gotta say, it was way more satisfying to kill gascoigne solo than when we did it as a group. i’ve just been playing solo after that. still haven’t beaten the main game yet. killed micolash then jumped to the dlc. i got ludwig and i’m just exploring the area after that now. tl;dr thanks, but maybe we can hunt together after my first playthrough!
  14. other than dst with friends, i’ve been playing bloodborne solo. just got the dlc on the halloween sale for ps4 and i’ve been having fun with that.