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  1. Of course! Can’t have a fancy dress without the heels! Looking good!
  2. I never knew I wanted something like this until I saw it. These would be so fun to decorate with!
  3. Haha! It’s great, right?! I’m so glad someone noticed it. We missed the opportunity to take a screenshot the first time Glorp did that because we were laughing too hard. Shoutout to Kur0u for waiting patiently with me until Glorp made that face again to take a picture.
  4. We built a vegetarian bistro for Wurt! @Kur0u Wurt’s Marsh Mellow Bistro. Entrance: Kitchen & Wurt’s pet fish, Sushi (shh, don’t worry about why Sushi is in the kitchen): Reading our first hungry customer the specials of the day. Reception desk: Finally, some good florping food! Dining area:
  5. Ahh, thank you! I just started playing Wurt again and rebuilt my king lazybums. I was wondering why most of the time there was no option to give him anything. I’ll utilize this the next time I play.
  6. Something a friend and I were chatting about just last night was the bookshelf wall and placard skins. There was a missed opportunity not making them in multiple wood stained colors. Since it’s the only wood wall skin we have, it would have been nice to have different shades of it.
  7. I suppose the current loot pool is only trashure for people with old worlds that already have plenty of mats/tools. With that being said, I don’t really care for the loot as it is right now tbh. Didn’t know what to expect when we opened our first chest, but what I felt was the equivalent to getting socks on Christmas (I appreciate the thought, but I already have enough). I’d rather keep it locked and just have it around for base building aesthetics. I mean, c’mon, it looks dope. If anything, I just want to be able to reuse it as a regular chest. Unfortunately, I play on console so I can’t use all of these gorgeous mods.
  8. While I do hope that we get QoL updates for consoles, I don’t expect much anymore. It’s really frustrating at times, but I do enjoy playing DST for hours on end regardless. The new-ish crafting tabs took a while for me to get used to. Now that I am, I don’t mind it even though it’s optimized for PC. I dream of a day we get anything like geometric placement, but even something like a toggle on/off snap for building things (similar to wall/fence placement) would be nice. Also, this thread made me think of a meme:
  9. This. I don’t even mind waiting because I like the direction they’re going in. I took a very long hiatus away from DST and coming back to it recently has been really refreshing to say the least.
  10. I love these so much. You made Wig look so adorable!
  11. I’ve been getting disconnected often in a friends hosted world. We have it set to a public world with a password. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing it, but it’s been happening so often for me that I have a habit of taking precautions while doing anything now. I normally test my internet connection before jumping on. I can’t think of anything else that I could do to prevent it.
  12. I’m a sucker for details and I do think these changes make all the difference no matter how minor they are. I’m in favor of reducing her 5head back down to a forehead.